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Beauty and Cosmetics News

How Turning Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Cave Could Provide Bet

Many of us have a problem falling asleep at night due to stress, overly stimulating our minds from television before turning in to sometimes just̷...
26-01-2023 22:29

The Mystery Behind Craving a Certain Food That You?ll Want t

We all experience a craving for a particular food at one time or another. Usually, that urge to eat involves something sweet, salty or greasy… T...
25-01-2023 22:26

How Creativity Can Improve Health and Happiness in Surprisin

Some people may feel that they do not possess one creative bone in their body. Creativity is not limited solely to the talented, but is… The pos...
24-01-2023 22:25

My Garbanzo Bean Pasta Is Creamy Comfort Food At Its Best

If you?re trying to eat a healthier diet, then you want to include more recipes with legumes. One of my favorite beans to cook with… The post My...
23-01-2023 22:34

Why You Should Seek Out a Bone Density Test

Most people assume that older people, especially women around age 65 are the only ones that need to be more concerned about their bone health… T...
20-01-2023 22:29

Mindfulness Vs Meditation and Which Is More Helpful for Your

Mindfulness and meditation are principles that have valuable advantages for the mind. Though they may be closely related, the two are different. Thus,...
19-01-2023 22:25

Signs of Prediabetes and How to Reverse It Before Type 2 Dia

Would you believe that in 2022 that 23.0% of adults in the United States had no idea that they had diabetes" In fact, the number… The post ...
18-01-2023 22:31

How to Get the Tools You Need for Home Repairs That May Surp

These last few years have us all looking to do more home repairs to save a few bucks. Sometimes you can?t even find some professional… The post ...
17-01-2023 22:32

Importance of the Golden Rule of Treating Others the Way You

Today?s federal holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. seems like the perfect opportunity to reflect on a very simple idea that we would allR...
16-01-2023 22:30

Why It Is Important to Prioritize for Getting More From Life

Life is like a juggling act that most are constantly trying to keep up with due to heavy work schedules, family time and socializing with… The p...
13-01-2023 22:26

Tangy Hot Sauce Can Make a Healthier Start to a New Year

Those trying to get a healthier start to a new year might want to strengthen the body?s immune system for the best defense against viruses… The ...
12-01-2023 22:29

Surprising Digestive Issues and What May Help That Stomachac

Stomachache is a common problem that can happen for a variety of reasons from food allergies, a virus, food poisoning, lactose intolerance, ulcers, ir...
11-01-2023 22:23

Online Lingerie Shopping and How to Make Better Choices for

Online shopping for lingerie is not always easy since you can?t try the item on or check the quality in person. Nonetheless, shopping on the… Th...
10-01-2023 22:35

Appliance Leveling Feet and What You Need to Know to Avoid T

I bought a Maytag commercial grade washing machine from a large local dealer. I wanted something that would wash well and last for years so… The...
09-01-2023 22:29

My Dutch Apple Pie Recipe Is Sensational

This morning I got up extra early to get a head start on baking something delicious for the weekend. Today, I decided to make my… The post My Du...
06-01-2023 22:28

Curly Hair Care Tips That You Need for Winter Beauty

Curly hair has its own special problems that make it extra dry. The reason curly hair is so vulnerable is due to its specific high… The post Cur...
05-01-2023 22:28

Why You Need to Think Carefully About Headphone Use and Hear

Listening to music or a podcast is a great way to relax or pump up the energy through an exercise routine, running, jogging, during a… The post ...
04-01-2023 22:23

How to Clear Brain Fog If It Happens to You

Brain fog can happen to anyone at any time from a variety of different diseases. It can also be blamed on lack of sleep, low… The post How to Cl...
03-01-2023 22:18

My Pineapple Pie Recipe Is Easy With the Best Taste Ever

For those pineapple lovers, my pineapple pie recipe couldn?t be easier or more delicious, especially if you use my oil pie crust. This pie has… ...
30-12-2022 22:22

Lola Arnao Beauty Products Review for a Healthier Natural Sh

If you?re trying to take better care of what goes in and on your body to stay healthy, then Lola Arnao Beauty is a company… The post Lola Arnao ...
29-12-2022 22:20

