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Why You’re Getting UTIs And How To Avoid Them

via Giphy We?ll get right into it: a UTI, aka a urinary tract infection, is one of THE most common bacterial infections to occur in the body. UTIs aff...
14-12-2019 22:05

The 10 Best Beauty Tools Actually Worth Your Money!

Beauty tools and devices have come a long way over the last few years, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that they’re one of the be...
13-12-2019 21:59

This Is A Fast Track Ticket To Your Best Skin Ever!

Source: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images If there?s one thing you NEED to know and more importantly understand, it?s your skin type ? it?s the bui...
12-12-2019 22:00

This Product Will Help Your Fragrance Last All Day

via Giphy If you?re tired of having to top up your fragrance throughout the day, you need one thing: a hair perfume. It helps you smell sweet all day ...
12-12-2019 22:00

This Foundation Is The Secret To Flawless No-Makeup Makeup

When we first heard about this foundation oil, opinions were divided. Surely it would be low coverage and it would move around all day" However, after...
11-12-2019 21:59

How To Fix A Hair Color DISASTER

via Giphy This may sound a little dramatic but anyone who has experienced a botched dye job will tell you there’s nothing worse. Trust me, as someon...
10-12-2019 21:57

Do You Know Skincare As Well As You Think You Do"

via Giphy The world of beauty is a never-ending universe of insane information, crazy skin facts, amazing products, and some hella confusing ingredien...
09-12-2019 22:07

The Basic (But Brilliant) Veg You Need In Your Skincare Rout

If you were to examine all the ingredients found in skincare products, you?d realize that there?s a legit ?salad? of naturally sourced goodness. You p...
08-12-2019 22:01

Ashley Graham’s Go-To Brow Hack Is SO Easy (And Costs

Source: YouTube @Vogue In the past week, not only did Ashley Graham bless us with one of THE most beautiful Vogue covers of 2019, but in conjunction w...
08-12-2019 22:01

This Simple Mascara Hack Will Give You The Best Lashes!

Mascara is one of those beauty essentials that we could not live without ? it?s indisputably the finishing touch to every makeup look. Even when we sl...
07-12-2019 22:04

The Best Makeup Brush Sets (Approved By Makeup Artists)

Sometimes buying a one-off makeup brush makes sense ? like a replacement for one of your old brushes or one that fits a specific need, like a kabuki b...
06-12-2019 22:01

My Experience With Hair Loss And The Best Treatments

Hey my loves! I recently opened up about my struggle with endometriosis and PCOS, and I was so overwhelmed by your love and support. As a result of bo...
05-12-2019 21:59

Oily, Dry And Irritated Skin All Have THIS In Common

Although it may not sound like oily, irritated, and dry skin are similar, as it turns out, they may have a common cause ? a damaged moisture barrier. ...
04-12-2019 22:00

Glow Recipe’s New Banana Moisturizer Just Became Our G

In less than two years, K-beauty aficionados Glow Recipe has created sell-out product after sell-out product. The trend-quenching brand has transforme...
04-12-2019 22:00

4 Stylist-Approved Hairstyles Perfect For The Holidays

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Matthew Collins ✂️ (@matthewstylist) on Jul 21, 2019 at 9:43am PDT The holiday season has officially ...
03-12-2019 21:59

8 Buzzy Ingredients That Will Fix Every Skin Issue

Source: Scott Barbour/Stringer/ Getty Images Most often, what makes a skincare product a cult favorite is one star ingredient. An efficacious ?hero? ...
02-12-2019 22:05

10 Weird Celeb Makeup Hacks That Are Kinda Genius

Since celebs have access to the most famous, and more importantly, qualified glam squads on the planet, we love hearing about the weird makeup hacks t...
01-12-2019 22:05

5 Insane Facts That Will Make You Do Skincare Differently

via Giphy When we look back at our skincare regime from five years ago, we can’t believe how much it’s changed. For starters, we’d never heard o...
01-12-2019 22:05

THE Ultimate Gift Guide For Beauty Lovers!

