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10 Foods That Contribute The Most To Weight Gain

While we tend to associate anything with “fat” written on it as a high-calorie food, there are certain other foods that contribute in a much more ...
28-06-2022 21:50

Eating Fats Won’t Make you Fat, But These Things Will!

Whoever told you eating fats would make you fat, has got his/her facts absolutely wrong! Eliminating fats is an absolutely wrong strategy to follow wh...
25-06-2022 21:34

7 Worst Cooking Oils For Weight Loss

Running on the road to get healthy, lose weight, and fit" Then, take a pause and eliminate foods that act as roadblocks, like transfat, added sugar, r...
22-06-2022 21:35

12 Weight Loss Foods that Actually Make you Fat

It’s a constant struggle for people trying to melt awayextra fat to navigate through aisles of supermarkets, consciously looking for healthy food t...
14-06-2022 21:37

Exhausted Every Weight Loss Option – Try These Now!

Some people feel that they have exhausted every weight loss option out there – right from high intensity exercises, to counting every single calorie...
11-06-2022 21:39

12 Secret Benefits of Weight Loss That Go Beyond Slimming

The biggest benefit of losing weight is not just limited to get slim enoughto get into an old pair of jeans and to get out of the habit of hiding beh...
10-06-2022 21:39

Are Canned Fruits Good or Bad For Weight Loss"

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, it’s recommended that we should have 2 cups of fruits in a single day as part of a balanced diet....
09-06-2022 21:37

15 Study-Based Hacks To Keep Extra Calories Away

Researchers say that making tiny changes to the daily diet and lifestyle can bring about tectonic changes in people who are trying to lose weight rath...
08-06-2022 21:34

Here’s How Eating Sugary Stuff Makes you Hungrier

Ever wondered how you feel more hungry after eating sugary delights and have intense cravings for food shortly thereafter" Cookies, biscuits, sweeties...
08-06-2022 21:34

10 Side Effects of Fast Food on your Body

For most people living in urban areas and metro cities, fast food has more or less become a part of the daily diet. Fast food not only tingles our tas...
05-06-2022 21:36

These 10 Small Things Boost Weight Loss in a Big Way

People often think starving, crash dieting, and spending insane amount of time in the gym are the only sure-shot ways to lose weight and all of them w...
01-06-2022 21:35

7 Best Frozen Foods For Weight Loss

Protein is a vital ingredient for human body and also for people who are trying to lose weight the healthy way, as this macronutrient not only aids in...
31-05-2022 21:34

12 Healthy Snack Ideas For 4 PM Hunger Pangs

If you experience that inescapable feeling to grab something to eat towards the evening, whether it’s a slice of pizza or a packet of chips, don’t...
29-05-2022 21:33

7 Ways To Increase Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Health experts and researchers unanimously agree that “sitting is indeed the new smoking!? Tight hip flexors, neck pain, lower back pain, bad postur...
28-05-2022 21:34

Will Excessive Sweating in Summer Burn More Fat"

A lot of celebs endorse this notion that they can eat whatever they want and “sweat” it all out in the gym the next day! A few trainers also suppo...
28-05-2022 21:34

Do you Have Belly Fat Even with Daily Exercise"

It’s one of life’s big fat mystery! Even after working out every single day of the week, doing multiple rounds of sneaky ab exercises without fail...
27-05-2022 21:34

12 Natural Weight Loss Drinks To Boost Metabolism

Everyone talks about the importance of keeping the body hydrated at all times, particularly when trying to lose weight. Plain water aids fat loss in m...
27-05-2022 21:34

Does Cinnamon Help With Weight Loss"

When we look at the list of natural fat burners, cinnamon, which is an aromatic spice, used extensively in Indian kitchens, ranks quite high on the li...
26-05-2022 21:36

Does Drinking Hot Water Help with Weight Loss"

Irrespective of whether someone wants to lose weight or not, drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day is of supreme importance to prevent dehydrat...
25-05-2022 21:37

12 Foods you Can’t Stop Eating But you Should

There is normal food that we eat everyday to get energy and nutrients to support life and then there are certain other foods that are unnourishing and...
25-05-2022 21:37