Why Boxed Water Is Better In More Ways Than One

Water is water is probably your first thought, but think of the big difference if each bottled water consumer, which accounts for millions, would skip...
28-12-2022 22:25

My Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe Is Simply the Best Tasting

A cup of hot chocolate is always so comforting and a delicious way to warm up during winter. Instead of buying those packets of hot… The post My...
27-12-2022 22:24

New Year Flash Sale You Can?t Afford to Miss?ButcherBox FREE

New Year is when we all strive to make positive changes in our lives with a list of resolutions to obtain those goals. If one… The post New Year...
27-12-2022 22:24

Two Exceptional Mens Fragrances From Grooming Lounge Your Ma

Everyone has their own favorite types of fragrance to feel confident and more appealing. However, some mens fragrances can often be too overpowering i...
23-12-2022 22:29

Why You May Want to Try Chimes Gourmet Ginger Chews

I normally am leery of reviewing any form of vitamin or supplement, but I was intrigued at all the USDA organic ingredients formula behind Chimes̷...
22-12-2022 22:22

Grass Fed Ground Beef Deal You Don?t Want to Miss!

With constantly rising prices for everything we need to buy, it is more important than ever to get the most value out of our dollars,… The post ...
21-12-2022 22:19

Mens Skincare Review: Grooming Lounge Products Your Guy Will

If you want to do something wonderful for the man or men in your life, then introduce them to a great skin care routine that… The post Mens Skin...
21-12-2022 22:19

An Iris Perfume That Has a Mystical Quality That Can Bewitch

Have you ever noticed how certain scents can take you back in your mind to another time" This is especially true when wearing a chypre… The...
19-12-2022 22:27

A Gourmand Fragrance You Need Now for Your Holiday Gifting

Gourmand fragrances are scents that conjure up delicious aromas due to edible notes such as chocolate, candy, espresso, and honey to name just a few.&...
16-12-2022 22:31

My Cheddar Biscuits Recipe Makes a Wonderful Addition to Any

Though you can enjoy my recipe for cheddar biscuits any time of the year, I am particularly fond of them during cold weather to accompany… The p...
15-12-2022 22:27

Butcherbox Flash Sale for FREE Tomahawk Steak Can Make Your

When you want quality grass-fed beef, ButcherBox is the place that you can trust for safer, healthier cuts of delicious meats. Despite being a #Butche...
14-12-2022 22:29

My Coconut Orange Cake Is a Recipe You?ll Cherish

One of my favorite sheet cakes to make is my coconut orange cake recipe. This is a tender and light cake that you use sour… The post My Coconut ...
13-12-2022 22:30

Typology Skincare a Natural Vegan Way to Treat Your Complexi

If you?re interested in taking a healthier approach for the care of your complexion and body, then French-based Typology natural vegan skincare has be...
12-12-2022 22:28

Fuego Box Subscription for Firing Up Great Flavor

Some people automatically dismiss what cooking with hot sauce can do to deliciously alter the taste of the recipe because of their heat. Yet, the̷...
09-12-2022 22:24

Kencko Powdered Smoothies and Bowls Review for Adding More N

I had never heard of powdered smoothies or plant-based bowls before being contacted by Kencko for this review. Always curious, I decided to give their...
08-12-2022 22:24

A Socks Subscription for Unique Foot Fashion With Spiffy Soc

If you want to have fun and call attention to your feet with socks that keep them comfortable and drier, Spiffy Socks Club is something… The pos...
08-12-2022 22:24

Butcherbox Free Ground Beef for Life Deal Is Back!

One of the most adaptable meats to cook with is ground beef with all the different ways you can prepare it. If you feel the… The post Butcherbox...
06-12-2022 22:50

A Cozy Woody Vanilla Fragrance Gift You Need

Though you can wear spicy fragrances at any time of the year, I especially love the warmth and complexity of their deeper notes for that… The po...
05-12-2022 22:29

My White Bean Spinach Soup Recipe Is Surprisingly Delicious

I don?t know what you normally prefer to eat during cold weather, but we love homemade soups for lunch or serving as a part of… The post My Whit...
02-12-2022 22:21

Floral Street Perfume: Discover Arizona Bloom Gift Set

Finding the right fragrance that a man or woman would both love can take considerable searching, especially if you?re hunting for a vegan perfume. Aft...
01-12-2022 22:23

