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Beauty and Cosmetics News

Best Way to Cover Gray on Dark Hair Without Permanent Color

If you?re starting to notice that time is finally catching up with you after discovering your first gray hairs and happen to have dark hair,… ...
14-01-2022 22:05

Best Fermented Foods to Give Your Beauty an Overhaul

The types of food that we eat play a large part in our overall health, but also the look of our skin, hair, nails, and… The post Best Fermente...
13-01-2022 22:02

Importance of Solitude and Why It Isn?t a Bad Thing

How many of us can say that even without the physical presence of another individual that we are alone" Though we think that we are… The ...
12-01-2022 22:47

6 Best Vegan Protein Sources for Reshaping Your Figure

Though the holidays are festive times when we tend to overindulge our appetites due to all the delicious foods before us, it can also make… Th...
11-01-2022 22:08

Why Fuego Hot Sauce Box Can Help You Better Survive Winter

The lower temperatures drop, the more I count on hot sauce heat for extra help for its contribution of warmth and spicy flavor it lends… The p...
10-01-2022 22:13

Boost Healthy Eating Goals for a New Year With Splendid Spoo

How many of us make New Year?s resolutions such as eating healthy or losing weight" Despite good intentions, our efforts often get sidetracked f...
07-01-2022 22:04

What to Do Now to Protect Home

Your home is your biggest investment. Therefore, you want to do everything that you can to keep it in the best possible condition to prevent… ...
06-01-2022 22:02

How to Give Pizza a Makeover for Low Calorie Pizza

Pizza is one food that I could never give up. Despite my dieting and efforts to limit carbohydrates, I indulge my craving for pizza once… The ...
05-01-2022 22:21

Cooking Beans Creatively in Surprising New Ways

If you want to get healthier, improve your figure and save money in your food budget, then cooking beans should be in your future. Loaded… The...
04-01-2022 22:11

Belly Fat Burning Foods You Want to Eat More of

Anyone that has tried to lose weight probably noticed that the stomach area seems the last place to show progress. However, selecting the right amoun...
03-01-2022 22:13

DIY Face Toner for Sensitive Skin Your Aging Complexion Will

Sensitive skin can be problematic for many of us. Of course, you can use a commercial toner without alcohol. Sometimes though, you still don?t find&h...
30-12-2021 22:08

Norton 360 Antivirus Renewal and What You Need to Know

Norton 360 is a service that advertises heavily on TV and the internet. I actually have used antivirus products from Norton but you have to… T...
29-12-2021 22:05

New Year?s Good Luck Foods to Add to Your Menu

Most of us grew up with holiday family traditions that were passed down through generations based on nationality. Our choice of New Year’s food...
28-12-2021 22:13

Why Collagen Peptides Matter for Better Skin and Bone Health

Your first thought when you think of collagen may be that protein ingredient in anti-aging creams that helps firm and plump the skin for more…...
27-12-2021 22:12

Vegan Sauerkraut Soup Is Delicious Comforting Warmth in a Bo

Soups are always a wonderful addition to warm up with during cold winter days. My vegan sauerkraut soup is made without any broth and just… Th...
23-12-2021 22:01

Why Rooibos Tea Has Benefits for Weight Loss and Improved Be

Rooibos tea is a herbal tea from South Africa that you may or may not have tried yet. With all that is going for rooibos… The post Why Rooibos...
22-12-2021 22:02

My Lemon Fruit Bars With Citron Are Great for Holiday Entert

By now, you probably have started your holiday cookie baking. If so, my lemon fruit bars recipe is chewy and chalked full of citron and… The p...
22-12-2021 22:02

Tesalate Beach Towel and Why You Want It

One holiday gift that you may have overlooked due to thoughts of cold winter weather is a beach towel. However, a new one that offers… The pos...
20-12-2021 22:08

Vegan Bake Recipe You?ll Want for Your Recipe Box

My second invention for the Big Mountain Foods recipe challenge has an Asian influence with my vegan bake, the main dish I created. Imagine the&helli...
17-12-2021 22:01