How To Lose Weight Without Cardio

Even the most dedicated and self-proclaimed gym rats would confess that they absolutely dread cardio sessions and would rather lift or pull weights th...
25-05-2022 21:37

8 Gimmicky Weight Loss Gadgets – Don’t Bother Ge

Even if it’s as clear as a daylight that the only effective and foolproof way to lose weight is by putting the body into a calorie deficit mode thro...
24-05-2022 21:37

How Certain Colors Can Trigger your Hunger and Appetite

There’s a popular saying which is a fact as well – “you eat with your eyes first.” It’s true that the aesthetics of food presentation is imp...
22-05-2022 21:35

11 Ways To Get Flat Tummy Without Exercise

Here’s a secret that we would like to tell anyone who wants to get rid of belly fat and get abs – ?abs are made in the kitchen, you get themdefin...
20-05-2022 21:33

How To Use Tomatoes For Glowing Skin

During summers, skin tan is a common issue and we tend to look forall sorts of creams, face pack, and treatments to get rid of the tan, but tend to i...
19-05-2022 21:34

7 Hidden Reasons your Diet Isn’t Working

So, you took a gym membership at the beginning of the year in the hopes of melting away excess fat because “losing weight’ was on top of your New ...
19-05-2022 21:34

How To Lose Weight Fast But Safely

Kim Kardashian received a lot of flak recently when she revealed details about her extreme dieting routine to fit into a figure-hugging dress that was...
18-05-2022 21:35

6 DIY Lip Masks For Soft Lips

Experts say even sun exposure and licking your lips often can make them excessively dry, coarse, and chapped. Since there are no oil glands on the lip...
17-05-2022 21:35

How To Get Back on Track After Falling Off the Weight Loss W

Can you believe that there’s a new weight loss tool/gadget with magnets and bolts that can be fitted into your teeth (imagine a torture device from ...
17-05-2022 21:35

9 Ways To Shed Stubborn Fat

Even after months of dieting and working out, and all of that stubborn fat is still clinging on" Well, it’s a kind of fat stored in cells with alpha...
15-05-2022 21:41

15 Ways To Use Raw Milk on Face For Glowing Skin

Milk is an essential part of our daily diet and it has amazing benefits not only for your health, but for your skin too. No wonder, the royals from an...
14-05-2022 21:36

15 Potent Ingredients To Include in your Anti-Ageing Routine

How we wish there was a magic wand to erase fine lines, wrinkles, reverse sun-induced photo ageing, and age spots" Since the probability of such a wan...
13-05-2022 21:39

12 Beauty Tips For Women Who Work From Home

“Work form home” is the new norm and while this setup gives us the freedom to laze around in pajamas all day long, it’s a fact that we do become...
12-05-2022 21:33

How To Lose Weight Living a Sedentary Lifestyle

At the outset, we would like to make it clear that we don’t “stand up for” (pun intended) sedentary lifestyle – you should make every effort t...
11-05-2022 21:34

12 Ways To Get Rid of Whiteheads

If those tiny, raised, white bumps called “whiteheads” are bothering you, then we are here to help! Whiteheads are most commonly found on the nose...
10-05-2022 21:38

8 Most Effective Oils For Healthy and Strong Hair

If we were to take a survey about one beauty wish that could be fulfilled, a majority of women would choose soft and silky hair over anything else! Al...
08-05-2022 21:34

25 Weight Loss Tips you Wish you Knew Much Sooner

Struggling to lose weight and feel you have exhausted all options there has ever been! Do not give up yet because there are some really amazing weight...
08-05-2022 21:34

12 Victoria’s Secret Models Diet and Fitness Secrets

What’s common between Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Romee Strijd, Miranda Kerr, Daniela Pestova, and Candice Swanepoel" All these gorgeous women are a...
07-05-2022 21:34

Bliss Point and Why We Can’t Stop Eating Certain Foods

A bag of potato chips is considered as a solution to fight boredom, ease stress, satisfy cravings, for a quick burst of energy, and also to calm jitte...
06-05-2022 21:35

14 Beauty Tips Bollywood Celebs Follow to Look Young

Bollywood actresses often look younger than they are – Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty, Malaika Arora do not actually like they are in ...
05-05-2022 21:38