Since the holiday season is jam-packed with festive fun, decor duties, and Christmas parties, the last thing you need to be worried about is buying gi...
01-12-2019 22:05

Why Your Hair Is Frizzy And How To Fix It FAST

Source: Steve Granitz/WireImage If there?s one thing we can all agree on, it?s that frizzy hair is an annoyance we’d rather not deal with. However, ...
29-11-2019 21:56

This Could Be The Reason Behind ALL Your Skin Issues

via Giphy Sometimes it can feel like you’re doing absolutely everything right in your skincare routine but your skin just isn’t responding. You’...
26-11-2019 22:00

3 DIY Lip Balms For Smooth Lips All Winter

With the holiday season right around the corner, you don?t want to be caught under the mistletoe with anything other than smooth, pillowy lips. But as...
25-11-2019 21:58

This Celeb Hairstyle Is Perfect For The Holidays (And ItR

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Chris Appleton (@chrisappleton1) on Sep 8, 2019 at 10:44am PDT We?re calling it… This is official...
25-11-2019 21:58

Why Your Perfume Fades Quicker In Winter (And How To Fix It)

via Giphy Here at HB HQ, we consider wasting beauty products a cardinal sin. Especially when they have a high price tag, and fragrance definitely does...
25-11-2019 21:58

This $6 Mascara Will Give You The Sexiest Lashes

One thing we love about mascara is that we get to buy a new one every few months ? it?s the perfect opportunity to get our beauty fix and try a new fo...
25-11-2019 21:58

How We Lost 50 Pounds On The Keto Diet!

Hey my loves, so over a year ago I tried the keto diet, and I?ve had SO many questions ever since. I actually tried it because my sister, Mona, tried ...
23-11-2019 22:00

10 Serums That Target Every Type Of Skin Issue

We all have our sudsy cleansers and gloppy moisturizers, but serums sometimes get the shaft when it comes to skincare regimens. That?s probably becaus...
22-11-2019 22:01

Zitsticka Is The Most High-Tech Pimple Patch We?ve Ever Trie

Pimple stickers are nothing new; they work to absorb the fluid in your pimple or contain anti-inflammatory ingredients to shrink it. Generally, we?re ...
21-11-2019 22:02

10 Bomb Mercury Retrograde Looks You Can Wear Every Day!

Mercury retrograde is finally over, and we made it through! We can?t deny our Mercury Retrograde palette was our go-to every day ? one thing we could ...
21-11-2019 22:02

The Best Shampoo And Conditioner For Your Hair Type

via Giphy When it comes to buying shampoo and conditioner, it?s so easy to fall into the trap of grabbing whatever looks cutest or smells great. But s...
20-11-2019 22:01

5 New Beauty Trends We’re Obsessed With Right Now

Source: Instagram I @betina_goldstein @nikki_makeup @chrisappleton1 @themoderneast @katiejanehughes @redfernnailsandbeautylounge One of the things we ...
19-11-2019 21:58

Thin, Sparse Brows" Brow Extensions Are The Ultimate So

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Celebrity Eyelash Expert (@enviouslashes) on Jun 14, 2016 at 5:43pm PDT Here at HB HQ, we consider oursel...
18-11-2019 21:59

The Moisturizing Megastar Missing From Your Skin Routine

via Giphy Winter weather isn?t just near, it?s in full-force rage mode. Without a regimen that focuses on nourishing, protecting, and seriously hydrat...
18-11-2019 21:59

6 Dewy Foundations For Winter Skin That Glows

If your winter skin is lacking its summer glow, we?re right there with you. But don?t stress, we got you; well technically, these six dewy AF foundati...
17-11-2019 22:02

THE Cutest Beauty Gifts Under $20

Try not to panic, but guys it?s less than 40 days until Christmas ? how insane"! This means it?s time to get organized with your gifting, aka make a l...
16-11-2019 21:59

10 Budget Vitamin C Products That Fight Dull, Textured Skin

Antioxidants are easily one of the most integral parts of anyone?s skincare regimen. Typically applied in the morning, they are your skin?s first line...
15-11-2019 21:59

Sea Glass Nails Are The Next BIG Nail Trend You Have To Try

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Jessica Washick (@jessicawashick) on Oct 22, 2019 at 8:58am PDT We’re a sucker for a nail trend. ...
14-11-2019 22:03

20 Stunning Looks You Need To Recreate This Weekend

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Yara (?????) Shahidi (@yarashahidi) on Nov 3, 2019 at 5:32am PST If you’re currently finding yourself i...
14-11-2019 22:03

Why Psychodermatology Is The Real Key To Better Skin

When your skin’s acting out, it?s hard not to stress over it! But, since stress is often the reason your skin is aggravated, you can see how it can ...
13-11-2019 22:01

Platinum Blonde Is Back And This Is How To Do It!

