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Body Dysmorphia Is More Than Just Low Self-Esteem

Beauty and Cosmetics News
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Body Dysmorphia Is More Than Just Low Self-Esteem Body Dysmorphia Is More Than Just Low Self-Esteem

Body Dysmorphia Is More Than Just Low Self-Esteem

Insecurities: We?ve all got ’em. Perhaps when looking in the mirror, we wish our teeth were whiter or our skin were smoother. However, when we step away from the glass, these thoughts typically fade into the background and we continue our day. But what if these minor insecurities didn’t fade, but were rather amplified, compromising our ability to function" Formore than 5 million Americans, this is a daily reality, and it?s called body dysmorphic disorder.
According to theAnxiety and Depression Association of America, BDD is a body-image disorder that involves repetitive behaviors and debilitating fixations on a perceived?or imagined?flaw in one?s appearance, including their face, skin, hair, genitals and body type. An individual struggling with the disorder may spend absurd amounts of time examining their body for defects, comparing themselves to others or engaging in excessive exercise or primping.
These obsessions cause daily tasks, goals and social interactions to be entirely interrupted, if not brought to a screeching halt. In some cases, the extraordinary distress of BDD has led to suicide. Dysmorphia shouldn’t be confused for dysphoria, which typically refers specifically togender dysphoriaand is when a person’s assigned gender at birth does not match the gender to which they identify.
What Causes BDD"
Typically developed during adolescence, BDD is often misdiagnosed as OCD, social anxiety, clinical depression or an eating disorder, although it actually emerges as an accumulation of several of these issues,Dr. Eda Gorbis,director and founder of the Westwood Institute for Anxiety Disorders, tellsSheKnows.
BDD can stem from a number of biological and environmental factors, including genetic predisposition to compulsive disorders,cognitive malfunction, peer groups or childhood trauma. While the media appears to be a probable culprit behind BDD, Gorbis informs us otherwise.
?While there is an overfocus in the media towards the way we look, this disorder occurs around the world, regardless of access to media or socioeconomic status,” she says. “Only those who are predisposed to the illness will encounter the illness.? And perhaps surprisingly, it affects women and men equally.
MORE:We Still Can’t Believe These Celebs Were Bump-Shamed
What’s it Like to Live with BDD"
Megan Bain-Kretschmer, a 27-year-old mother of three, opened up about her ongoing journey with the disorder?a journey that is anything but linear. From a young age, Bain-Kretschmer found herself struggling with body image, spending hours in front of the mirror cataloging each of her flaws and screaming hateful words at herself. She would often engage in cycles of restricting food, monitoring her weight and binge-eating. Even after years of therapy, these internal conflicts followed her into adulthood.
?Some mornings, I can?t even lift my eyes to look into the mirror because all of the imperfections on my face i...
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Body Dysmorphia Is More Than Just Low Self-Esteem Body Dysmorphia Is More Than Just Low Self-Esteem


Source of news: stylecaster
Source of publication: 30-01-2018 21:56
visto: 5

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