Sabrent SATA III Cable and Why It Has Merit

I found a nice company that makes inexpensive cables that work wonderfully for me. Recently I added an internal hard drive to my computer and…...
16-12-2021 22:42

Banana Fruitcake Recipe That Takes Fruitcake to a New Level

Many people associate fruitcake with being heavy and loaded with enough candied fruit to make it more like eating a slice of gelled candy without&hel...
16-12-2021 22:42

Galen Leather Styling Up What You Carry

A great bag can change your outlook. What if I told you that I found the perfect handbag tote that has it all for truly… The post Galen Leathe...
14-12-2021 22:12

Child Tax Credit Advanced Payments Could End and What You Ne

The advanced payments of the child tax credits have been helping a lot of parents this year. But did you realize those payments could very… Th...
13-12-2021 22:08

Fire Up Holiday Entertaining With Hot Sauce Heat

An easy way to fire up taste buds for holiday entertaining is with some hot sauce heat to your favorite dips, spreads, appetizers or for… The ...
10-12-2021 22:09

Vegan Cheeseburger Casserole Is Sensational

If you think that you need to have meat in order to mimic the taste of a cheeseburger, then I have a delicious surprise for… The post Vegan Ch...
09-12-2021 22:15

Why Ferulic Acid for Skin Amplifies Vitamin C Serum Effects

A skin care ingredient that you may have overlooked is ferulic acid, which is a plant-based ingredient from foods such as ones like rice, oats,&helli...
09-12-2021 22:15

Why a Bath Vs Shower Can Offer More Health Benefits

There are some people that prefer a quick shower to save on time. Still, others like myself enjoy climbing into a tub for a leisurely… The pos...
07-12-2021 22:09

Meatless Casserole You Need to Taste to Believe How Deliciou

I was invited to participate in the Big Mountain plant-based foods recipe contest to invent a recipe. This was my first attempt, which my family&hell...
06-12-2021 22:40

UGREEN Hard Drive Enclosure Can Solve a Problem From a Dead

The UGREEN hard drive enclosure I found on Amazon was an ideal fit to help me recover my data from a dead computer. There are… The post UGREEN...
03-12-2021 22:10

Benefits of Ginger for Health and Weight Loss

Ginger is a delicious spice many of us use for cooking and baking. However, its root that we use happens to be loaded with health… The post Be...
02-12-2021 22:34

5 Easy Ways to Develop More Positive Thinking and Overcome N

Living through several years of this pandemic has changed our lives and not for the better. It has tested our strengths as well as failures… T...
01-12-2021 22:27

Western Digital 2TB My Passport Drive Is a Great Backup Driv

One tool everyone needs for their computer is a backup drive. This is especially important right now with a new operating system being pushed out&hel...
30-11-2021 22:37

Coco and Eve Review of That?s a Wrap Hair Bundle for Making

When Coco and Eve reached out to see if I cared to review some of their products, I was particularly interested in their That?s a… The post Co...
29-11-2021 22:03

Many Benefits of Nuts You Want for Better Health and Beauty

Whether you prefer almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, peanuts, pecans, pistachios, walnuts or hazel nuts, most of us can agree that nuts are delicious an...
26-11-2021 22:07

Affordable Holiday Gifts for Women by Vitabath She Would Ado

You can always count on Vitabath for coming out with some wonderful and very affordable bath and body holiday gifts for women at this time… Th...
24-11-2021 22:15

ButcherBox FREE Grass Fed Steaks for a Whole Year

If you?re at a loss as to what to buy loved ones this holiday season, then a food gift is always one that everyone can… The post ButcherBox FR...
23-11-2021 22:10

Inexpensive Holiday Gifts for Men From Vitabath That Your Gu

Attention men searching for new grooming products or for those women needing some perfect ideas for holiday stocking stuffer gifts for the men in the...
22-11-2021 22:10

A Skin Care Kit You?ll Want This Holiday: Lexli Basic Essent

The holidays can be stressful and show evidence of that with a duller complexion, dryness to more episodes of breakouts. Therefore, the best thing th...
19-11-2021 22:04

Magnesium Benefits You Want for Health and Pain Relief

Many of us don?t take nutrition as seriously as we should until our health falters. Depending on the genes that we are born with, some… The po...
18-11-2021 22:18