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Dua Lipa (@dualipa) on Nov 11, 2019 at 6:50am PST Platinum blonde is the ultimate cool-girl hair co...
12-11-2019 22:05

How To Choose The Perfect Lip Liner For Any Lipstick

Lip liner is kind of a big deal. It?s the secret to longer-wearing lipstick, preventing color bleeding, and the key to a fuller-looking pout. With a g...
12-11-2019 22:05

Everything You Need To Know About Our First Ever Pop-Up (In

Hey my loves! You guys know I have been obsessed with London for ages, it really holds a special place in my heart and I literally couldn’t think of...
11-11-2019 22:05

How To Store Your Perfume To Make It Last Longer

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by 🦄 Mona Kattan🧸 (@monakattan) on Nov 6, 2019 at 11:05am PST If you?re anything like us, a spri...
11-11-2019 22:05

All The Clean Beauty Products Makeup Artists Swear By

The beauty space can be an overwhelming rabbit hole of endless options that oftentimes leave you bewildered, instead of empowered. 50+ concealers to c...
11-11-2019 22:05

6 New Drugstore Products For Glowing Skin & Flawless Ma

There?s nothing like the thrill of shopping for new beauty products. No matter how crowded our top shelfies, cosmetics bags, and bathroom drawers may ...
10-11-2019 22:00

7 New Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes Worth Your $$$

Bougie makeup drops can make your heart skip a beat, but when a budget-friendly brand throws you a money-saving bone it feels like Christmas. That bas...
08-11-2019 22:02

Patrick Ta?s New Makeup Collection Is No-Makeup Makeup Goals

Patrick Ta is a makeup legend (and total sweetheart), he?s the man that paints some of the most beautiful faces of the Hollywood elite, and his looks ...
08-11-2019 22:02

Our Honest Review Of Manny MUA?s Moon Spell Palette

If there?s one thing we?ll never be able to help, it?s our obsession with eyeshadow palettes, and we love to see how different brands and bloggers get...
07-11-2019 22:01

How Euphoria Makeup Became The Coolest Makeup Trend Of 2019

Source: Instagram | @donni.davy @kirinrider @raoulalejandre @euphoria If you?ve seen a serious influx of crystal drippin? eyeshadow, graphic liner loo...
06-11-2019 21:58

How I Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne Scars With These 3 Things

Hey my loves! Since I started blogging over 10 years ago, I’ve been on a real skincare journey. I’ve tried hundreds of products, spoken to tons of...
06-11-2019 21:58

How To Style & Treat Your Curls Like A Celeb Hairstylis

View this post on Instagram A post shared by HosHounkpatin🌍🇫🇷🇩🇪 (@hoshounkpatin) on Oct 25, 2019 at 5:29pm PDT Learning how to style yo...
05-11-2019 21:59

15 Beauty Blender Hacks That Will Give You Flawless Makeup

Sometimes we ask ourselves: what was life like pre-beautyblender" It definitely wasn?t as flawless. We know this may sound a little dramatic but we us...
04-11-2019 22:06

Opening Up About My Struggle With Endometriosis

Hey my loves! As you guys know, I always try to be open about my life and the experiences I?m going through, whether it?s filler or something more per...
04-11-2019 22:06

You’ll Want To Buy A New Pillow After Reading This

Here?s a gross fact: your body sheds around 600,000 particles of skin every hour (give or take) and over the course of your life you?ll lose around ha...
03-11-2019 22:14

10 Celebs Who Are Real About Having Surgery And DGAF

10 years ago the topic of plastic surgery was a serious taboo, and if you had gone under the knife, it was not a topic of discussion. Fast forward to ...
02-11-2019 22:11

We Tried A Menstural Cup To See What It’s Really Like

via Giphy When it comes to feminine wellness here at HB HQ, we?re not shy; literally no topic is off the table, from pubic hair to period pains, our o...
02-11-2019 22:11

