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Beauty and Cosmetics News

DAVIDOFF Hot Water Tester Perfume

Hot Water by DAVIDOFFMen Edt TesterHot Water cologne for men provides an evocative and intriguing bouquet. Arrive on market in September 2009. Top no...
16-02-2019 21:30


DOT by MARC JACOBSWomen EdpDOT by MARC JACOBS captures a charming, upbeat spirit with timeless sophistication. Simple and straightforward in statement...
15-02-2019 21:30

BOSS The Scent For Her EDT by HUGO BOSS

BOSS The Scent For Her EDT by HUGO BOSSWomen EdtAfter Boss The Scent for Her from 2016 and Boss The Scent for Her Intense from 2017, Hugo Boss present...
15-02-2019 21:30

Truth for Men by Calvin Klein

Truth for Men by Calvin KleinMen EdtTruth for Men by Calvin Klein is a scent drawn from nature. It was launched in 2002 by house of Calvin Klein. Top ...
14-02-2019 21:31

Cool Water for Men by DAVIDOFF

Cool Water for Men by DAVIDOFFMen EdtIntroduced by house of DAVIDOFF fragrance in the fall of 1991, DAVIDOFF Cool Water is a wave of refreshment for ...
13-02-2019 21:30

1881 Pour Femme by CERRUTI

1881 Pour Femme by CERRUTIWomen EdtA classic fragrance for women launched by house of CERRUTI in 1995. CERRUTI perfumes are made of finest high-quali...
13-02-2019 21:30

Ferrari Essence Oud Miniature Perfume

Essence Oud by Ferrari Men Edp Miniature Essence Oud is a new conceptualized fragrance by Ferraris distinct lifestyle that has made its appearance o...
10-02-2019 21:30

COACH Platinum Eau de Parfum Travel Kit

COACH Platinum by COACHMen Edp SetCOACH Platinum is a fragrance by COACH and was launched in 2018. It is a fresh oriental scent inspired by the confid...
10-02-2019 21:30

Estee Lauder Pure White Linen Tester Perfume

Pure White Linen by¬†Estťe LauderWomen Edp TesterPure White Linen is a fruity floral fragrance for women by Estťe Lauder¬†was introduced in 2006. It i...
10-02-2019 21:30

BVLGARI GOLDEA The Roman Night Tester Perfume

GOLDEA The Roman Night by BVLGARIWomen Edp TesterGOLDEA The Roman Night is an Oriental floral women?s scent  was launched in September 2017 by hous...
10-02-2019 21:30

BOSS Bottled Oud by HUGO BOSS

BOSS Bottled Oud by HUGO BOSSMen EdpBOSS Bottled Oud is a true blend of craftsmanship by house of HUGO BOSS. Launched in 2015, it combines sophisticat...
09-02-2019 21:31

GIORGIO ARMANI Code Profumo Tester Perfume

Armani Code Profumo by GIORGIO ARMANIMen Edp Armani Code Profumo was launched in 2016 by house of GIORGIO ARMANI. Profumo; meaning Perfume in Italian...
09-02-2019 21:31

Epic Woman by AMOUAGE

Epic Woman by AMOUGEWomen EdpEpic Woman (EDP) is a perfume by AMOUAGE was released in 2009. It is a woody oriental fragrance evoking the legends of t...
08-02-2019 21:31

I Love Love by MOSCHINO

I Love Love by MoschinoWomen Edt I Love Love MOSCHINO, Enticing and fun. It is for women that love life. It was introduce to market in 2004 by house ...
07-02-2019 21:32

Legend Pour Femme by MONTBLANC

Legend Pour Femme by MONTBLANCWomen EdpIntroduced in 2012, MONTBLANC Legend Pour Femme is an inspired and memorable perfume for women who make an impr...
06-02-2019 21:33

Intense Oud by GUCCI

Intense Oud by GUCCIMen EdpGUCCI continues its  journey in the world of Oriental scents by presenting the new GUCCI Intense Oud. The scent was lau...
05-02-2019 21:30

Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey

Luscious Pink by Mariah CareyWomen EdpThe fragrance arrives at the market in August 2008, a collaboration of Mariah Carey and Elizabeth Arden. Lusciou...
04-02-2019 21:30

Baiser Vole Lys Rose by Cartier

Baiser Volť Lys Rose by CartierWomen EdtBaiser Volť Lys Rose¬†by Cartier was released in 2014. It is a fresh, white floral perfume with hints of fruit...
31-01-2019 21:31

Signature for Him by DAVID BECKHAM

Signature for Him by DAVID BECKHAMMen Edt DAVID BECKHAM presented perfumes in cooperation with Coty in 2008 named Signature for Him. A woody-orient...
31-01-2019 21:31

L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Oceanic Expedition by ISSEY MIYAKE

L\'Eau d\'Issey pour Homme Oceanic Expedition by Issey Miyake Men Edt Inspired by a journey into the water to explore the power of water in unknown ...
30-01-2019 21:32

Invictus Aqua by Paco Rabbane

Invictus Aqua by Paco RabbaneMen EdtInvictus Aqua (2018) is a new perfume by Paco Rabanne for men and was released in 2018. This edition is a new spi...
29-01-2019 21:30

DAVIDOFF Horizon Extreme Tester Perfume

Horizon Extreme by DAVIDOFFMen Edt TesterHorizon Extreme is a unisex perfume by DAVIDOFF was launched in 2017. This fragrance captures the freedom of...
27-01-2019 21:32

VERSACE Dylan Blue Pour Femme Miniature Perfume

Dylan Blue Pour Femme by VERSACEWomen Edp MiniatureVERSACE Pour Femme Dylan Blue is an alchemy of irresistible notes. Launched in 2017, is everything...
27-01-2019 21:32

Individuel by MONTBLANC

Individuel by MONTBLANCMen EdtIndividuel is a rich, light scent by the design house of MONTBLANC was introduced in 2003. Classified as Oriental Woody...
26-01-2019 21:30


VALENTINO Donna by VALENTINOWomen EdpVALENTINO Donna was launched in 2015. Donna is the feminine counterpart to last year\'s VALENTINO Uomo. VALEN...
26-01-2019 21:30

YVEST SAINT LAURENT Baby Doll Tester Perfume

Baby Doll by YVEST SAINT LAURENTWomen Edt TesterLaunched by the design house of YVEST SAINT LAURENT in 1999. Classified as a sharp, flowery fragrance ...
21-01-2019 21:32

White Linen by Estee Lauder

White Linen by¬†Estťe LauderWomen EdtWhite Linen was introduced in 1978 by house of Estťe Lauder, with the crispness of clean sheets on a summer day a...
21-01-2019 21:32

YVEST SAINT LAURENT Kouros Tester Perfume

Kouros by YVEST SAINT LAURENTMen Edt Tester YVEST SAINT LAURENT best selling men\'s fragrance and features in the best seller lists most years. It i...
20-01-2019 21:30

YVEST SAINT LAURENT Parisienne Tester Perfume

Parisienne by YVEST SAINT LAURENTWomen Edp Tester Parisienne by YVEST SAINT LAURENT is an adaptation of the iconic rose perfume Paris. Launched in 2...
20-01-2019 21:30

Havana by Aramis

Havana by AramisMen EdtLaunched in 1994, Havana is a spicy oriental men?s fragrance by house of Aramis. This masculine scent opens with intense aromat...
19-01-2019 21:31

YVEST SAINT LAURENT Opium Tester Perfume

Opium by YVEST SAINT LAURENTWomen Edp Tester A controversial fragrance at the time of launch. Introduced in 1977, Opium symbolizes YYVEST SAINT LAUR...
19-01-2019 21:31

Estee Lauder Very Estee Tester Perfume

Very Estťe by Estťe LauderWomen Edp TesterVery Estťe is a luxuriously feminine and sophisticated fragrance by¬†Estťe Lauder. Launched in 2012, it is c...
19-01-2019 21:31

CK Be by Calvin Klein

CK Be by Calvin KleinUnisex EdtLaunched by the design house of Calvin Klein in 1996, CK Be is classified as a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. A...
18-01-2019 21:30