Winter Dry Skin Rescue: Lexli Review + ($404) Giveaway?Ends

Winter dry skin can make us feel miserable with more irritation, tautness and flaking that can exaggerate the flaws of aging faces. If we don?t&helli...
17-11-2021 22:06

Sauerkraut Soup Old World Style That Is Delicious, Healthy a

My sauerkraut soup is not what you may expect, but a delicious meatless version that is also good for you. This soup is a meal… The post Sauer...
17-11-2021 22:06

Western Digital Hard Drive Installation a Beginner Would Fin

My new computer only had an SSD (solid state drive). It?s a Western Digital and no traditional mechanical hard drive at all. So during this… T...
15-11-2021 22:29

A Tasty Way to Body Warmth Is Hot Sauce Heat

The properties of capsaicin in hot peppers help the body?s internal furnace to fuel that extra heat, speed up the metabolism, strengthen immunity as ...
12-11-2021 22:43

Vegetarian Spaghetti With Onion, Bell Pepper and Cheese Is S

My vegetarian spaghetti with onion, bell pepper and cheese is one of the easiest recipes that you will want to make over and over again… The p...
10-11-2021 22:12

Wonderful Peony Floral Street Gift Ideas Fragrance Lovers Wo

Wonderful Peony by Floral Street is a delightful fruity-floral that vegan fragrance lovers would love to receive this holiday season. This unisex sce...
09-11-2021 22:14

Light Soups From Splendid Spoon for a Healthy Lunch

Soup is a mainstay in our house once cold weather sets in. Usually, I love to have a big bowl for lunch. Normally, I make… The post Light Soup...
08-11-2021 22:06

Free Turkey From Butcher Box for Thanksgiving

Trying to juggle all the extra details for the upcoming holidays can be an exhausting task as far as menu planning is concerned and getting… T...
05-11-2021 22:04

Good Habits and Bad Habits for Staying Healthy

Sometimes, we can turn good habits into bad habits without even knowing. Just because we may take that advice and go to the extreme with… The ...
04-11-2021 22:09

Stress Management Strategies That Can Help Relieve Tension M

One of the biggest problems for people is never-ending stress. Why is it that every time we finally overcome that burden of anxiety or chaos… ...
03-11-2021 22:12

Why Rosehip Oil Has Potential to Perfect Your Face

Supposing you?re not happy with your complexion for the state that it is in. Maybe you tried a hoard of different skin care products and… The ...
02-11-2021 22:10

Ylang Ylang Espresso Has a Sexy Vibe?Floral Street Perfume R

Floral Street Ylang Ylang Espresso is sexy floral gourmand perfume sent for this review that has a warmth and sexy quality to it that immediately&hel...
01-11-2021 22:05

Happy Dreams and How to Have More of Them

Our dreams often do not make any sense. Some of us can cry, talk in our sleep, giggle and smile peacefully during sleep. If you… The post Happ...
29-10-2021 22:12

Home Remedy for Headache to Feel Better Naturally

Headaches are a problem for many of us due to a variety of reasons from allergies, infections, fevers, stress, changes in sleep patterns, weather cha...
28-10-2021 22:06

Creamy Potato Soup With Dill Is the Perfect Comfort Food

Nothing can be finer during cold weather than with a big, hearty bowl of soup to warm you up. The recipe that I have for… The post Creamy Pota...
27-10-2021 22:00

Online Identity Theft and How to Best Protect Yourself

Online identity theft is a growing problem that affects us all. It always amazes me at the new schemes that cyber crooks, devious telemarketers and&h...
26-10-2021 22:16

Hair Care Mistakes You Want to Stop Now and Fixes

The look of our hair can have us smiling or bursting into tears from what we see in our mirrors. Sometimes, we may not realize… The post Hair ...
25-10-2021 22:02

Processed Foods and What to Know About Their Confusing Wordi

Processed foods are what becomes of agricultural products when manufactured for the food supply. Unlike unprocessed natural foods, it can mean what h...
22-10-2021 22:11