Holiday Shopping Tips That Lessen the Pressure for Buying Gr

This festive time of year is about sharing the warmth and love of the holiday season. It also means gift buying for family, friends and… The pos...
30-11-2022 22:30

How to Plan the Perfect Party That Family and Friends Will L

The holiday season is a festive time of year with parties to go to and throw for family and friends. If you want to improve… The post How to Pla...
29-11-2022 22:28

How to Be More Supportive to Those Dearest to You When a Cri

No one expects the worst to happen, but each of us will go through a crisis such as death of loved ones or close friends… The post How to Be Mor...
28-11-2022 22:26

Holiday Perfume Gift Set From Floral Street You Need Now: Wo

For those fragrance lovers or if you?re just shopping for a holiday perfume gift set with healthier ingredients, then Floral Street has the most amazi...
25-11-2022 22:20

ButcherBox Black Friday Deal: Score Free Ribeyes for a Year!

If you?re trying to keep healthy, especially now with cases of the flu and constantly new variations of the coronavirus still in our midst, then…...
23-11-2022 22:25

Holiday Skincare Gift Set Review?Lexli Icons Gift Kit

The holiday season is a great time to take advantage of beauty gift set bargains such as what arrived from Lexli Skincare with their Icons… The ...
22-11-2022 22:20

Typology Tinted Skincare Review for Makeup and Skin Treatmen

Typology is a new vegan skin care brand that was new to me until this French company reached out about trying some of their minimalist… The post...
21-11-2022 22:28

How to Find Your Purpose in Life When You Feel Lost With a V

Though you can have the best intentions and plans for your future, life can often throw us unexpected twists and turns. In the process, we… The ...
18-11-2022 22:20

Best Home Fragrance Floral Street Vanilla Bloom Candle and D

Nothing can make a home more inviting than filling it with a welcoming scent to usher in some holiday cheer as your guests arrive. One… The post...
17-11-2022 22:23

Reasons Behind Scalp Scratching and Fixes That Can Help

Scratching your scalp too often or vigorously can put you in an embarrassing situation. After all, the common assumption is that you may have liceR...
16-11-2022 22:26

Managing Holiday Stress and How to Better Cope

The holidays are meant to be full of cheer with family gatherings, gift giving, parties, and reasons to indulge in more food and drink than… The...
15-11-2022 22:25

A Cooking Gift Idea is This Knife Set From Mama?s Great Revi

A great holiday gift idea for someone that likes to cook is a kitchen knife set that has specific knives to handle various chopping and… The pos...
14-11-2022 22:18

Why Organic Herbs Offer More for Taste and Health

Herbs are wonderful when cooking to really help flavor dishes. At the same time, they also have a variety of health benefits that depend on… The...
10-11-2022 22:23

How to Increase Nutrition With Protein Pasta From Veggiecraf

Cooking with pasta has so many possibilities with all the delicious ways to enjoy it. Though I made spinach infused pasta once from scratch, I… ...
09-11-2022 22:28

Hot Pepper Sauce That Can Turn Up Flavor?Fuego Box November

Hot pepper sauce from Fuego Box is something that I use a lot of in my cooking and spiking up extra flavor in food. The… The post Hot Pepper Sau...
08-11-2022 22:42

My Yam Pie Recipe Is Delicious and One You?ll Love

With Thanksgiving approaching is the time that many of us will be preparing our holiday menus and thinking about turkey and pumpkin pie as a… Th...
07-11-2022 22:29

Best ButcherBox Deal: One Day Only and Score a FREE Turkey!