Pleasures Intense by Estee Lauder

Pleasures Intense by Estťe LauderWomen EdpPleasures Intense is a feminine perfume by Estťe Lauderand was launched in 2002. It is a deeper, richer sist...
18-01-2019 21:30


Uomo Signature by SALVATORE FERRAGAMOMen Edp SetUomo Signature is a new perfume by SALVATORE FERRAGAMO for men and was released in 2018. This charism...
17-01-2019 21:31

Flight of Fancy by ANNA SUI

Flight of Fancy by ANNA SUIWomen EdtFashion designer Anna Sui?s Flight of Fancy is about the allure of exploration and the thrill of discovery. Launch...
16-01-2019 21:32

BOTTEGA VENETA Eau De Parfum Mini Set

BOTTEGA VENETA Eau De Parfum by BOTTEGA VENETAWomen Edp SetBOTTEGA VENETA Eau de Parfum is a sophisticated leather/apricot chypre that blends niche ...
16-01-2019 21:32

Chrome by AZZARO

Chrome by AZZAROMen EdtChrome was launched in 1996. Chrome distils its gentle, fresh and woody magic throughout the entire world. Top notes are rose...
15-01-2019 21:30

MIU MIU L'eau Bleue Tester Perfume

MIU MIU L\'eau Bleue by MIU MIUWomen Edp TesterLaunched in 2016, the new Miu Miu fragrance captures the light, airy and very joyful scent of morning d...
13-01-2019 21:30

BURBERRY Brit Sheer Tester Perfume

Brit Sheer By BURBERRYWomen Edt Tester BURBERRY Brit Sheer another great addition to the Burberry collection. It is a fresh, fruity floral fragranc...
12-01-2019 21:30

HUGO BOSS Orange for Men Tester Perfume

BOSS Orange for Men by HUGO BOSSMen Edt TesterLiberate yourself from expectations and discover the world of BOSS Orange Man, the new fragrance for ...
12-01-2019 21:30

CK One Platinum Edition By Calvin Klein

CK One Platinum Edition By Calvin KleinUnisex EdtCK One Platinum is a unisex perfume by Calvin Klein. Launched in 2018 as a new edition to CK One fami...
11-01-2019 21:31

Beautiful Love by Estee Lauder Perfume

Beautiful Love by Estťe LauderWomen EdpThe Estťe Lauder Beautiful Love perfume for women is for young and vivacious women who have a thing for floral ...
08-01-2019 21:32

GUCCI BLOOM Aqua Di Fiori Tester Perfume

BLOOM Aqua Di Fiori by GUCCIWomen Edt TesterLaunched in spring 2018, GUCCI gives the first fragrance from creative director Alessandro Michele a fres...
06-01-2019 21:29


MANIFESTO by YVES SAINT LAURENTWomen Edp TesterIntroducing MANIFESTO, a sensual, captivating fragrance from YVES SAINT LAURENT. Launched in 2012, it c...
05-01-2019 21:32

DKNY Nectar Love Tester Perfume

Nectar Love Eau de Parfum by DKNYWomen Edp TesterFall in love with the undeniable beauty of the Nectar Love Eau de Parfum, an oriental gourmand fragra...
05-01-2019 21:32

PACO RABANNE XS (2018) Pour Homme Tester Perfume

XS (2018) Pour Homme by PACO RABANNEMen Edt TesterThe new packaging from original (2014) was presented in 2018. The composition is reportedly unchange...
05-01-2019 21:32

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by Donna Karan

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom by Donna KaranWomen EdpDKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom is a radiant new fragrance that marries freshness, vibrancy, an...
04-01-2019 21:29

HUGO BOSS The Scent Travel Edition

BOSS The Scent by HUGO BOSSMen Edt SetHUGO BOSS has unveiled its latest masculine fragrance, ?BOSS The Scent,? revealing a new side of the BOSS man. T...
03-01-2019 21:27

