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10 Amazing Ways to Start Eating Healthy

Beauty and Cosmetics News
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10 Amazing Ways to Start Eating Healthy 10 Amazing Ways to Start Eating Healthy

10 Amazing Ways to Start Eating Healthy

With the spurt of online food ordering apps, life has become much easier for a lot of busy bees out there who find the whole cooking process a tedious and time-consuming exercise. However, we must point out right here that “eating out” or “ordering in” though seems like quite an easy way to get food on your plate, it’s totally unhealthy in the long run when done on a frequent basis. If weight loss and getting fit is on your mind, go slow on outside food and switch to homemade food. We cannot even begin to tell you how much change it can bring to your body. If you are someone who also works out religiously, eating healthy will get to your dream shape sooner than you think. So, in this post, we are going to tell you about 10 amazing ways to start eating healthy:
1. The first thing you should probably do is to change your cooking oil: Stop all trans-fat oils, seed oils. Switch to healthy oils for cooking, olive oil, canola oil, sesame oil, coconut oil are good for Indian cooking. Here’s the list of 7 Best Non-Cooking Oils for Indian cooking.
2. Include one protein source (fish/chicken for non-vegetarians and beans/nuts/legumes/dal for vegetarians), one vegetable, one whole grain, and one fiber rich food during each meal. A portion of fruit is also recommended. If you are eating a plate, fill one quarter of your plate with a healthy protein source and one-quarter of your plate with whole grain (like quinoa, brown rice), and fill half of your...
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10 Amazing Ways to Start Eating Healthy 10 Amazing Ways to Start Eating Healthy


Source of news: makeupandbeauty
Source of publication: 15-02-2020 22:00
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LANVIN Eclat De Nuit Miniature Perfume

clat De Nuit by LANVINWomen Edp MiniatureLaunched in 2018, LANVIN clat de Nuit is darker and mysterious fragrance from its predecessor clat de Fle ...
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Not a sulfate, silicone, essential oil, fragrance, dye or drying alcohol in sight. We now have a Facebook group! Here, we share beauty tips, wellness ...
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