The 10 Best Body Lotions For Sexy Smooth Skin

If there?s one body ritual we rarely skip, it?s applying lotion ? dry, scaly skin has no place on our body. As soon as we step out of the shower, we p...
01-11-2019 22:09

How To Recreate My Mercury Retrograde Makeup Looks

The Mercury Retrograde campaign shoot was our biggest shoot to date ? it was quite literally out of this world! My team and I pulled out all the stops...
31-10-2019 22:07

IGNORE What You Heard About Pores, This Is What You Need To

Source: Geinz Angelina/Shutterstock It?s a truth universally acknowledged and an unfortunate fact of life that we?ve all been cursed with pores ? they...
30-10-2019 22:07

How To Get The Ultimate 90s Lip With Our Throwback Lip Kits

Hey my loves! As you guys know, I?m OBSESSED with the 90s supermodel era, so much so that we created an entire line of Power Bullet Matte Lipsticks in...
30-10-2019 22:07

7 Essential Rules For Growing Your Hair Really Long!

via Giphy If #longhairdontcare is what you?re after, it might be time to stop and think about the steps you?re taking to Rapunzel-esque tresses. Over-...
29-10-2019 22:08

Brow Lamination Is The Cheaper (And Better") Alternativ

View this post on Instagram A post shared by H O U S E O F B E A U T Y (@houseofbeautykh) on Oct 12, 2019 at 10:36am PDT If you rewind to 2018, the wo...
29-10-2019 22:08

Our Huge Mercury Retrograde Giveaway!

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by HUDA KATTAN (@hudabeauty) on Oct 29, 2019 at 10:12am PDT Hey my loves! Our Mercury Retrograde launc...
29-10-2019 22:08

We Tried All The NEW Eyebrow Queen Brow Products!

We were so excited when a beautiful package from the gorgeous Nilam Holmes hit our desks. Not only is Nilam the ultimate brow expert and beauty guru, ...
28-10-2019 22:13

30 INSANE Halloween Looks For All Your Last Minute Inspo

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ash K Holm (@ash_kholm) on Oct 26, 2019 at 11:22pm PDT It’s three days until Halloween, which means you...
28-10-2019 22:13

The Best Drugstore Cleansers For All Skin Types (From $7)

Cleansing is one of THE most fundamental skincare steps. It keeps your skin fresh and free of dirt, oil, and other impurities. A proper cleanse in the...
27-10-2019 22:06

5 Makeup Products All MUAs Use For Flawless Makeup

Source:Desiree Navarro/Getty Images It?s no secret that here at HB HQ we?re certified, makeup addicts. So, as you?d expect we love quizzing makeup ar...
27-10-2019 22:06

Lady Gaga’s Makeup Line Will Surprise You, Here’

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by HAUS LABORATORIES (@hauslabs) on Jul 10, 2019 at 11:57am PDT If there?s one thing everyone knows ab...
26-10-2019 22:04

Everything You Need To Know About Cheek Filler

We?ve talked about filler a handful of times on the site, largely because it?s a topic you guys have loads of questions about. That makes total sense,...
26-10-2019 22:04

Do Lip Plumping Products Actually Work" (These Ones Do)

Having a full pout has long been a #beautygoal, and before filler became mainstream people tried all kinds of tricks to reach said goals. Over the dec...
25-10-2019 22:03

5 Out Of This World Mercury Retrograde Looks You Need To Rec

In case Mercury retrograde glitched up your IG feed and you?ve somehow missed the launch of our latest eyeshadow palette, we?re here to give you all t...
24-10-2019 22:01

These 5 (Free) Daily Habits Will Give You Better Skin

Source: David M. Benett/Shutterstock We?re always on the lookout for different ways to improve our skin, and although we know a good skincare routine...
24-10-2019 22:01

7 Gel-Cream Blushes That Give The Prettiest Natural Glow

When you?re aiming for a glowy goddess look versus matte finish, the very last thing you want to do is apply a powdery product to your face. We?re not...
23-10-2019 21:59

The Winners Of Our Mercury Retrograde Competition Revealed!

Hey my loves! As you guys can probably tell, this is one of our biggest product launches in Huda Beauty history, and I couldn?t be more excited for it...
22-10-2019 22:07

Mercury Retrograde: Our Most Stunning Palette Ever!

