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Makeup Bag: Stylist Kate Brien

“My older sister was really into makeup when I was a kid and I would sne ...

Korres Lavender Blossom Collection

I?ve been a big fan of the Korres lip balms for a number of years so was ex ...

Garnier Hydra+ Energie Moisturizing Gel-crme For Tired And

Hello IMBBians, It has been 2 weeks already since I purchased this gel-crm ...

You Need To See Karlie Kloss’s Crazy Bleach-blonde New

In January of this year, every celebrity, model, and influencer was issued ...

Beauty and Cosmetics News

‘Emily in Paris’ Star Camille Razat Keeps this D

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission. Althoug ...
25-01-2022 21:40

Elf Cookies ?N Dreams Collection

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Elf loves a foodie themed collection – anyone remember last year’s Mint Melt" Green lipgloss and everyth ...
25-01-2022 21:37

5 Bedtime Beauty Habits For Glowing Skin

Night-time is the best time to pamper your skin because cell repair and regeneration takes place at night and along with getting good sleep, following ...
25-01-2022 21:37

Hailey Bieber & Gwyneth Paltrow’s Favorite Skinca

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission. When it ...
25-01-2022 21:40

6 Glossy Hair Secrets That Can Take Your Hair to New Heights

Why is it that having glossy hair can always manage to help us feel better about our appearance" If you?re searching for ways that can… T ...
25-01-2022 22:13

Paul & Joe Limited Edition Furry Compacts

[unpaid/sample] Yes, you read that right. So, these furry friend compacts depicting Sophie Malachy’s cats are either going to be the cutest thin ...
25-01-2022 21:37

9 Things To Do Before Sleep To Lose Weight

We have underlined the importance of good-quality sleep in so many weight loss posts previously that we have now lost count, and it’s often one of t ...
25-01-2022 21:37

Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 713

So…what is the Monday Poll" Excellent question! It isn’t, contrary to its name, an actual poll, like with little clicky buttons. It’s just a li ...
24-01-2022 21:56

Skin Care Masks and Why They Are So Important for Your Compl

Some people assume that skin care masks are just an extra beauty extravagance that you really don?t need. However, if you expect skin that is… ...
24-01-2022 22:35

Paul & Joe Spring Summer 2022

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] This brand always knows how to bring in the seasons – as usual, and alongside all beauty (and fashion) brands, they ...
24-01-2022 21:56

8 Easy Ways To Lower BMI

Whenever the topic of losing a significant amount of weight arises, people are often asked about their BMI. Body mass index is considered as a tool to ...
24-01-2022 21:57

What is Smart Blood Sugar"

Smart Blood Sugar is a diabetes book that includes many methods to regulate blood sugar, and some foods for diabetes like the 99 foods for diabetes an ...
24-01-2022 21:59

Guerlain Rouge G Legendary Reds

[unpaid/sample] I think now we are really starting to see the full signs of Guerlain’s route to updating itself and appealing to a wider audienc ...
24-01-2022 21:56

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vo

Like many cats, Tabs went through a Dungeons & Dragons phase, but even before that, he was always interested in fairytales and mythology. Of course h ...
24-01-2022 21:56

8 Gentle Retinol Products That Won’t Irritate Your Ski

Often heralded as the be-all end-all for everything from acne to fine lines to sun damage, retinol is something of a hero skin care ingredient. Even s ...
24-01-2022 22:40

People Look Like Glazed Donuts When They Use This TikTok-Vir

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission. If we h ...
24-01-2022 21:59

4-Step Lavender Lids

Easy eye makeup" YES, PLEASE. This four-step lavender lid has been my go-to all week long. It involves a layering technique, which I think is fun an ...
22-01-2022 21:32

10 Tricks To See Weight Loss Results Fast

When it comes to losing weight, there’s actually no need to make drastic changes and eat bland and tasteless food for weeks and months to get lean, ...
22-01-2022 21:33

Saturday Surfing, Jan. 22, 2022!