I am so excited to tell you about this one day only deal from ButcherBox because it is the best one yet. First time subscribers… The post Best B...
04-11-2022 22:25

How to Select the Healthiest Cooking Spray Oils to Buy

Cooking spray oils have advantages that can speed up the process of cooking and save you calories compared to using butter, shortening or oil for̷...
03-11-2022 22:22

Apple Juice Health Benefits and How to Increase Them

Every morning we start our day with some juice for breakfast. Apple juice is one of the most popular choices in our house for health… The post A...
02-11-2022 22:30

Coffee Gift From Kula Project Can Help End Poverty

Anyone that loves a good cup of coffee would appreciate a coffee gift from the Kula Project that recently sent me their Together Holiday Bundle.…...
01-11-2022 22:27

My Apple Sour Cream Pie Recipe Is Scrumptious

Apple season is the perfect excuse for baking something delectable since apples are at their best price at this time of like my apple sour… The ...
31-10-2022 22:28

Computer Security and How to Keep Your Computer Safe From Ha

With all the discord in the world and this uncertain economy, there are others online that are desperate to get our information and steal money…...
28-10-2022 22:26

Signs of a Toxic Friendship Pulling You Down

Good friends are essential for making our lives so much better through emotional support. They can help us find purpose and meaning about things that&...
27-10-2022 22:24

Gut Health and Simple Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Good

Most people don?t think about their gut health until a problem occurs like a stomachache, constipation or diarrhea. However, the gut is so important b...
26-10-2022 22:24

How to Empower Yourself Instead of Being a Doormat

No one likes to admit that others may perceive them as a doormat. But, sometimes people are blind as to how their kindness may be… The post How ...
25-10-2022 22:35

African Dream Foods Review for a Taste of the Wild

If you regularly read my blog, then you know how addicted that I am to hot sauce and spicy flavors to give food, my recipes,… The post African D...
24-10-2022 22:28

ButcherBox FREE Turkey Deal Is Back for New Subscribers!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner so it is time to start thinking turkey and now is the perfect time because ButcherBox is having their… Th...
21-10-2022 22:26

Grape Juice and Why Drinking It May Have More Benefits Than

Grapes possess a storehouse of antioxidant polyphenols, particularly their flavonoids: catechins, epicatechins, quercetins, resveratrol, and anthocyan...
20-10-2022 22:21

How to Pick Perfume That Is Perfect for You

Perfume is something that I don?t feel complete unless having some on. To me, it is just a part of dressing like a beautiful piece… The post How...
19-10-2022 22:34

Understand Supermarket Strategy If You Hope to Save More Mon

With a possible recession looming over our heads, it is important to stretch our money as far as possible for buying the things we need… The pos...
18-10-2022 22:28

Exercise Myths About Walking for Health and Fitness and Bett

Walking is on the best forms of physical activity for practically everyone as long as you?re healthy. Unlike more strenuous exercise, you can start ou...
17-10-2022 22:29

Buying a Recliner Chair Was Harder Than I Thought

Recently a family member got injured and needed a comfortable place to sit. I was looking at a standing recliner and was amazed to find… The pos...
14-10-2022 22:28

Health Benefits of a Weighted Blanket You May Want to Look I

Have you ever noticed how climbing into bed and snuggling up with a plush, cozy blanket or better yet cuddling beneath a light mound of… The pos...
13-10-2022 22:25

Discover the Best Vegan Perfume?Chypre Sublime Floral Street

Though I love all the varieties of Floral Street perfume that I reviewed, the one that captured my heart the most has to be Chypre… The post Dis...
12-10-2022 22:29

Why This Small Air Fryer Is Something to Consider

Even though I do a lot of cooking and baking, I never got around to trying an air fryer. Therefore, when Okaysou reached out to… The post Why Th...
11-10-2022 22:31

Why the Fuego Box Has Advantages for Food and Health

Hot sauce is a staple in my kitchen just as much as spices are for cooking. Thanks to the Fuego Box hot sauce subscription, it… The post Why the...
10-10-2022 22:28

Knee Pain Relief That You May Want to Try

Though knee pain can occur at any age from a variety of sources such as a result of injury, obesity, infections, genetic factors, gout or… The p...
07-10-2022 22:27

My Chicken and Rice Casserole Recipe Makes a Tasty New Main

Casseroles are one of my favorite dishes with all that you can do for inventing a new dinner often from leftovers. My chicken and rice… The post...
06-10-2022 22:25

My French Bread Recipe Is So Simple and Delicious

Baking homemade bread is perfect at any time of the year, but during cold weather it is even better. I especially love to serve this… The post M...
05-10-2022 22:27

Nontoxic Cleaning Products Deal for a Healthier Fall Season

Trying to swap out your regular cleaning products for healthier, nontoxic ones can be trial and error as you experiment to find ones that work… ...
04-10-2022 22:36