1881 Pour Femme by CERRUTTI

1881 Pour Femme by CERRUTTIWomen EdtA classic fragrance for women launched by house of CERRUTTI in 1995. CERRUTTI perfumes are made of finest high-qu...
03-01-2019 21:27


BRIT SHEER for Women By BURBERRYWomen EdtBURBERRY BRIT SHEER another great addition to the Burberry collection. It is a fresh, fruity floral fragran...
03-01-2019 21:27

Amber Pour Homme by PRADA

Amber Pour Homme by PRADAMen EdtPRADA first ever mens fragrance launched after the female version in 2006. Built on a platform of rich amber, this co...
28-12-2018 21:29

First Instinct Blue for Him by ABERCROMBIE & FITCH

First Instinct Blue for Him by ABERCROMBIE & FITCHMen EdtFirst Instinct Blue is an unexpected, bold and very masculine fresh fern in which freshness a...
28-12-2018 21:29

COACH Floral Eau de Parfum by COACH

COACH Floral Eau de Parfum by COACHWomen EdpCoach Floral is inspired by Coach\'s signature leather Tea Roses and evokes the warmth of a summer\'s day ...
26-12-2018 21:28

CAROLINA HERRERA 212 Sexy Men Tester Perfume

212 Sexy Men by CAROLINA HERRERAMen Edt Tester212 Sexy Men was launched in 2006. This is another great addition to the collection. It is classified ...
26-12-2018 21:28

DOLCE & GABBANA The One Essence Tester Perfume

The One Essence by DOLCE & GABBANAWomen Edp TesterThe One Essence was introduced in 2015 as a delightful blend of floral and fruity accords fragrance....
22-12-2018 21:28

MOSCHINO Funny Tester Perfume

Funny by MOSCHINOWomen Edt TesterMOSCHINO Funny was launched at the end of spring 2007 by house of fragrance MOSCHINO. It is a floral-fruity funny fr...
22-12-2018 21:28

Man Blue by JIMMY CHOO

Man Blue by JIMMY CHOOMen EdtHouse of design JIMMY CHOO opens a new chapter with JIMMY CHOO Man Blue that was launched in early August 2018. It is a d...
21-12-2018 21:30


BRIT RHYTHM for Her by BURBERRYWomen EdtBRIT RHYTHM woman combines a powerful femininity with a rock n? roll edge. Inspired by the exhilaration and ad...
20-12-2018 21:28


AIGNER Debut By Night By ETIENNE AIGNERWomen EdpAIGNER Dťbut¬†By Night was launched by house of¬†ETIENNE AIGNER in 2014. It is an¬†evening fragrance w...
19-12-2018 21:28

JUICY COUTURE Viva La Juicy Noir Tester Perfume

Viva La Juicy Noir by JUICY COUTUREWomen Edp TesterViva La Juicy Noir is another limited edition by JUICY COUTURE. An enticing rendition of the origin...
15-12-2018 21:30

MARC JACOBS Lola Tester Unit

Lola by MARC JACOBSWomen Edp TesterA bit flirtatious with a playful wink this captivating fragrance is the essence of the Lola by MARC JACOBS. Irresis...
15-12-2018 21:30

JVxNJ by john varvatos

JVxNJ by john varvatosMen EdtJV x NJ is a dynamic, irresistible fragrance that captures the upbeat energy of the city. Its a creative collaboration b...
13-12-2018 21:28

BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline Tester Perfume

Omnia Cryistalline by BVLGARIWomen Edt Tester Born in 2005 under Omnia line of  fragrance by BVLGARI. Omnia Crystalline capturing the glowing clarit...
09-12-2018 21:30

1881 Pour Homme by CERRUTTI

1881 Pour Homme by CERRUTTIMen Edt 1881 Pour Homme was launched in 1990. It was created for the man who considers fragrance an essential form of expr...
08-12-2018 21:27

GIORGIO ARMANI Code Colonia Tester Perfume

Armani Code Colonia by GIORGIO ARMANIMen Edt TesterJoining its predecessors, Armani Code and Armani Code Profumo, Armani Code: Colonia is the new defi...
08-12-2018 21:27


