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Beauty and Cosmetics News

Why Your Under Eye Dark Circles May Still Show

Under eye dark circles can be a depressing problem that many of us can relate to. In desperation, we can often splurge on one concealer… The p...
24-11-2020 22:06

Mens Subscription Box: SprezzaBox Review + ($252) Giveaway?E

Trying to shop for the men in your life is not always the easiest task, but finding the right mens subscription box such as SprezzaBox… The po...
23-11-2020 22:13

Effects of Sugar on the Skin You?ll Want to Know

Most of us have a love affair with sugar especially during the holiday season. After all, it is delicious indulging our sweet tooths with delectable&...
20-11-2020 22:11

A Skin Care Gift Set From Lexli to Make You Smile

This is the time of year our complexions can experience more dryness due to cold weather and indoor heating that can rob us of moisture.… The ...
19-11-2020 22:15

Meal Delivery Service Is a Gift of Love?Splendid Spoon

One of the most thoughtful gifts for seniors or anyone that lives alone that you could possibly bestow on them is a nutritious meal delivery… ...
18-11-2020 22:09

Skin Care for Combination Skin?Lexli Review + ($186) Giveawa

When your complexion cries out for help, you don?t want to stuff your pores with less than wholesome ingredients for the best chance to keep… ...
17-11-2020 22:09

Floral Street Iris Goddess Perfume Gift Set Review

Floral Street offers such an exciting range of vegan perfumes that can take your senses on such beautiful journeys through their artistry using only ...
16-11-2020 22:11

Why Not a Hot Sauce Gift" Fuego Box November 2020

I take my hot sauce seriously. After all, my taste buds are at stake. For me, the average run of the mill hot sauce that… The post Why Not a H...
13-11-2020 22:12

Why a Virtual Holiday Party Is Ideal This Year

The winter holidays that we look forward to most are quickly approaching with Thanksgiving and Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. Of course, nothing mak...
12-11-2020 23:14

V10 Plus Skincare Review: Biocell Serum and Night Gel

The Japanese take a different approach to skincare than we do in the United States, which could account for many of them having such gorgeous…...
11-11-2020 22:18

Hand Skincare?V10 Plus Skincare Products Review

I have to admit my growing love affair with Eastern beauty products such as natural skin care from V10 Plus after what I noticed with… The pos...
10-11-2020 22:15

A Sharp Microwave Oven Ideal for Gift Giving

My microwave decided to die after many good years of service. I had a General Electric small size 0.7 cubic foot model because I only… The pos...
09-11-2020 22:12

Anxiety: Election Relief You Need Now

Many of us are feeling like we are walking on pins and needles waiting for those election returns to come in. As a result, we… The post Anxiet...
06-11-2020 22:17

Online Holiday Shopping Strategy for Great Deals

Online holiday shopping is not only convenient, a safer method this year while living through this pandemic as well as a choice that can save…...
05-11-2020 22:19

Leather Scratch Repair for Handbags and Shoes

How many times have you bought an expensive leather handbag or pair of gorgeous leather shoes only to notice that you somehow marred their beauty&hel...
04-11-2020 22:15

Holiday Jerky Gift Box Review + ($120) Giveaway?Ends 11/23/2

For those carnivores in your life that always hunger for a new meat fix like jerky, then let me introduce you to the Jerky Subscription… The p...
03-11-2020 22:10

8 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Grandparents This Year

Shopping this year may be a bit more challenging for those that prefer visiting stores in person through a pandemic to feel for quality and… T...
02-11-2020 22:12

How to Get Rid of Split Ends for More Beautiful Hair

Split ends are a common problem for most people. They occur because of the hair fraying at the shaft causing a split in the strand… The post H...
30-10-2020 22:12

Pet Fitness for Your Buddy?s Longer Life

We love our pets dearly. After all, they become a part of our family. In the process though, we can often overdo that love by… The post Pet Fi...
29-10-2020 22:19

How to Shorten a Cold for a Faster Recovery

Colds can make you feel miserable with aches and pains in muscles to a runny nose, stuffed up head, chills, post-nasal drip to coughing with… ...
28-10-2020 22:15

How to Save Someone From Choking

Youngsters will be gobbling up more candy than usual now that Halloween is nearly here. Their enthusiasm to try as many different varieties can somet...
27-10-2020 22:16

Banana Health Benefits You Should Take Seriously

The banana is one of the one popular of our fruits that nearly went extinct due to Panama disease. The reason we almost lost the… The post Ban...
26-10-2020 22:17

Allergic Reaction or Skincare Irritation"

Have you ever wondered if after using a new anti-aging product if that irritation causing extra dry skin or more redness was simply an allergic&helli...
23-10-2020 22:13

Benefits of a Routine You May Have Overlooked

We often take our habits for granted to fit our pressed time schedules or to please others. However, establishing a routine does have benefits that&h...
22-10-2020 22:16

Baked Ziti Casserole Recipe You Got to Taste

Food is just too expensive to waste. If you want a great recipe that you can incorporate leftovers and fool the family into thinking that… The...
21-10-2020 22:15

Ideas for What to Do With Used Books Once Read

Anyone that loves to write is probably a reader and passionate about books. In my own case, I started my love of the written word… The post Id...
20-10-2020 22:27

Why a Scalp Scrub Can Help Reboot Hair Beauty

The hair is subject to the same problem of a product buildup as the complexion. Without removing that lingering residue that may be trapped along&hel...
19-10-2020 22:20

The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid for Hair Beauty

A skincare ingredient that you?re probably quite familiar with is hyaluronic acid. After all, this gel-like molecule has a wonderful ability to draw ...
16-10-2020 22:17