Senior Gift Box Subscription: The Happy Box Review

When I was contacted by the Happy Box about doing a review, I was not aware of a senior gift box subscription existed. Therefore, I… The post Se...
04-10-2022 22:36

Healthy Foods That Can Make You Fat

Healthy foods are high in nutrition and beneficial for our overall wellness. In our rush to include more such wholesome foods in our diets, we… ...
30-09-2022 22:21

Smartphone Risks to Skin You Take and How to Offset It

Technology is wonderful for all that it has brought to our personal and professional lives. At the same time, it also has caused new beauty… The...
29-09-2022 22:16

Best Skin Care Ingredients Worth Noting for Specific Concern

With so many new skin care products that keep flooding the market, it can be confusing as to what are the best beauty ingredients to… The post B...
28-09-2022 22:12

Interested in the Best Bamboo Socks for Keeping Feet Drier a

Finding great socks that can meet all the criteria for comfort and style as well as keep feet drier from excess sweating can be no… The post Int...
27-09-2022 22:33

My Apple Bundt Cake Is Moist and One Recipe You Should Try I

Apples are so plentiful during the Fall season and at their best prices. Therefore, I like to bake with them more and take advantage of… The pos...
26-09-2022 22:15

How to Wake Up Earlier Without Making It Such a Hassle

Some of us are not early risers by choice. However, necessity because of our jobs often force us into waking up far earlier than we… The post Ho...
23-09-2022 22:10

Power of Scent and What It Means for Your Well-Being

Thousands of years ago ancient cultures in China, Egypt to Greece realized the important power that scent played. The use of beautiful smells with fra...
22-09-2022 22:15

How to Stop Wasting Money on Incidentals Without Suffering

Now is the time that many of us are tightening our budgets due to the current state of the economy. Think about all the extra… The post How to S...
22-09-2022 22:15

How to Save on Home Insurance and Benefit the Most

The cost of practically everything is continuing to rise. Therefore, it only makes sense to examine your expenses more carefully to know where the mon...
20-09-2022 22:24

My Apple Cookies Recipe Is Easy and So Delicious

Now that this is the season for apples, it is a perfect time to bake my apple cookies. These cookies are chalked full of fragrant… The post My A...
19-09-2022 22:21

Things to Consider Before Bringing a New Pet Home

During the pandemic many people rushed out to adopt pets to satisfy that bounty of love and companionship that they provide. After all, those new̷...
16-09-2022 22:12

Poor Product Quality and Yet Higher Prices for Consumers Whi

Have you ever wondered whatever happened to the quality of the products that we buy these days" Believe it or not, there was a time… The po...
15-09-2022 22:23

Personal Goal Setting Tips That Can Help You Achieve More

How many times have you set your sights on a specific goal that never materialized for one reason or another" You may have started out… The...
14-09-2022 22:18

Liquid Heat Hot Sauce From Fuego Box That Can Fire Up Great

As the days start to become chillier, the more that I turn to liquid heat from hot sauce to send that needed warm surging through… The post Liqu...
13-09-2022 22:11

Reserve Your Spot for Holiday Gift Guide 2022 Promotion on B

The holiday season will be upon us before you know it. Those companies seeking opportunities for promotion to showcase their holiday gifts for maximum...
12-09-2022 22:20

4 Important Tips for Better Health That Can Improve the Qua

When you?re young, most of us assume that we are invincible and don?t need to fuss over our health until getting older. However, this is… The po...
09-09-2022 22:45

Why Attracting Owls to Your Property Help Rid Pests Like Mol

You?re probably wondering why attracting owls to your property is something that you would want to do, but there is good reason for that. Trust…...
08-09-2022 22:45

Plant Based Laundry Detergent From Truly Free That Cleans We

If you?re trying to do your part through green efforts to protect the deteriorating health of our planet or if you just have sensitive skin… The...
07-09-2022 22:45

Nutmeg Coffee Cake Recipe With Yeast You Need to Taste

For those times when you want a baked dessert that is not overly rich and laden with calories, then my nutmeg coffee cake recipe with… The pos...
06-09-2022 22:45

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