9 Unusual Reasons you Aren’t Losing Weight

If you are wondering why you aren’t still losing weight even after putting so much effort; with rigorous exercise and strict dieting, we have found ...
04-05-2022 21:34

10 Best Secrets For Lustrous Hair

The moment you see split ends and frizzy hair, panic kicks in, and you start having sleepless nights. Lustrous and smooth hair is what every woman dre...
30-04-2022 21:34

31 Fruits and Vegetables with Lowest Number of Calories

Calorie deficit is essential to unlock the access to stored fat and to lose weight successfully. It is absolutely essential to maintain a steady calor...
28-04-2022 21:33

Happy Birthday Sanjeevji :P

Happy Birthday to the Boss and the brain behind IMBB and Rati Beauty, have an Awesome Birthday Sanjeevji:P The post Happy Birthday Sanjeevji :P appea...
27-04-2022 21:58

7 Effective Ways To Stop Overeating When Anxious or Bored

That bag of potato chips can sometimes seem to be the easiest way to get out of a stressful situation and a good option to fight boredom! Stress eatin...
27-04-2022 21:58

12 Things That Help To Lose Weight Fast

Who says losing weight is a never-ending struggle" Only those who have been following fad diets and wrong kind of weight loss strategies. If you are o...
24-04-2022 21:37

10 Tips To Soften Dry Skin on Elbows

We don’t actually mind the extreme dryness and roughness around elbow area because no amount of moisturizer seems to work to soften the skin, and no...
23-04-2022 21:35

7 Super Effective Remedies To Fight Summer Frizz

Please raise your hands if your hair feels frizzy and super dry even in summers. Winter and rainy seasons are notorious in sapping out all moisture fr...
22-04-2022 21:33

14 Ways To Reduce Water Retention

Water retention can bring big disappointment when you stand on the weighing scale and keep fingers crossed, expecting the numbers to tip in your favou...
20-04-2022 21:36

Yay! Here’s How you Can Eat Cheese and Still Lose Weig

Want to go on a diet" But then the idea of giving up all indulgent food, especially if you absolutely love everything cheesy – grilled cheese sandwi...
19-04-2022 21:38

10 Amazing Home Remedies For Split Ends

Going for a trim or hair cut is often considered as the only option to get rid of split ends, but it’s just a temporary solution, and we can do more...
19-04-2022 21:38

How Not To Be Tricked By These 16 Misleading Food Labels

Come to think of it, the food stuff you bring home from the supermarket and grocery store aisles can determine up to a great degree whether you would ...
18-04-2022 21:38

Can Eating Spinach Every day Help you Lose Weight"

Green leafy vegetables (all of them) can be considered the most weight-loss friendly foods due to the high nutrient and low-calorie content. Leafy gre...
16-04-2022 21:42

8 Slimming Shortcuts That Can Be Harmful For your Health

Desperate to lose weight and want to drop those extra pounds quickly" Slimming down is on everyone’s mind, but there are no shortcuts to melt away f...
14-04-2022 21:58

8 Ways to Remove Tan From Hands

Since summer is at its peak, skipping sunscreen application on the face and other exposed parts of the body can prove to be a nightmare with adverse a...
14-04-2022 21:58

11 Weight Loss Tips That Will Get you Fast Results

Everyone wants to lose weight, and that too fast! It’s a fact that losing weight can decrease the risk factors for diseases such as type 2 diabetes,...
13-04-2022 21:37

14 Foods with Health Halo That Aren’t Exactly Good For

“100% natural, organic, low-fat,” are some buzzwords we automatically assume as healthy and consider as must-haves when trying to lose weight. We ...
12-04-2022 21:38

7 Reasons you Crave For Something “Meetha” after

Here’s something we would like you to confess – do you look forward to dinner every single day because you can have your favorite mithai or desser...
10-04-2022 21:34

12 Healthy Actions That Help you Get Fit

That moment when you make the decision to lose weight and form a strong commitment to get healthy and fit, it’s half the battle won against the bulg...
09-04-2022 21:34

23 Baby Oil Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

Like petroleum jelly, there’s another product that is inexpensive and has multiple uses – it’s baby oil! Don?t we absolutely love when we can fi...
09-04-2022 21:34

