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Beauty and Cosmetics News

Life Lately: Healing From Trauma

As you may have already noticed, I haven?t published a blog post in several weeks and I?ve been very quiet on my Instagram. I contemplated writing a ...
13-08-2019 22:00

2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

Marc Jacobs Box Crossbody Bag Nordstrom Felt Hat Diptyque Candle Set Charlotte Tilbury Mini Eyeshadow Palette Paige Denim High Waist Skinny Jeans BP...
11-07-2019 22:07

How to Prep for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Last year I basically went broke after shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Was it worth it" Yes, yes it was. My bank account eventually recovere...
24-06-2019 22:05

How to Pack Light: Travel Beauty Tips

I love the feeling I get when I?m gearing up for a summer vacation. But it’s always a daunting task when it comes to packing up my beauty routine. ...
20-06-2019 22:03

My Organic Skincare Routine + Partnership with Skincando

I know it?s been a minute since I?ve updated you on my skincare routine. A couple weeks ago, I signed on to be an ambassador for Skincando, a luxury...
11-06-2019 22:06

Supergoop Sunscreen Haul & Review

Supergoop Sunscreen Mini Haul I know I?m influenced to purchase products based on a ton of good reviews; however, usually it only takes one bad (thor...
28-05-2019 22:02

An Update On My Clean Beauty Collection & Routine

It?s crazy to look back on old blog posts from years prior and see how much my beauty routine has evolved. My routine has changed so much thanks to ...
22-05-2019 22:02

Huge Sephora Skincare Haul (& Makeup & Hair)

OK, am I the only one that goes a little spend crazy during the Sephora sale" Last year I scooped up a bunch of makeup and hair products. This year, ...
13-05-2019 22:05

Eye and Lip Cream Review: Glossier Bubblewrap

Another day, another Glossier product! Glossier recently launched Bubblewrap eye and lip cream, the newest addition to the skincare family. According...
07-05-2019 22:02

Best Beauty to Splurge On During The Sephora Sale

The Sephora Spring Bonus Event is happening now! Today’s post is featuring the best beauty products to splurge on during the Sephora sale. It has a...
29-04-2019 22:06

5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Beauty Bag

Hope you’re having a great week so far! Today’s post is an informative one as I’m sharing tips to spring clean your beauty bag. Just like you s...
24-04-2019 22:06

8 Spring Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now

Happy Monday! Today I am equal parts excited and nervous?I start a new job at a new company. I?ve been enjoying old beauty products as well as testin...
22-04-2019 22:04

Natural Skincare Review: Fleur & Bee

As I mentioned earlier this year, one of my beauty resolutions is to incorporate more natural skincare into my routine. I?m excited about today?s po...
15-04-2019 22:12

What You Need to Know: 2019 Sephora Beauty Insider Sale

It?s the most wonderful time of the year?for beauty junkies at least! I?ve been patiently waiting for the dates to be released for the 2019 Sephora B...
08-04-2019 22:06

Beauty Products Worth Buying Again and Again

I came across this article featuring Jennifer Aniston where she shared that she has been using the SAME lip liner for 15 years. Fifteen years. Wow!...
01-04-2019 22:05

My Current Glossier Makeup Routine

I feel like all I ever blog about is Glossier makeup these days. Is that bad" I?m not testing as many products as I once used to because I?m findin...
25-03-2019 22:05

My Favorite Alchimie Forever Skincare + Thoughts on Brand Lo

Today?s post is a little different from my usual banter and round up of beauty products. Today I?m sharing my thoughts on brand loyalty and my love f...
20-03-2019 22:02

Charlotte Tilbury Exagger-Eyes & Pillow Talk Eyeshadow

My Favorite Everyday Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes I?m so excited for today?s post because I get to talk about my favorite eyeshadow quads from Charlo...
18-03-2019 22:04

Glossier Play Review & First Impressions

It was two weeks ago when Glossier teased the newest launch and I knew right away, there goes all my money! I’ve literally tried every single pro...
11-03-2019 22:03

My Haircare Routine & Favorite Products

I will be the first to admit I am no hair expert, even with a 7-year-old beauty blog. My forte is definitely more makeup and skincare. I?m a minima...
04-03-2019 22:02

Spring Fashion & Beauty Wish List

It?s the last week of my no spend month and I am counting down the hours until Friday because it?s pay day AND March 1st, which will officially end ...
27-02-2019 22:01
25-02-2019 22:04

My Favorite Pixi Beauty Products

If there?s an apocalypse, then I will take comfort in knowing that I have enough bottles of Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic to last me until the end of time. ...
20-02-2019 22:02