OPIUM by YVES SAINT LAURENTWomen EdtRarely in the history of fragrance has a creation embodied such enchantment, mystery, magic, and exoticism. YVES S...
04-12-2018 21:29

GUCCI Guilty Intense by GUCCI

GUCCI Guilty Intense by GUCCIWomen EdpGuilty Intense was launched in 2011 by GUCCI, a provocatively warm oriental floral with passion at its core. Gui...
04-12-2018 21:29


GOOD GIRL EDP LťgŤre by CAROLINA HERRERAWomen Edp LťgŤreGOOD GIRL EDP LťgŤre is a fresher, bold evolution of the iconic GOOD GIRL fragrance by house o...
27-11-2018 21:30

Beautiful by Estťe Lauder

Beautiful by Estťe LauderWomen Edp¬†Beautiful was launched by the design house of Estťe Lauder in 1985. A romantic light bouquet of a thousand flowers...
24-11-2018 21:28


GIVENCHY Pour Homme by GIVENCHYMen EdtGIVENCHY Pour Homme is a scent of an exquisite fragrance launched house of GIVENCHY in 2002. It is a fresh and ...
23-11-2018 21:33


AMYTHST by LALIQUEWomen EdpAmethyst is a feminine perfume by LALIQUE. The scent was launched in 2007. This gem of a perfume blends fruity, floral and...
21-11-2018 21:30

First Love by Van Cleef & Arpels

First Love by Van Cleef & ArpelsWomen Edt First Love by Van Cleef & Arpels is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women. First Love was launched in 2006....
16-11-2018 21:30

Sheer Beauty Essence by Calvin Klein

Sheer Beauty Essence by Calvin KleinWomen EdtIntroduced in 2013 by Calvin Klein, this women\'s fragrance gives you a clean, delightful scent that is p...
14-11-2018 21:30


DAISY by MARC JACOBSWomen EdtLaunched in 2007 by leading fashion designer and celebrity favorite MARC JACOBS, this is a sunny, pure and free-spirited...
14-11-2018 21:30

Gentlemen Only by GIVENCHY

Gentlemen Only by GIVENCHYMen EdtGentlemen Only is a modern homage to the classic fragrance from the house of GIVENCHY, Gentlemen from 1974. Gentleme...
13-11-2018 21:29

Mr. BURBERRY Indigo Tester Perfume

Mr. BURBERRY Indigo by BURBERRYMen Edt TesterLaunched in 2018 by house of BURBERRY, Mr. BURBERRY Indigo captures an impromptu escape from the city to...
10-11-2018 21:31

Dolce Garden Tester Perfume

Dolce Garden by DOLCE & GABBANAWomen Edp TesterLaunched in the beginning of 2018, Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum is a delicious new flower blossoming in...
10-11-2018 21:31

Euphoria By Calvin Klein

Euphoria By Calvin KleinWomen EdpEuphoria by Calvin Klein was introduced in 2005 as a fun, sexy and enticing scent for women. Euphoria speaks to the w...
08-11-2018 21:31

CK IN2U for Her by Calvin Klein

CK IN2U for Her by Calvin KleinWomen EdtSexy, spontaneous, young scent, the designer is aiming at the next generation, the one that expresses its fre...
07-11-2018 21:27

CH L`Eau by CAROLINA HERRERA Tester Perfume

CH L`Eau by CAROLINA HERRERAWomen Eau Fraiche TesterA new feminine and floral fragrance to your style with CH L\'eau by CAROLINA HERRERA. It was laun...
07-11-2018 21:27

Cinema Scenario D'ete by Yves Saint Laurent

Cinťma Scenario d\'…tť by Yves Saint LaurentWomen EdtCinema Scenario d`Ete in EDT is YSL?s improvement for their original Cinema perfume and was launc...
04-11-2018 21:28

BVLGARI Splendida Magnolia Sensuel Tester Perfume

Splendida Magnolia Sensuel by BVLGARIWomen Edp TesterIn the Splendida collection, BVLGARI celebrates ?the most iconic flowers in the history of perfum...
03-11-2018 21:26