6 Dance Forms That Burn the Maximum Number of Calories

We have always underlinedthe importance of following a proper diet to lose weight (you can check out the Rati Beauty Diet for more details), but exer...
08-04-2022 21:34

10 Fad Diets That We Absolutely Do Not Recommend

We keep reminding you to steer clear of fad diets in order to avoid side effects and health issues while trying to reach your goal weight (hair fall, ...
07-04-2022 21:56

10 Mistakes you Are Making When Trying To Lose Lower Belly F

Contrary to what popular fitness experts would like you to believe, it’s practically impossible to spot reduce fat from the belly area, or for that ...
06-04-2022 21:37

9 Ways To Melt Proof your Makeup This Summer

Hot and humid summery days are here! If you have been skipping sunscreen up until now, here’s a gentle reminder to wear a sunscreen every single day...
05-04-2022 21:36

6 Diet Fads Science Says you Should Stop Believing

“How To Lose Weight” should probably be the most-searched query on the internet. Weight loss seems to be on everyone’s mind and a large populati...
05-04-2022 21:36

5 Reasons Why Diet Is More Important Than Exercise For Weigh

The first thing that hits the mind when someone is thinking about losing weight is to hit the gym! But a majority of people do not manage to shed any ...
03-04-2022 21:33

10 Effective Tips To Maintain a Youthful Appearance

In general, women are scared of ageing – no one likes the reflection of fine lines and crow’s feet staring back while looking in the mirror. The p...
03-04-2022 21:33

Can you Lose Weight By Drinking Only Fruit Juices"

There’s a lot of hype about how weight loss can be achieved by drinking copious amount of fruit juices; some of them claim to be fat burners, some a...
02-04-2022 21:36

8 Fresh Fruit Face Packs For Glowing Skin in Summers

Summers are here and it’s alsoa time to give refreshing treats to the skin because excessive heat, humidity, and harmful sun rays can trigger a lot...
02-04-2022 21:36

You Will Lose Weight If

Weight loss tips nowadays have boiled down to “don’t eat this, don’t eat that.” Losing weight can be quite challenging, but with effective str...
01-04-2022 21:37

11 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Dark Knuckles

Are you guilty of neglecting your hands" While slathering sunscreen on the face, we forget to apply it on the most-exposed part of our body – hands!...
31-03-2022 21:52

7 High-Protein Vegetables your Weight Loss Routine Needs

The one thing you should do when trying to lose weight is to get rid of empty calories from your daily diet that make their way through processed and ...
31-03-2022 21:52

What’s Damaging your Skin In your 20s

This post is dedicated to all women out there, particularly those who are in their 20s and even 30s. In order to flaunt healthy and glowing skin for a...
30-03-2022 21:41

10 Mayonnaise Alternatives For Those Trying To Lose Weight

Trying to shave off extra calories in order to lose weight" Then, do start by making little tweaks and adjustments to your daily diet and we guarantee...
29-03-2022 21:35

8 Effective Homemade Hair Conditioners

If your hair is feeling rough and frizzy right now, please raise your hands. Most shampoos out there have sulfates that with their detergent-like prop...
29-03-2022 21:35

8 Ways to Boost Confidence During Weight Loss

Among the multiple benefits that weight loss brings along, oodles of confidence is an assured outcome. However, there might be certain phases during t...
27-03-2022 21:34

8 Tricks To Speed Up Meal Prep on a Weight Loss Diet

After a long and tiring day at work, the last thing you want to do is cut, chop, and put together a “healthy” dinner that wouldn’t throw you out...
26-03-2022 21:35

8 Ways To Use Castor Oil For Hair Growth

There is more than one way in which castor oil benefits hair; with its abundant anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it can effectively fight da...
25-03-2022 21:35

6 Ways To Get your Diet Back on Track After Vacation

Even strict dieters would confess that they cannot show restraint around food while holidaying and tend to let go of watching what they are eating. We...
25-03-2022 21:35

11 Weight Loss Tips For Women Working Insane Hours

Juggling multiple projects and deadlines, handling stress, attending meetings, working night shifts – these days working women seem to be walking a ...
24-03-2022 21:36