My 2019 Designer Handbag Wish List

  The new collections are now arriving in store and *swoon*, there are so many beautiful bags. I spent my entire January doing a no spend challenge ...
18-02-2019 22:02

Top Shelf: Dewy Makeup For Dry Skin

My Favorite Skin Enhancers I?ve been very lucky to have healthy a complexion most of my life and I definitely don?t take it for granted. I?m v...
11-02-2019 22:02

5 Favorite Podcasts Featuring Glossier

All The Podcasts You Should Listen To That Feature Glossier  I keep thinking of ways to introduce this post or explain how this topic came to ...
10-02-2019 22:00

An Introduction to Clean Beauty & How to Make the Switc

What is Clean Beauty" Clean beauty is a term to describe beauty products that are free of toxic ingredients. My first clean beauty product p...
04-02-2019 22:01

I Tried a No Spend Month and Here’s What Happened

STIL on Arnel Hasanovic on ...
30-01-2019 22:03

The Beauty Products I Carry In My Handbag

Super excited about this post, which combines my two favorite topics?handbags and beauty products.  I thought it would be fun to share all the...
28-01-2019 22:00

The Benefits of Attending a Blogging Conference + Announceme

Today?s post is not beauty related, but hopefully helpful information for my fellow bloggers. I?m sharing three benefits of attending a blogging c...
23-01-2019 22:03

Current Daily Makeup Staples

I am officially halfway through my shopping hiatus and I have to admit the days are crawling by. My wish list is accumulating quickly; however, th...
16-01-2019 22:07

L’eau Down: The Best Smelling Beauty Products

Aside from perfumes, do you ever buy other beauty products just because it smells good" Personally, I am totally willing to toss my laundry list o...
14-01-2019 22:02

My Winter Skincare Routine

How I’ve achieved my best winter skincare routine. I?m so excited to share with you my full winter skincare routine, including bath and body ...
09-01-2019 22:03
07-01-2019 22:10

Happy New Year + 2019 Beauty Goals

Happy New Year! As I write today?s annual New Year?s post and share my 2019 beauty goals, I?m reflecting on the highs and lows of 2018. You may...
01-01-2019 22:00

My Favorite Beauty Products of 2018

2018 brought me so many new skincare, makeup and hair products.  Here?s a quick recap: I spent a lot of my money on this year (rene...
30-12-2018 21:57

Top 10 Beauty & Style Posts of 2018

I love looking back on the most popular beauty posts you read on my site each year. From what I can tell, you loved reading my Glossier product re...
26-12-2018 22:01

Last Minute Beauty Gifts $30ish and Under

I can?t believe Christmas is only five days from now! While I?m proud of myself for getting an early start this season, I always find myself still sc...
20-12-2018 22:00
11-12-2018 22:08

New Bag Reveal: GG Maull Red Clutch

I first heard of GG Maull through one of my favorite bloggers: Grace Atwood of The Stripe. After reading the GG Maull story, the mission really res...
03-12-2018 22:08

The Best Glossier Products to Gift & Get + 20% Off!

It?s the most wonderful shopping time of the year! Have you heard" Now through November 26th Glossier is offering 20% off EVERYTHING?no promo code ...
23-11-2018 22:08

Skincare Mask Device: Foreo UFO Mini

I love to mask (I mean, Mask Magic is one of my favorite skincare series on this blog) but I haven?t had the time or the patience to apply a serum-...
20-11-2018 22:05

Holiday Ready: 5 Festive Beauty Picks

5 Festive Beauty Picks for the Holiday Season Before every blogger starts blasting social media with gift guide collages and lists, I thought I wou...
12-11-2018 22:04

Current Beauty Favorites

It?s been a while since I posted on the blog (and bare with me, I recently started a new job so things have been hectic). I?m excited to begin a ne...
08-11-2018 22:05

NYC Glossier Showroom Visit + Haul

How was your weekend" My husband I traveled to Brooklyn for an early celebration of our 3rd wedding anniversary. We also made a quick visit to cele...
23-10-2018 22:12
04-10-2018 21:59

5 Beauty Products I Purchased and Now Regret

I?ve been hard at work de-cluttering my beauty vanity and storage space at home. As I sift through products in my stash, I realized quite a few I s...
28-09-2018 21:59

5 Skincare Products I’m Obsessed With

The past few weeks have been pretty rough for me?between the anxiety of looking for a new job, injuring my back, and dealing with a never-ending cold...
17-09-2018 21:59

Fall Beauty Haul: What I Got During the Sephora Sale

I did not intend to get so many beauty products during the Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Sale but it’s been so long since I did a fall beau...
06-09-2018 22:01