Hello and happy Saturday from me, my breakfast and Janet Jackson on the cover of “Allure.” This is my favorite Janet Jackson song, by the way. Wh ...
22-01-2022 21:32

Michael Kors Super Gorgeous! Fragrance

[unpaid/sample] I’ve always liked Michael Kors fragrances – it hits the right spot of being everyday wearable while being distinctive and ...
21-01-2022 21:32

Why Do Women Gain Belly Fat in Mid Life"

Belly fat is a nightmare, not just does it make zipping up your favorite jeans a lot tougher, it also increases one’s risk of developing health issu ...
21-01-2022 21:32

Lush Brought Back Its Suggestive Bath Bombs for Valentine

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission. In the ...
21-01-2022 21:34

N1 De CHANEL Revitalizing Serum-in-Mist

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] The last of my N1 De CHANEL products to try is the Revitalizing Serum In Mist. As I’m sure you already know, came ...
21-01-2022 21:32

10 Diet Tips To Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

We tend to store extra fat in different parts of the body ? around the organs (visceral fat), under the abdominal muscles, also in the muscles which i ...
21-01-2022 21:32

Organic Chicken Wings for Life From ButcherBox

Trying to keep you and your family in the best health possible through cold and flu season, let alone this pandemic, always helps by building… ...
21-01-2022 22:01

Sydney Sweeney Just Proved This Bold Eyeliner Trend Is About

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission. It’s ...
21-01-2022 21:34

Don’t Put Garlic in Your Ears

Even in an era driven by science, medicine, and global communication, the myth of the cure-all still refuses to go away. “A patient came into the ER ...
20-01-2022 21:37

DIY Body Oil That Can Soothe Itchy Dry Winter Skin

Dealing with extra dry skin during the winter months can make us miserable, especially if accompanied by an itch to go along with your more… T ...
20-01-2022 22:09

The Ordinary Updated Its Best-Selling Acne Serum With a 400K

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission. For the ...
20-01-2022 21:37

Suqqu Spring 2022

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’m not sure I have the most representative of Suqqu Spring 2022 with these samples because on their Instagram page ...
20-01-2022 21:34

Here’s Why You Should Buy an Eye Balm Versus an Eye Cr

We all know that the skin around our eyes is more delicate than the rest of our faces. Hence why it?s recommended that you only use your ring finger t ...
20-01-2022 22:13

Crazy Brow Days! (We All Have ‘Em)

Hey, friend! Happy Thursday. Is it just me, or has this felt like the longest short week ever" Anyway, I’m officially having a crazy brow day. It s ...
20-01-2022 21:34

The Body Shop Moringa Shampoo

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/prioradrelationship] I really got to know The Body Shop hair range with the Ginger Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner last ...
20-01-2022 21:34

20 Diet Tips To Steal from Bollywood Stars

If you drool over gym looks of Bollywood stars and wonder how they manage to look fit, svelte, and well toned, we would like to mention that more than ...
20-01-2022 21:35

Impact Eau De Toilette by TOMMY HILFIGER

Impact Eau De Toilette by TOMMY HILFIGERMen EdtLaunched in year of 2020, Impact Eau De Toilette are for those who dare to dream and strive to do. It ...
19-01-2022 22:00

Best Moisturisers 2022 – All Skin Types & Budgets

Having a good moisturiser that suits your skin is key when it comes to protecting and strengthening the all important skin barrier. Here’s my list o ...
19-01-2022 21:33

9 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain During Periods

We women dread those 5 days in a month when lady days come calling and along with it, a set of woes called PMS (premenstrual syndrome) with symptoms r ...
19-01-2022 21:33

Selecting The Top Dyson Vacuum

Research has shown that the average vacuum cleaner maintains its working condition for 10 to 20 years, depending on the type and how well you take car ...
19-01-2022 21:36