I cannot tell you guys how EXCITED I am to show you this palette! This has to be our most amazing eyeshadow palette to date and my all-time fave! Our ...
22-10-2019 22:07

The Best Fall Hair Color Trends You Need To Try

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sheika Daley (@officialsheiks) on Sep 22, 2019 at 6:53pm PDT There?s something about fall that makes us w...
22-10-2019 22:07

The Only Hair Dye I Use Costs $5

Okay, so I recently started getting grey hairs, and although there’re barely any, I still like to hide them. My hair is naturally very dark, so not ...
20-10-2019 22:03

15 Bomb Drugstore Beauty Products Under $5

Yes, it’s nice to splurge on beauty products, but there are also TONS of amazing beauty products that are super affordable! Luckily for you, we?ve t...
18-10-2019 22:09

How To Get Rid Of A Cold Sore In 3 Days FLAT!

via Giphy Cold sores are annoying AF; they?re painful, itchy, and they can make you feel a little self-conscious. And while they?re super common and n...
18-10-2019 22:09

This $2 Treatment Will Give You Thick, Super Strong Hair

Source: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images While there are hundreds of hair care products that claim to boost growth, add shine, and improve the health of your...
17-10-2019 22:08

7 Highlighters That Will Instantly Up Your Glow Game

Highlighter is like the frosting of your makeup routine ? your perfectly baked caked face isn?t the same without it. Not only does it majorly up your ...
17-10-2019 22:08

Victoria Beckham’s Makeup Collection Just Blew My Mind

I am so beyond excited to show you guys this brand-new makeup launch by absolute Queen, Victoria Beckham. I honestly can?t believe this is her first m...
16-10-2019 21:58

The Weird Af Facial That J. LO & Meghan Markle Are Obse

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Danna Omari (@noyskincare) on Jul 30, 2019 at 7:47am PDT If we told you that having someone put the...
16-10-2019 21:58

5 Pro Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin In Winter

Source: Antony Jones/Getty Images Mr. Sunshine might be saying sayonara, but that doesn?t mean you have to wave goodbye to your well-earned summer glo...
14-10-2019 22:01

Mercury Retrograde Is Coming, Here’s How To Handle It

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Crystal Therapy With Angela (@crystalsntherapy) on Jul 8, 2019 at 2:49am PDT If you haven?t already heard...
14-10-2019 22:01

My Fave Hair Trend Of 2019 (And It’s Soooo Easy)

Hair accessories have dominated 2019, and I’ve loved every minute of it. But there are two trends in particular that I’m literally OBSESSED with R...
13-10-2019 22:04

Our New Lash Glue Will Solve ALL Your Lash Problems!

You know our thing? when we create a product, we want to solve a problem. That?s exactly how our new lash Sticky Tack Lash Glue was created ? it?s the...
13-10-2019 22:04

Sore Nipples, Tenderness & Every Weird Thing You Need T

With all boobs comes great responsibility, which means you need to pay your breasts special attention and check them regularly. Not just because it?s ...
12-10-2019 21:58

This Ancient Treatment Will Chisel Cheekbones & Detox Y

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Magnolia Wellness Center (@magnoliawellnessoc) on Feb 3, 2019 at 2:33pm PST You could argue that cu...
11-10-2019 22:00

The Most ICONIC Beauty Products Of All Time!

For a product to be crowned iconic, it has to meet a certain criteria. First of all, it has to the, aka a product that you?d recommend to eve...
11-10-2019 22:00

This New Brow Tool Is Unlike Anything We?ve Seen Before

We don?t know about you, but we?re BIG fans of the Benefit brow products. Their Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil, $24, is one of our all-time fave br...
10-10-2019 21:59

How To Create Your Ultimate Nude Makeup Look

?? A nude eye is a beauty staple; it?s simple, it’s sexy, and it literally looks good on everyone. That’s why when we created our Nude Obsessions ...
09-10-2019 22:06

5 Skincare Mistakes You NEED To Avoid

I?m obsessed with skincare, it?s SO important! Ever since I started as a blogger, I?ve tried thousands of products, interviewed some of the best skinc...
09-10-2019 22:06

11 Bomb Halloween Looks – From Sexy To Scary AF

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by D E S I ? P E R K I N S (@desiperkins) on Oct 5, 2019 at 3:02pm PDT When it comes to Halloween, the...
08-10-2019 22:00