10 Home Remedies To Remove Dark Spots Caused by Pimples

There’s a reason why dermatologists ask you not to pick or squeeze pimples because such a practice can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Ab...
23-03-2022 21:40

Hedonic Hunger – The Reason We Can’t Stop Eating

We know how hard it is to resist ice cream, chocolates, and of course French fries, and it’s almost impossible to stop at just one, or a few, withou...
23-03-2022 21:40

Roadmap To Clear Skin For All Skin Types

There are certain skincare tips that apply to everyone, irrespective of the skin type, and most of them are habits that when cultivated and religiousl...
22-03-2022 21:34

Quinoa vs Oats – Which One is Better For Weight Loss&q

Guess what you should actually do to lose weight – straighten out the diet rather than splurging your hard-earned money on gimmicky appetite suppres...
22-03-2022 21:34

11 Tips To Avoid Pimples and Breakouts on Skin

Acne has never been a teenage problem nor restricted to only those with oily skin. Acne affects different people differently, resulting in various typ...
20-03-2022 21:36

15 Beauty Tricks Every Girl Needs To Know

This post is all about quick, easy, incredible but also somewhat unusual beauty tips that every girl needs to try to save time and look well groomed....
19-03-2022 21:33

6 Weight Loss Hacks That Can Backfire

Looking for some quick weight loss tricks and hacks to shed extra pounds and get lean, just in time for your best friend’s wedding" When it comes to...
19-03-2022 21:33

8 Natural Ingredients To Get Spotless Skin

Korean skincare has made us believe that achieving baby soft, smooth, clear, blemish-free, poreless (well almost) is quite possible. Such skin type is...
18-03-2022 21:35

12 Calorie Cutting Tricks That Won’t Keep you Hungry

We all know by now that calorie deficit is essential for the body to get into a fat-burning mode and the easiest way to do that is to cut extra calori...
18-03-2022 21:35

7 Ways To Avoid Weight Gain At Work

Sitting at the desk all day long, having unlimited access to “unhealthy” snacks, having lunch while working at the desk, and high-stress work envi...
17-03-2022 21:42

Why Broccoli is Good For Weight Loss"

You won’t scrunch your face in disgust the next time someone offers you broccoli soup! Especially if you are trying to lose weight! Like oats, this ...
17-03-2022 21:42

8 Types of Belly Fat – Which One Do you Have"

If women were granted three wishes, they would use it all up to get rid of belly fat and to get flat abs. Belly fat is the reason women spend sleeple...
16-03-2022 21:33

7 Tips To Avoid Tan After Sun Exposure

Skipping a sunscreen is not option anymore because summers are here! In fact, sunscreen should be part of your skincare routine all through the year, ...
15-03-2022 21:34

What To Do When you Miss a Workout Instead of Feeling Guilty

We all have gone through that terrible feeling of guilt after missing a workout or two in a row, and the level of guilt can be higher if we have place...
15-03-2022 21:34

8 Surprising Ways Fast Food Makes you Gain Weight

For a large population living in urban, suburban, and metro cities, who live a fast-paced life and run on tight schedules, fast food is a convenient f...
13-03-2022 21:33

7 Natural and Homemade Eye Creams For Beautiful Eyes

We don’t think much about preventing dark circles, fine lines, baggy eyelids until they make their appearance. The area around our eyes is extremely...
13-03-2022 21:33

18 Foods That Help Reduce Hair Fall

Hair fall is quite a common issue nowadays and there are many factors that can trigger severe hair loss – hormonal imbalance, stress, nutritional de...
12-03-2022 21:36

Can’t Lose Weight No Matter What you Do, Try These 16

Struggling to lose weight to the point that you have decided to give up" Well, you are not alone, there are scores of women who confess that they can...
12-03-2022 21:36

12 Things Women With Beautiful Hair Do Every Day

Wondering how on earth some women have silky and smooth hair effortlessly while yours is just a heap of frizzy mess even after trying every haircare p...
11-03-2022 21:35

11 Magical Kitchen Ingredients For Flawless Skin

Thinking of buying that heavily-advertised magical serum that promises flawless skin within a few weeks, but then comes at a heavy price tag. Don’t ...
10-03-2022 21:34

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