How to Cook Dried Beans for the Best Results

Some people dismiss using dried beans in their recipes because they seem like too much trouble compared to the canned varieties even though they are& ...
19-01-2022 22:05

The Best Natural Deodorant Around Is From a Face Mask Compan

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission. If you ...
19-01-2022 21:35

HUDA Beauty Liquid Matte Review

[unpaid/sample] It’s a while since I tested anything with quite so much pigment – the newly reformulated HUDA Beauty Liquid Matte Liquid L ...
19-01-2022 21:33

Try Pairing Liquid Eyeshadow With Liquid Eyeliner for Lots o

Good morning, friend! I’m still on my liquid eyeshadow kick. I’m wearing Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eyeshadow in Nearly Neutral and Cliniq ...
19-01-2022 21:33

New in #116

CATRICE Glam & Doll Volume Mascara WaterproofI\'ve had my eye on this mascara for a while, since it\'s listed on DM\'s and Mller\'s online shops as o ...
19-01-2022 22:00

Habit Rouge by Guerlain

Habit Rouge by GuerlainMen EdtHabit Rouge by Guerlain is a spicy, masculine scent that will leave an impression with everyone you meet. Launched in 20 ...
18-01-2022 22:05

Typology Tinted Balm

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Anyone with a fondness for Origins Pinch Your Cheeks should just straight away onto the Typology Tinted Balms. They?re a ...
18-01-2022 21:37

5 Homemade Henna Hair Packs For Gorgeous Hair

Getting ?Rapunzel-like? (well almost) hair is every girl?s dream. Hair fall, dandruff, brittle hair, dryness, rough hair are common hair concerns that ...
18-01-2022 21:37

5 Reasons to Love Bright Lipstick

1. It does so much makeup heavy lifting. I swear, I can get away with wearing so much less makeup when I’m wearing a bright lip. I can feel complet ...
18-01-2022 21:36

Sheer Lip Products I Love

Well, I’ve been having a bit of trouble sourcing one of my favorite sheer lip products which made me think it was discontinued. I loved the YSL ...
18-01-2022 21:38

L?Oreal Paris Hydra Genius Aloe Water

[purchase] I randomly picked this up a couple of weeks ago because it looks a lot like an essence and I liked the idea of light and calming product fo ...
18-01-2022 21:37

ESCADA Sentiment Tester Perfume

ESCADA Sentiment by ESCADAWomen Edt TesterLaunched in 2000, ESCADA Sentiment Perfume by ESCADA is the perfect representation of femininity, elegance a ...
18-01-2022 22:05

Best Serums for 2022 ? all Skin Types & Budgets

I absolutely love to use serums in my skincare regime and if you want specific results, it’s most probably a good idea to find one that works for yo ...
18-01-2022 21:37

13 Standout Products From Top Designer Beauty Brands

It seems like every day comes news that another big fashion house is expanding into beauty. Valentino and Carolina Herrera are relative newcomers. Whi ...
18-01-2022 22:14

11 Hidden Reasons Why you Are Unable to Lose Weight

Why am I not losing belly fat despite doing hundreds of crunches day in and day out" Why is the weighing scale not budging even after counting calorie ...
18-01-2022 21:37

Dry Skin During Winter That Could Plague You and Fixes

You may not have dry skin the rest of the year, but during winter your skin may tend to act up in uncomfortable ways. However,… The post Dry S ...
18-01-2022 22:10

Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 712

So…what is the Monday Poll" Excellent question! It isn’t, contrary to its name, an actual poll, like with little clicky buttons. It’s just a li ...
17-01-2022 21:33

The Superhero Ingredient That Can Transform Your Skin and Yo

As you already know, we adore a good multitasker. So when we discovered that rice water is not only great for our stressed-out strands, but a must-hav ...
17-01-2022 22:13

CHANEL No1 L?Eau Rouge

[unpaid/sample] One of the things I was intrigued about with the new CHANEL No1 L’Eau Rouge was whether it would smell ‘Chanel-y’ or ...
17-01-2022 21:33