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

Obsession for Men by Calvin KleinMen EdtObsession for Men was launched by the design house of Calvin Klein in 1986. This spicy oriental is a provocati...
03-11-2018 21:26

Terre d'HERMES 2018 Special Edition by HERMES

Terre d\'HERM»S 2018 Special Edition by HERM»SMen EdtTerre d\'HERM»S¬†Flacon H 2018 is a new and limited perfume by HERM»S¬†in a collector\'s bottle f...
02-11-2018 21:27

Century by Alfred Dunhill

Century by Alfred DunhillMen EdpCentury was launched in 2018 by house of Dunhill. It is an aromatic-woody fragrance for moments of clarity. The emana...
01-11-2018 21:29

VALENTINO Valentina Eau De Parfum Tester Perfume

Valentina Eau De Parfum by VALENTINOWomen Edp TesterThe fashion house of VALENTINO launches its  fragrance named Valentina in mid-September 2011. Thi...
30-10-2018 21:27

Poppy Flower By COACH

Poppy Flower By COACHWomen EdpPoppy Flower launched by house of design COACH in August 2011. The exhilarating scent that celebrates the playful side o...
27-10-2018 21:27

Miss Dior La Collection Coffret

Miss Dior La Collection CoffretWomen SetChristian Dior La Collection Coffret is a refined selection of fashionable fragrances in an elegant designer c...
24-10-2018 21:29

Flower by KENZO Eau de LumiŤre

Flower by KENZO Eau de LumiŤreWomen EdtFlower by KENZO¬†Eau de LumiŤre is a new and limited perfume by KENZO¬†for women was launched in 2017. it was a...
23-10-2018 21:36

Burberry Body Tender Tester Perfume

Body Tender by Burberry Women Edt Tester The house of Burberry launched Body perfume in 2011. This fragrance is a lighter, more youthful interpretat...
21-10-2018 21:30

Roadster by Cartier

Roadster by CartierMen EdtRoadster is a masculine fragrance by Cartier. Launched in 2008, Roadster is a luxurious men?s fragrance that is easy to wea...
18-10-2018 21:30

OUI Juicy CoutureTester Perfume

OUI Juicy Couture by Juicy CoutureWomen Edp TesterDesigned to be ?playful? and ?provoca≠tive?, OUI Juicy Couture was launched in 2018.¬†The fragrance ...
14-10-2018 21:27


HUGO MAN by HUGO BOSSMen EdtHugo Man was launched in 1995. A fresh, sharp and extremely masculine fragrance. Top notes are lavender, green apple, min...
13-10-2018 21:28

PRADA Luna Rossa Black Tester Perfume

Luna Rossa Black by PRADAMen Edp TesterLuna Rossa Black is the richer, more gourmand take on Luna Rossa and it brings something rather new and intrigu...
13-10-2018 21:28

Mercedes-Benz Silver by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Silver by Mercedes-BenzMen EdtMercedes-Benz Silver is a new perfume by Mercedes-Benz for men and was released in 2017. It is comprised o...
12-10-2018 21:29

VALENTINO Valentina Blush Tester Perfume

Valentina Blush by VALENTINOWomen Edp TesterValentina Blush is a feminine perfume by VALENTINO. Launched in 2017, it is the newest addition to the Val...
09-09-2018 21:29

VERSACE Pour Homme Dylan Blue Tester Perfume

VERSACE Pour Homme Dylan Blue by VERSACEMen Edt TesterVERSACE Pour Homme Dylan Blue is categorized as an aromatic fougere fragrance. Launched by hou...
09-09-2018 21:29

JIMMY CHOO L'Eau Tester Perfume

JIMMY CHOO L\'Eau by JIMMY CHOOWomen Edt TesterJIMMY CHOO L\'Eau Eau de Toilette is an evocation of a fresh and soft caress on the skin. Launched by ...
08-09-2018 21:28

S.T Dupont Royal Amber Tester Perfume

Royal Amber by S.T DupontMen Edp Tester An invitation to travel and experience life since 1872, S.T Dupont offers its own definition across a range o...
08-09-2018 21:28

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