Finally! Nude Eyeshadow Palettes For Every Skin Tone

When it comes to nude eyeshadow, there?s no real trend ? it?s about what nude means to you. Everyone needs a good basic nude palette, but my nude isn?...
07-10-2019 22:04

18 Nail Trends That Are About to Blow Up Your Feed This Fall

  View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Miss Pop (@misspopnails) on Sep 11, 2019 at 7:10am PDT New season, new nails. With sweater weather ...
07-10-2019 22:04

Feeling Bloated" These 5 Things Will Debloat You Fast

via Giphy Bloating: you either overindulge (oops) or you eat a particular food that made you bloat (find out what they are here). If you’re super bl...
06-10-2019 22:03

The BEST (And Cheapest) Drugstore Setting Powder You?ve Neve

Any beauty lover knows that finding a good setting powder is essential to the perfect cake face ? it?s literally the icing on top of the cake! The bes...
06-10-2019 22:03

How 2019 Will End According To Your Star Sign

Like the rest of the world, we?re low-key obsessed with astrology. Literally as soon as we wake up, we check our CoStar and plan our day accordingly ?...
05-10-2019 22:00

How To Do The Perfect Red Lip (With Rosie HW)

Honestly, give us a red lip and we can conquer the world? But it HAS to be executed well. And when it comes to a red lip there are so many elements yo...
04-10-2019 22:00

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The beauty industry is always at the forefront of change. Collectively we choose not to sit back and be satisfied with our old faithful products, preferring to seek out newness and subtle improvements that can really make the difference - and the... -
Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid Foundation For Drier Skin Girls and Guys

Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid Foundation Fo...

Maybelline dream Radiant Liquid Medium Coverage Hydrating Makeup is a new foundation that’s launching shortly and available for pre-order at It’s been a while since Maybelline launched anything new! Well, drugstore makeup brands... -
Next Mulled Wine Candle

Next Mulled Wine Candle

[affiliate] Well, this is a find! On the hunt for cheaper Christmas candles, I took a chance on this 6 Mulled Wine scented offering from Next. It’s a sweet (but… The post Next Mulled Wine Candle appeared first on British Beauty... -
Kryolan HD Cream Liner Lapis Lazuli Review

Kryolan HD Cream Liner Lapis Lazuli Review

Hi everyone, I am too excited about the product that I will be reviewing today. Lapis Lazuli is a unique shade and very popular. This shade was not available anywhere for long and I almost gave up hope to lay my hands on it. I was very happy to... -
Kiko Milano Party All Night Collection

Kiko Milano Party All Night Collection

[productsample] Kiko’s recent offerings have been more than impressive – I wondered what might take the textured lipstick trend to the next level and now I know. The Magical Holiday… The post Kiko Milano Party All Night Collection... -
The 10 Best Beauty Tools Actually Worth Your Money!

The 10 Best Beauty Tools Actually Worth Your ...

Beauty tools and devices have come a long way over the last few years, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that they’re one of the best ways to elevate your beauty routine. But finding the right beauty tool... The post The 10 Best... -
10 Things You Need to Buy From ColourPop?s Black Friday Sale

10 Things You Need to Buy From ColourPop?s Bl...

If you’re a bit overwhelmed by all the Black Friday beauty sales, you’re not the only one. That’s why we’re breaking down some of our favorite discounts so you can mark your calendar and get ready to shop. ColourPop’s Black Friday sale... -
NYX Lip Lingerie Push Up Long Lasting Lipstick After Hours Review

NYX Lip Lingerie Push Up Long Lasting Lipstic...

In this post, I am reviewing NYX Lip Lingerie Push Up Long Lasting Lipstick After Hours. Read on for more details on this liquid lipstick. -
AnnaSophia Robb Just Chopped Her Hair Into a Pixie and It Looks Adorable

AnnaSophia Robb Just Chopped Her Hair Into a ...

When celebrities do a full hair transformation, sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s a really great wig or their real hair. But with ultra-short cuts, we can be pretty sure they took the plunge. Take -
Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick Dominate Review

Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick D...

In this post, I am going to reviewLaura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick Dominate. Read on for more details on this lipstick from Laura Mercier. -

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