Our Moment by ONE DIRECTION Women EdpWith their two globe conquering albums, \'Up All Night\' and \'Take Me Home\', One Direction - Niall, Louis, H ...
17-01-2022 22:03

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vo

Divas have a reputation for being difficult to work with. You know, in my experience, the divas I’ve crossed paths with have actually been pretty c ...
17-01-2022 21:33

3 Innovative Developments That Will Reshape Hearing Health i

The first hearing aid was little more than a metallic tube that you inserted into the ear. Today’s hearing assistance technology looks like it came ...
17-01-2022 21:36

Create Very Cosy Times

[Ad] There?s really nothing better than that sensation of contentment that comes from being cosy inside while the cold weather rages outside. Feeling ...
17-01-2022 21:33

8 Ways To Shrink Pimples Overnight

Do you know who shows up unexpectedly when least expected ? the ugly pimple right there on the nose or forehead! There might be important occasion or ...
16-01-2022 21:32

Cool Water Intense for Woman by DAVIDOFF

Cool Water Intense for Woman by DAVIDOFFWomen EdpCool Water Intense perfume for Women by DAVIDOFF was released in 2019. DAVIDOFF, for the first time h ...
16-01-2022 21:56

8 Completely Wrong Myths About Calories you Should Stop Beli

Let’s get this straight – weight loss is not just limited to the “less calories in and more calories out” formula anymore. Slashing calories w ...
16-01-2022 21:32

VERA WANG for Men Tester Perfume

VERA WANG for Men by VERA WANGMen Edt TesterVERA WANG for Men Eau De Toilette is a fresh woody oriental fragrance was launched in 2004. This aromatic ...
16-01-2022 21:56

Best Eye Creams & Serums for 2022 – Lines, Puffin

The eye area is one of my main concerns when it comes to ageing, so I am a big believer in using a separate and targeted product on that skin. Here ar ...
15-01-2022 21:54

Beauty Hacks on the Fly to Tame Frizzy Hair

Did I really just tame my crazy mane with deodorant spray and hand cream" Ahh, the weird and wonderful things we discover when we’re pushed to do be ...
15-01-2022 21:54

5 Hormones That Make It Harder For Women To Lose Weight

Some people, especially women, find it extremely difficult to shed any significant despite their sincere efforts in the gym and watching everything th ...
15-01-2022 21:55

Saturday Surfing, Jan. 15, 2022

Good morning and hello, Caturday! Today’s clothing-related question for you — have you ever gone to a store, tried something on and loved it so ...
15-01-2022 21:54

Beauty Business News Jan 2022

[affiliate used] The rumours that Marc Jacobs Beauty was quitting the UK had been rumbling about since the middle of last year but it turns out that K ...
14-01-2022 21:32

12 Foods With Digestive Enzymes That Help With Weight Loss

We have been stressing the fact that eating nutrient-dense and healthy food in the right amount leads to weight loss and not crash dieting where the ...
14-01-2022 21:32

2022 Will Be A Cautious Year For Cancers

Cancer?s emotional, protective nature is often attributed to its ruling moon. This isn?t surprising, considering that the moon is strongly associ ...
14-01-2022 21:34

Best Way to Cover Gray on Dark Hair Without Permanent Color

If you?re starting to notice that time is finally catching up with you after discovering your first gray hairs and happen to have dark hair,… ...
14-01-2022 22:05

Riddle Me This: Victoria’s Body Mists Are $19.95 or 5

Guys, it’s been a while for me but how long have Victoria’s Body Mists been $19.95" I haven’t ordered a body mist from them in a very long ti ...
14-01-2022 21:56

Best Skincare and Makeup Storage for All Your Products

I am very very disorganised when it comes to my beauty products and I have them stashed pretty much everywhere. In an attempt to change my life, I ord ...
14-01-2022 21:32

Just So You Know It’s That Time of the Year To Stock U

Heads up Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover is 50% off at today only. I always look forward to when it goes on sale and stock up on a few ...
14-01-2022 21:56