How to Focus on the Present When Undergoing Tough Times

Sometimes we get so caught up in our problems that seeing a solution is impossible. Instead, we have a natural tendency to let the stress… The...
21-10-2021 22:03

Coffee Gift Set Ideas From Zodiac Girl Coffee Can Warm Up Ho

The scent of fresh brewing coffee never ceases to attract my attention once its delicious aroma hits the air. If great tasting coffee is one… ...
20-10-2021 22:15

How to Ease Into a Paperless Home Office for Less Clutter

If you want to do yourself a favor and help the green effort, then easing away from all those paper statements and receipts and utilizing… The...
19-10-2021 22:07

ErgoChair Pro+ Autonomous Review (Kinn Chair) for the Suppor

Many of us sit all day at the computer to do our jobs. Unfortunately, it can take a toll on our bodies depending on the… The post ErgoChair Pr...
18-10-2021 22:04

Fuego Box October 2021 Heats Up Your Holidays

The endless varieties of hot sauces never cease to amaze me. Yet, Fuego Box manages to discover artisan brands that have such a knack for… The...
15-10-2021 22:03

Aster Skincare Review for a Healthy Complexion

Being that the skin is a living organ, feeding it a nutritious diet of pure organic ingredients can help it thrive instead of suffocating pores&helli...
14-10-2021 22:10

REAL ID Problems Women Need to Be Aware of

If you haven?t applied for your REAL ID yet in order to enter federal buildings or board planes and happen to be a woman, then… The post REAL ...
13-10-2021 22:10

2021 Tax Law Changes Can Help Get You More Money

The 2021 tax law changes, some of which you may not be aware of, could mean more money for you such as with the Child… The post 2021 Tax Law C...
12-10-2021 22:13

Buying Online From Amazon and Unexpected Problems People Fac

This was a rough week. Something killed my last computer. Maybe it was an update from Microsoft or maybe it was just old. So I… The post Buyin...
11-10-2021 22:16

Make Your Home Greener for Healthy Home and Planet

More than ever, our planet is in trouble due to climate change. It is tragic that companies and legislators continually refuse to accept what science...
01-10-2021 22:08

Why High Protein Vegetarian Meals From Splendid Spoon Are Wo

  How many of us can honestly say that we go to extra lengths to always eat healthy meals" Let?s face it, we often grab… The post Wh...
30-09-2021 22:05

Rituals Advent Calendar 2021 Review for 24 Days of Joy

Losing yourself to luxurious scented products and self-care such as those inspired by ancient Asian cultures can relax the body and mind in untold wa...
29-09-2021 22:05

Zodiac Girl for Best Coffee to Get Your Caffeine Fix

Finding a great coffee that delivers rich taste and is smooth without any bitterness can be a hit or miss type of proposition. In my… The post...
28-09-2021 22:08

Kimtrue Hair Care Products Review for Beautiful Hair

Kimtrue Laboratories reached out to see if I was interested in trying their products. Though I never heard of this LA-based company, I am always&hell...
27-09-2021 22:10

DIY Beauty Hacks for When You Run Out of Products

Sometimes, it can simply slip our minds to pick up a beauty product that we might need until later reaching for it. Though inconvenient, there&hellip...
24-09-2021 22:08

Fearless Living and How to Take More Risks

Have you noticed that some people are braver than others when it comes to taking chances in their lives" If you find yourself among the… ...
23-09-2021 22:10

Smart Substitutes for Household Products When You Run Short

How many of us thought we had a certain household product on hand only to later find out that we ran out of it just… The post Smart Substitute...
22-09-2021 22:02

Skincare Diet for Turning Your Skin Problems Around

Skincare labels that claim to deliver through the most advanced technology or based on price of the product is not all it takes for beautiful…...
21-09-2021 22:09

How to Eat Less Sugar Per Day Without Making It Hard

I don?t know about you, but I love sugar and all sweets. The only problem with sugar is we tend to get too much of… The post How to Eat Less S...
20-09-2021 22:08

Seashell Crafts to Make Use of Those Summer Finds

Over the summer, many people have collected some beautiful shells during their vacation that are now designated to a box somewhere. Some may pull the...
17-09-2021 22:01