Bag Love: Leather Tote Bags from Madewell, Cuyana and Everla

Lately, I?ve got leather tote bags on my mind. For someone like me who typically wears cross body bags all year round, this is quite a statement. B...
04-09-2018 22:00

Sephora Beauty Insider Event + Recommendations

It’s sale time! Sephora is having a special event to celebrate their Beauty Inside Program and they are offering discounts for all Sephora Beauty...
27-08-2018 22:04

3 Takeaways from The Blog Societies Conference

Earlier this month I attended The Blog Societies Conference, also known as TBSCon, for a second year in a row. The Blog Societies is a blogger comm...
26-08-2018 21:57

Why A Scrunchie is the Best Hair Accessory

When was the last time you wore a scrunchie" I think I was 16 the last time I reached for one and it was only because I couldn?t find a hair tie in...
22-08-2018 21:56

5 Reasons Why I Love To Shop at Ulta

Where do you prefer to shop for your beauty products" Ulta" Sephora" Nordstrom" I’m always thinking twice before I purchase a product because first ...
19-08-2018 21:59

Life Update: I Lost My Job

I?m a firm believer that bad (and good) things happen in threes. It started last week, before my trip to The Blog Societies Conference (what I also r...
14-08-2018 21:56

Milani Luminoso Blush & Lip Gloss

Milani Cosmetics baked blush and lip gloss, both in the shade ?Luminoso? sounds like something out a Harry Potter movie. But in all fairness, these b...
08-08-2018 21:56

Life Lately: My 30th Birthday, Fitness Journey & TBSCon

My 30th Birthday I?ve been putting off this post for as long as I can. I knew once I hit publish it would just make it more real. I am officially 30....
06-08-2018 22:02

I Tried Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer & Here’s Wha

Whether it?s splurging on a professional organic spray tan (for my 30thbirthday) or using my favorite at-home self-tanning spray, I?ve really been ...
30-07-2018 22:03

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Cozy Finds + Giveaway

No skinny jeans in this shopping roundup! When I think about the fall season, I think about loungewear, pajamas, cozy blankets, and everything in bet...
25-07-2018 22:07

My Favorite Dainty Jewelry Collection

I love dainty jewelry. I?m not particular about metal but lately I?ve been into collecting rose gold, and I do have my fair share of silver and yel...
23-07-2018 22:02

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives Under $50

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full swing! I know I said in my first shopping post that I didn?t think the selection was as good as last year bu...
16-07-2018 22:04

2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Picks

Early Access Picks: Adidas Cropped Hoodie $47.90 (after sale $65) Madewell Ryder Cardigan in Antique Cream $64.90 (after sale $98) T3 Grey & Rose Gol...
12-07-2018 21:59

How I’m Prepping for the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sa

Last year I basically went broke after shopping the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Was it worth it" Yes, yes it was. My bank account eventually rec...
02-07-2018 21:58

AD | 5 Summer Beauty Essentials I Can’t Live With

Summer?it?s my favorite season of the year, and not just because my birthday is in July. Like any seasonal shift, I like to update my every day ess...
28-06-2018 21:58

My Favorite Makeup Primers for the Perfect Base

This is a warning before I share what might be an unpopular opinion? I don?t want my face to ever look airbrushed. I love my skin. Yes, even when I...
25-06-2018 22:05

Everyday Eye Makeup Favorites

15. That?s the approximate number of eyeshadow palettes currently in my makeup arsenal. As of right now, I?m only rotating between three when it come...
18-06-2018 22:04

5 Products that Saved My Sensitive Skin

You?ve probably noticed I?ve been posting less skincare product reviews and it was a break I definitely needed. Trying new products on a daily or e...
13-06-2018 22:06

Bag Crush: Strathberry

Someone send me to ban island. It seems like I?m always on the hunt for a new bag and this one is a new brand I?m crushing on. You may already recogni...
11-06-2018 22:08

Drugstore Review: Physicians Formula Butter Collection

Continuing on my drugstore beauty kick, I?m obsessed with Physicians Formula?more specifically, the Butter Bronzers, highlighters and blushes. So w...
06-06-2018 21:59

Life Lately + Drugstore Makeup Haul

I feel like I?ve been traveling non-stop. Two weeks ago, I hopped on a plane to Charlotte, NC for a quick trip for my full-time gig. I came back, had...
04-06-2018 22:03

Glossier Lash Slick Review + Haul

Glossier released its newest product?Lash Slick, an uber lengthening mascara. I knew I wanted to scoop this up as soon as it was released and it wa...
21-05-2018 22:02