POP by STELLA McCARTNEYWomen EdpPOP is a bright, modern and irreverent scent was launched in 2016. POP is geared towards millennials, and more specif ...
14-01-2022 22:00

Why Are Dental Veneers Beneficial for Our Teeth"

Dental veneers have gained popularity because of the fast and incredible results they create for our smiles. This is a beneficial cosmetic dental proc ...
14-01-2022 21:34

Sosandar at Secret Sales

[unpaid/affiliate] I’m signed up to three lifestyle discount sites and have happily bought from all of them, especially during lock down when I ...
14-01-2022 21:32

14 Tips To Get Rid of Bloated Tummy

Bloating can ruin your dreams of flaunting a flat tummy. None of us would like to strut around like a pufferfish with a bloated tummy. People get that ...
14-01-2022 21:32

Hey, Can We Take a Second Today To Talk About How E.L.F. Cos

Remember when E.L.F. Cosmetics cost a dollar" Remember when they used to send those annoying e-mails comparing their version of a product to some hi ...
14-01-2022 21:56

10 Lifestyle Changes you Need To Make To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Belly fat can give you “sleepless nights” but it may the very reason why your waist circumference is increasing in the first place! Sleeping for l ...
13-01-2022 21:34

It’s On Sale So Why Not Buy The Chubbettes Lipstick Se

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is a memory I hang out to dearly! I remember they launched in 2012 and they really caused a drugstore trend a ...
13-01-2022 21:56

5 Things I Love About Liquid Eyeshadow

1. The packaging’s cute. Plus, if by some weird coincidence one needed to defend themselves using solely the contents of a makeup bag, I feel like ...
13-01-2022 21:33

‘Queer Eye’ Star JVN Is Helping SmileDirectClub

There’s one person in this world who I know can put a smile on my face no matter how down I am: Jonathan Van Ness. The Queer Eye star is like a life ...
13-01-2022 21:36

N1 De CHANEL Red Camellia Revitalizing Lip & Cheek Balm

[unpaid/sample] I am truly kicking myself for only requesting this shade – Healthy Pink – but I didn’t realise the CHANEL N1 Red Ca ...
13-01-2022 21:33

10 Everyday Things To Make Hair Thicker

Hair fall and thinning is quite a common issue and can affect people of all ages and can happen during any season. A lot of factors can trigger hair t ...
13-01-2022 21:34

Best Fermented Foods to Give Your Beauty an Overhaul

The types of food that we eat play a large part in our overall health, but also the look of our skin, hair, nails, and… The post Best Fermente ...
13-01-2022 22:02

Ohhhh! Ok! So, You’re Telling Me E.L.F. Cosmetics Pow

While Milk Makeup is busy introducing Jumbo Sizes of Hydro Grip Primer, E.L.F. Power Grip Primer is making things a little more affordable. E.L.F. Co ...
13-01-2022 21:56

Today Is Tarte’s Biggest International Shape Tape Sale

While it’s true that Tarte has sales all the time, its cult-favorite Shape Tape concealer is often excluded from deals. According to the brand, one ...
13-01-2022 21:36

Can The Use Of Opiates Cause Addiction"

When the pain is much more severe than normal-like a painful operation or a severe injury, the body’s endorphins are normally not produced in a quan ...
12-01-2022 22:08

Importance of Solitude and Why It Isn?t a Bad Thing

How many of us can say that even without the physical presence of another individual that we are alone" Though we think that we are… The ...
12-01-2022 22:47

I’m Fascinated & Scared of Demi Lovato’s Sp

I’m so afraid of spiders, I feel like Demi Lovato’s latest tattoo reveal needs a trigger warning. It’s that realistic-looking. The star recently ...
12-01-2022 22:08

Skye Candle Company

[purchase] I’m very glad to discover this Scottish candle company (it was a birthday present) because much as I love a gorgeous scented candle, ...
12-01-2022 22:06