How to Fit Exercise Into a Busy Schedule Without Noticing

Many of us aren?t as devoted to physical fitness as others. We may be too tired after a long day of work, lazy or simply… The post How to Fit ...
16-09-2021 22:06

Bask in the Golden Beauty of Electric Rhubarb Perfume by Flo

Those fragrance lovers hoping to prolong the feeling of breezy warm summer days while basking in the sun after a dip in the ocean would… The p...
15-09-2021 22:09

Why Not to Neglect Flavonoids for Better Health and Beauty

You probably don?t think too much about your daily intake of flavonoids that are found in many different fruits and vegetables. However, these distin...
14-09-2021 22:03

Review: Floral Street Sunflower Pop Perfume Can Brighten Yo

If you want a perfect way to brighten your day, then you need to check out the latest vegan perfume from Floral Street with their… The post Re...
13-09-2021 22:06

Instagram Stress 2021: What Craziness Is Going on"

About a week ago, I posted how Instagram bots deactivated my business account after logging in and out after a power failure too quickly. Therefore,&...
10-09-2021 22:07

How to Decipher Whole Grain Food Labels and Avoid Confusion

In your efforts to eat right, you may be including more whole grain foods in your shopping cart. However, you may be shortchanging yourself into&hell...
09-09-2021 22:07

Fuego Box September 2021 Will Fire Up Fall Flavor

The perfect way to fire up the fall season is spicing up dishes with some extra savory heat such asthrough a fantastic hot sauce subscription.&hellip...
08-09-2021 22:05

Shrinkflation: The Sneaky Tactics Companies Use to Hike Pri

This pandemic is yet another convenient excuse for some companies to take advantage of consumers in order to make more money. Once again, they are&he...
07-09-2021 22:05

Unhealthy Eating Habits That Will Shock and Ruin Healthy Eat

Whether you?re trying to lose weight or improve your eating habits for overall health, you might be accidentally sabotaging your efforts with unhealt...
03-09-2021 22:05

Instagram Bots 2021 and How They Can Easily Destroy Your Soc

Some of you have been asking what happened to my Beauty Cooks Kisses business account at Instagram. This is a good question because I do… The ...
02-09-2021 22:07

Are Energy Drink Ingredients As Beautiful As You May Think&q

Some people swear by energy drinks for mental alertness and better focus to complete a goal with more endurance or improved reaction time in the&hell...
01-09-2021 22:20

Biotin and Why It Can Help Hair Loss

Most are impatient when it comes to seeing results, especially when it relates to beauty and the condition of our hair. However, hair, skin and&helli...
31-08-2021 22:03

Fuel Your Whole30 With Free Meat From Butcher Box

For a really satisfying and healthy dish, you may want to try Butcher Box and the advantages of fueling your body the Whole30 way. This… The p...
30-08-2021 22:11

The Stinky Truth About Natural Deodorant Vs Regular Deodoran

Depending on how much you sweat, you may be skeptical about natural deodorant vs. regular deodorant with environmentally friendly ingredients instead...
27-08-2021 22:11

9 Instant Ways to Transform Hair for New Beauty

The state of our hair says a lot about us for our image to overall health. However, what we see on our heads from more… The post 9 Instant Way...
26-08-2021 22:04

Eye Health Clues Its Time for an Eye Exam

People that see without picking up a pair of prescription glasses are less inclined to worry about their eye health and the need for a… The po...
25-08-2021 22:11

Healthy Oatmeal Bread Recipe That Tastes Like Whole Wheat

Though it doesn?t have any whole wheat flour in it, this recipe for my healthy oatmeal bread does have that same type of particular sweet… The...
24-08-2021 22:13

Free Burgers, Hot Dogs and Chicken at Butcher Box

If you want to do something wonderful for your family, then feed them what they really love while grilling out this summer with healthier organic&hel...
23-08-2021 22:10

How to Keep a Positive Attitude When Life Disappoints

Living through a pandemic that never seems to end has caused even the most adjusted individuals to feel disheartened. Until everyone realizes that we...
20-08-2021 22:06