Pixi x Dulce Lip Candy Palette

There are few drugstore lip products that rarely make it into my usual routine. But this Pixi x Dulce Lip Candy Palette might be the exception. This ...
15-05-2018 22:03

Here’s Why I’m Obsessing over these Peter Thomas

Eye contour masks are my new ?thing? and right now, these Peter Thomas Roth Eye Gels don?t disappoint. This is such a great part of my routine and la...
07-05-2018 22:04

Urban Decay Beached Collection is Giving Me Mermaid Vibes

It?s been a while since I?ve been obsessed with a summer beauty collection. Then, the Urban Decay Beached Collection showed up on my doorstep. The ...
02-05-2018 22:00

Here’s What I Bought in My Sephora Haul

I thought I was going to deplete my bank account when I initially put together my wish list for the Sephora sale, but between shopping the new Gal ...
30-04-2018 22:09

Current Spring Makeup Favorites

While I love sharing my thoughts on new products, I also love rediscovering old favorites. While there?s no particular theme for this makeup roundup ...
23-04-2018 22:04

Camera Ready: 5 Setting Powders For Every Budget

I?ve never made setting powder a permanent step in my beauty routine. To be completely honest, I rarely remember to use it. But lately I?ve needed ...
17-04-2018 21:58

Sephora Spring Bonus Event Makeup & Skincare Picks

The Sephora Spring Bonus Event started last week for Beauty Insider Members that have Rouge Status. Naturally, I?m late to the party because I?m a VI...
16-04-2018 21:59

All of the Glossier Products I’ve Tried, Ranked

I don?t think I?ve ever been more loyal to a particular brand. Not just because I?m a rep?but because I?ve been a fan of Glossier since its incepti...
09-04-2018 22:03

Coming Clean: Must-Have Makeup Removers

I love chatting all things makeup but rarely do I spend the time talking about how I remove it at night. My cleansing routine is pretty weird now tha...
02-04-2018 22:10

Is the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask Worth $48"

The things I do for this blog. About two weeks ago I spent $48 on the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, created by bloggers Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gor...
28-03-2018 22:07

5 Beauty Products Under $50 I Can’t Live Without

I’m so excited to be a part of my first monthly linkup with press themes! I purchased my new blog template and a bevy of plugins from them and I ...
22-03-2018 22:06

What It Means to be a Glossier Rep + Lidstar Review

Before I dive into my Glossier Lidstar review, I want to explain what it means to be a Glossier rep. There are a lot of misconceptions out there bu...
14-03-2018 22:05

Trunk Club Review: Is it Worth It"

  Let me start by saying, I hate trying on clothes. What I once loved doing when I was a teenager now feels like a cumbersome task. I?m sure part o...
12-03-2018 22:05

Spring Beauty Wish List

Today I?m sharing my current spring beauty wish list. In an effort to pare down my beauty routine, I thought it would be best to round up only the pr...
05-03-2018 22:01

The 4 Best Glow Getters in My Makeup Bag

If you asked me 5 years ago the one makeup product I could never without, then my answer would?ve been mascara. Today" Highlighter. One thousand perc...
02-03-2018 21:59

Inside my Skincare Shelfie

My every day makeup bag is a hot mess. But when it comes to my skincare stash, I?m incredibly meticulous about organizing my complexion perfectors. F...
19-02-2018 22:01

My Favorite Makeup Brushes for Eyes & Face

I?m very quick to share the latest beauty products I?m using but I rarely talk about my favorite makeup brushes. I?ve rotated through quite a few mak...
13-02-2018 22:02

Valentine’s Day Beauty Gift Ideas

Guys, this isn?t Christmas. Whether you?re married, in a relationship or single, Valentine?s Day is a great excuse to celebrate YOU. Sure, you can do ...
07-02-2018 22:02

Spring Handbag Wish List

designer handbag collection. Let me know what is currently on your spring handbag wish list! The post Spring Handbag Wish List appeared first on Po...
05-02-2018 22:02

Glowy & Glam Makeup Look

As much as I love my ?no makeup? makeup looks, every now and then I like to get all dolled up?even if I?m not going anywhere. I snapped this selfie j...
29-01-2018 22:00

My Winter Skincare Routine for Dry & Itchy Skin

It?s not even February and I?m already over winter.. Days like today have me really missing the warmer weather. Why must winter weather require so mu...
22-01-2018 22:07

Why I’m Obsessed with ColourPop Cosmetics

Looking back on my early beauty blogging years, I don?t know how I ever managed to test 20-ish new products a week. You guys, I?m a bad beauty blogge...
16-01-2018 22:05