14 Reasons Why Sleep is Important For Weight Loss

We are going to talk about an important factor that most people and weight loss programs often overlook and it might be the reason why you aren’t lo ...
12-01-2022 22:06

12 The Ordinary Products For Finally Nixing Those Dark Spots

The prices alone are what make The Ordinary one of today’s most successful skincare brands. What was once an underrated darling has grown into a bea ...
12-01-2022 22:08

Kate Somerville Blemish Treatments

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] There’s a difference between acne and breakouts – acne is an on-going condition, breakouts are a symptom so s ...
12-01-2022 22:06

Creature of Habit Cleansing Balm (Fragrance Free)

[unpaid/sample] One of the things I’m always aware of when I’m enthusing about beauty cleansing balms is that they’re completely off ...
11-01-2022 21:33

12 Things Not To Do For Weight Loss

We all know by now that it’s quite impossible to lose weight without dieting and instead of following some crazy fad diet to drop those extra kilos ...
11-01-2022 21:33

Bottleneck Bangs Are the New Curtain Bangs & Celebs Are

In 2021, it felt like everyone and their mother ? and every celebrity ? got curtain bangs. We’re talking Kaley Cuoco, Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, and t ...
11-01-2022 21:35


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News most viewed Today

Makeup Bag: Stylist Kate Brien

Makeup Bag: Stylist Kate Brien

“My older sister was really into makeup when I was a kid and I would sneak into her room and play with all of her stuff. On Christmas morning, I would wake up at 6am, put red lipstick and eyeshadow on in my pajamas and be ready under the... -
Korres Lavender Blossom Collection

Korres Lavender Blossom Collection

I?ve been a big fan of the Korres lip balms for a number of years so was excited to try […] The post Korres Lavender Blossom Collection appeared first on Really Ree. -
Garnier Hydra+ Energie Moisturizing Gel-Crme for Tired and Dull Skin Review

Garnier Hydra+ Energie Moisturizing Gel-Crme...

Hello IMBBians, It has been 2 weeks already since I purchased this gel-crme. I bought it along with my other Garnier stuff. I was confused between 2 creams. Garnier Hydra+ Moisturising and Soothing Cream and this. So I decided to buy both. So read... -
You Need to See Karlie Kloss’s Crazy Bleach-Blonde New Hair

You Need to See Karlie Kloss’s Crazy Bl...

In January of this year, every celebrity, model, and influencer was issued the same memo: Drastically dye or cut your hair by the end of 2017, or suffer dire consequences. At least, that?s what we?re assuming happened, what with the recent wave of... -
Laura Mercier Holiday 2021 Collection – Christmas Gifts |AD

Laura Mercier Holiday 2021 Collection –...

Laura Mercier knows how to do gifting and the brand has been perfecting the art of presents for many years. This year is no exception because we have another amazing line up of products to choose from. I have a selection of bits to show you from... -


And the “Leaf Design” award goes to…. Juliette, who passed away some years ago now, has written quite a few books but – rather devastatingly – they’re not available as Kindle editions and my book, which I ordered from Amazon (it... -
Bath & Body Works Strawberry Soda Fragrance Mist Really Is Middle School All Over Again

Bath & Body Works Strawberry Soda Fragra...

I caved! I purchased Bath & Body Strawberry Soda Fragrance Mist and Body Lotion and I REGRET NOTHING! Nothing I TELL YOU! Bath & Body Works Strawberry Soda Fragrance Mist released for the Semi-Annual Sale 2021. Bath & Body Works is sort of... -
Drunk Elephant Sweet Biome Fermented Sake Spray Review

Drunk Elephant Sweet Biome Fermented Sake Spr...

New Dunk Elephant product alert!! There’s a brand new mist and it has a lot going on! Here’s the low down on the Drunk Elephant Sweet Biome Fermented Sake Spray. I am a big fan of skincare mists, so I was super excited to try this out. Drunk... -

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