The Guest List by Lucy Foley Mystery Book Review

If you enjoy a good murder mystery with a writing style that conjures up Agatha Christie without all the gruesome forensic details, The Guest List&he...
19-08-2021 22:12

Zodiac Girl Coffee Gift Review +($88) Giveaway?Ends 09/08/20

If you want to get your coffee fix, the perfect cup of coffee like what Zodiac Girl offers can be all it takes to make… The post Zodiac Girl C...
18-08-2021 22:05

Why Senior Pet Adoption Has More Benefits to Offer

You may be contemplating adding a new pet to your household. In fact, you may even have your heart set on a certain breed instead… The post Wh...
17-08-2021 22:11

Family Rituals That Started With the Lockdown Worth Keeping

We may not have been around to experience the first influenza pandemic in March 1918 that killed 550,000 Americans and 50 million others worldwide be...
16-08-2021 22:08

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Subtle Energies Blissful Sleep Inhalation Patches

Subtle Energies Blissful Sleep Inhalation Pat...

[unpaid/samples] I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to patches for anything – I think perhaps my perception is ruined by those foot detox patches that were all… The post Subtle Energies Blissful Sleep Inhalation Patches appeared... -
Great Nail Color Combos for Your Next Mani

Great Nail Color Combos for Your Next Mani

It?s easy to go back to the same manicure color you know works for you, but sometimes you feel like spicing things up yet don?t want to end up with a manicure that?s so spicy it?s inedible. If you?re looking for some nail color inspiration for your... -
First Aid Beauty Special Edition Ultra Repair Cream Set QVC Today’s Special Value

First Aid Beauty Special Edition Ultra Repair...

First Aid Beauty Special Edition Ultra Repair Cream Set is the QVC Today’s Special Value! Head over to today and grab this four piece full-size that’s available in your choice of Original, Fresh Pear, Sugar Plump or Vanilla Peach... -
6 Mandatory Investments to Make If You Are Obsessive About Skincare

6 Mandatory Investments to Make If You Are Ob...

By Anshu Bhatia Hi everyone! Today?s article is all about skin care. Everyone wants healthy, glowing skin. We are always on a hunt for skin care products which we feel might work wonders for us. If your skincare obsession is as crazy as mine, you... -
The Miracles of Dry Needling

The Miracles of Dry Needling

Dry needling is the modern replacement to the traditional Chinese acupuncture technique. It is the simplest pain relieving technique used most commonly by athletes. Below stated are a few Facts about Dry Needling. Go through the following article... -
Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 655

Makeup and Beauty Blog Monday Poll, Vol. 655

So…what is the Monday Poll" Excellent question! It isn’t, contrary to its name, an actual poll, like with little clicky buttons. It’s just a list of five more or less random questions I’ve been posting on this blog every Monday morning for... -
Tarte Cue the Confetti Collection Arrives Along With Shape Tape Glow Wand

Tarte Cue the Confetti Collection Arrives Alo...

I am in love with the new Tarte Cue the Confetti Collection! Tarte is kicking it out of the park lately! I’m impressed! Just when I was about to write them off they start releasing cool stuff! I got my Sugar Rush Bee You Eyeshadow Palette and... -
Floral Street Perfume Review: Arizona Bloom and Discovery Kit

Floral Street Perfume Review: Arizona Bloom a...

I must admit that I don?t feel completely dressed until wearing perfume. Be that as it may, I always feel more comfortable with a natural,… The post Floral Street Perfume Review: Arizona Bloom and Discovery Kit appeared first on Beauty... -
Beauty Sales on Black Friday + Cyber Monday

Beauty Sales on Black Friday + Cyber Monday

The Holiday weekend is here and Thanksgiving marks the start of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This is a great time to shop for gifts to give (or maybe something for yourself) I’m rounding up a few sales that I could find for beauty... -
Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum

Dolce & Gabbana, Dolce Garden Eau de Parfum

I know it\'s really cold in the UK and most of us will be reaching for fragrances that are perhaps a little more spice based but frankly I\'m not a fan. My preference is always going to lean towards fruity and altogether more floral scents and... -

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