Pretty in Pink Makeup and Skincare Picks

I know ultra violet is the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year and all but millennial pink is still very much dominating my beauty vanity. Granted, what g...
09-01-2018 22:05

Life Lately: Everyone Needs a Sick Day

Everyone needs a sick day. Or six. I?ve worked in an ?open leave? environment for the past three years. If you?re not familiar with open leave, it ba...
08-01-2018 22:07

Happy New Year & 2018 Beauty Goals

As I write today?s annual New Year?s post, I?m struggling to find the energy with this terrible cold/cough/fever. My husband and I have been survivin...
02-01-2018 22:02

My Favorite Beauty Products of 2017

For me, 2017 was the year of the contour & highlight. As I look back on my beauty product purchases and splurges, I somehow managed to accumulate a b...
28-12-2017 22:04

Top 10 Beauty Posts of 2017

Splurge or Save" 10 Makeup Dupes The Right Order to Applying Skincare Products Warm or Cool" How to Determine Your Undertone How to Find Your Signat...
24-12-2017 21:58

Last Minute Beauty Gifts Under $25

I can?t believe Christmas is less than a week away! While I?m proud of myself for getting an early start this season, I always find myself still scra...
20-12-2017 22:00

5 Red Lipstick Picks for Holiday Makeup Looks

I?m on a serious liquid lipstick binge right now and we all know there?s nothing more festive than a classic red lip for the holidays. Just remember ...
18-12-2017 22:22

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C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Cream Review

C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Cream Review

Hi all! I received this lip cream as a Christmas gift and the first time I used it I was a bit iffy about it because the ingredient list looked a little shady and on first swatch it effused a very strong chemical smell, but after a usage or two I... -
Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushion Soft Spots Review

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushion S...

Hello, ladies! Today, I am talking about a very useful product that I have tried for the first time ever. I have tried gel cushions but, I have never tried spot cushion for specific areas. Recently, I found these Forever21 Soft Spots gel cushion.... -
An Introduction to the Parfumerie On Etsy

An Introduction to the Parfumerie On Etsy

Since Summer is here I thought now was a good a time as any to discuss the Parfumerie which can be found on Etsy or if you’re in Connecticut or close to it they have a store at 246 Main St in Danbury, Connecticut. It’s no great secret I love... -
7 Of The Most Glow-Giving Facial Oils EVER

7 Of The Most Glow-Giving Facial Oils EVER

If you?re not already a devoted facial oil user, chances are you?re skipping this incredible skincare product in your daily regime. Cleansers, serums, moisturizers, masks, and retinol may get all the love, but oils are often overlooked and we?re... -
Up to 50% Off Guerlain and Other Luxury Brands

Up to 50% Off Guerlain and Other Luxury Brand...

Just a heads up there’s a slew of Guerlain makeup and skincare available today as well as other luxury brands such as By Kilian, Creed, By Terry, and more! Here’s some Guerlain I spotted: Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick... -
Behold, the Biggest Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette Ever

Behold, the Biggest Anastasia Beverly Hills P...

If you follow Anastasia Beverly Hills’ President Norvina (real name Claudia Soare) on Instagram, you know how hard she works pushing out products and helping create major campaigns for the brand. She is ABH founder Anastasia Soare’s daughter, so... -
Lash Perfect Lash Pops

Lash Perfect Lash Pops

[productsample] Here’s a good example of presentation really bringing something to the party. Lash Perfect has re-imagined lash packaging into flower pops – they’re the most Instagramable things I’ve seen… The post... -
11 Top-Rated Bath Bombs That Will Actually Force You to Relax This Weekend

11 Top-Rated Bath Bombs That Will Actually Fo...

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m not a bath person. Albeit when I’m dealing with killer cramps or especially sore muscles after a long run, I’m more of an in-and-out of the shower kind of woman. The only thing that will keep me in the tub long... -
15% Off Makeup and Beauty Including MAC Aladdin

15% Off Makeup and Beauty Including MAC Aladd...

Just a heads up there’s a great deal on makeup and beauty today including the MAC Aladdin Collection or even the UD Game of Thrones one at! 15% Off using promo code BEAUTY15! This code applies to any beauty, makeup, fragrance or... -
I’m Weak I Ordered The Natasha Denona Biba All Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

I’m Weak I Ordered The Natasha Denona B...

Did I need to spend $129 on the Natasha Denona Biba All Neutral Eyeshadow Palette" Probably not. Did I" Yes and I have no regrets! I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of this balance because hi, I’m so boring lately. No,... -

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