Benefits of Pets Through Social Isolation

One look at a furry face can be enough to tug at our heartstrings to bring a pet into our homes. But there are real… The post Benefits of Pets...
15-10-2020 22:21

Home Organization and Storage Ideas That Help

Organizing our homes can be a challenging task. After all, most of us have more stuff than we actually need to present a problem of… The post ...
15-10-2020 22:21

Why Fall Allergies Are Worse Than Ever

More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. If you count yourself as one like yours truly, then you know the misery that accompanies this&h...
13-10-2020 22:16

V10 Water Based Peeling Review for Glowing Skin

Our complexions are constantly bombarded with the aftereffects of all the makeup and skin care products we use every day. To complicate things, there...
12-10-2020 22:20

Hot Sauce: Fuego Box October 2020 Review

I would have never imagined there were so many unusual varieties of hot sauce out there until Fuego Box introduced them to me. This hot… The p...
09-10-2020 22:14

How to Intensify Effects of Your Skincare Routine

You may think that you are on top of your skincare routine. After all, you may be buying what you consider the best products with… The post Ho...
08-10-2020 22:17

Halloween 2020: The Scariest Year of Your Life

Halloween is nearly upon us. In some areas, there will be neighborhoods going ahead with the usual celebration with trick-or-treaters this year. Howe...
07-10-2020 22:13

Working From Home Tips to Maximize Productivity

Some people assume when you work from home that you have it made. After all, you save time from your usual commute since your new… The post Wo...
06-10-2020 22:13

Kitchen Sanitizing Solutions to Adopt Now

You may believe your bathroom is the dirtiest room in your home, but actually it is your kitchen according to the National Science Foundation. Now&he...
05-10-2020 22:15

Fashion Trends Fall Winter 2021 to Be Aware of

Though we have a pandemic that has hung over us like a dark cloud to blacken our lives, there is always something to be excited… The post Fash...
02-10-2020 22:10

Aging Hair Reversal for the Return of Beautiful Hair

Aging hair happens gradually. You may have noticed that your hair has less shine and bounce the more time that goes by. Then again, you… The p...
01-10-2020 22:14

Maskne Skin Care: How to Help Those Breakouts!

Trying to stay safe requires us to wear a cloth mask. Though you may not have had a problem with breakouts before, you may have… The post Mask...
30-09-2020 22:15

Rocky Mountain Soda Offers the Best Soda

If you want to treat your taste buds to something special from typical soda, then you need to upgrade your drinking experience with Rocky Mountain&he...
29-09-2020 22:15

Foods That Curb Sugar Cravings for Weight Loss

If you?re trying to lose weight or just eat a healthier diet, knowing which foods can curb sugar cravings can help. With this extra bit… The p...
28-09-2020 22:16

Apple Rice Pudding Recipe for a Perfect Fall Dessert

Apples are in season right now and reasonably priced. Being the case, this is the perfect time to cook and bake with them. One of… The post Ap...
25-09-2020 22:13

How to Burn Belly Fat Quicker

Belly fat can be one of the hardiest parts of your body to lose. This type of fat referred to as visceral fat is a… The post How to Burn Belly...
24-09-2020 22:10

Good Health Habits That Can Improve Your Life

Have you ever noticed that making a few changes to how you do something can make a huge difference in many things that you do"… The post ...
23-09-2020 22:16

Portion Control Tricks to Prevent Overeating

How many of us account for every calorie that goes into our mouths or consider the need for portion control" I doubt that a majority… The...
22-09-2020 22:11

Splendid Spoon Noodle Bowls Review

Splendid Spoon is an easy way to improve your diet with their convenient prepared meal delivery service that centers around plant-based, nutritious m...
21-09-2020 22:12

Good Ingredients in Hair Products for Beauty

Our hair needs proper nourishment just as our bodies do to keep the strands healthy and beautiful. It can be a benefit to hair to… The post Go...
18-09-2020 22:14

Barnana Plantain Chips Review for Healthier Snacking

I had never tasted a plantain before. I?ve seen them in the grocery stores where I shop, but never bought one of those fat green… The post Bar...
17-09-2020 22:13

Lather Products Review for Natural Skincare

Lather is a company that takes natural skincare to a higher level with their approach to overall effectiveness without sacrificing health through the...
16-09-2020 22:14

9 Facts About Potatoes That May Surprise You

A lot of people don?t give potatoes the proper credit that they deserve. Instead, they get a bad wrap for having too many calories. However,… ...
15-09-2020 22:15

Floral Street Perfume Review: Arizona Bloom and Discovery Ki

I must admit that I don?t feel completely dressed until wearing perfume. Be that as it may, I always feel more comfortable with a natural,… Th...
14-09-2020 22:16

Masami Styling Cream Review/Giveaway?Ends 9/28/2020

If you?re trying to revive your hair from the damaging effects of summer, you need serious hair care products that go the extra mile. Nourishing&hell...
11-09-2020 22:11

Fuego Box Subscription Review?September 2020

This may be hard to believe, but I love the taste of hot and spicy so much that I also grow jalapeno and habenero peppers… The post Fuego Box ...
10-09-2020 22:16

Until Midnight Paranormal Romance Box August 2020

Though I will read practically any genre, my favorite choice is romance since I love a happy ending. Until Midnight is a paranormal romance box&helli...
09-09-2020 22:10

Nordgreen Watch Review?Infinity for Minimalist Style

Though you can always check your phone for the time, I consider a watch more convenient as well as serving as a fashion accessory. When… The p...
08-09-2020 22:14

Nature?s Wellness Box Review?August 2020 Box

Those trying to eliminate as many toxic chemicals from their lives as possible in order to take better care of their health seriously should consider...
04-09-2020 22:10

Eco Friendly Tips for a Healthier Planet

Trying to save the planet should concern us all. If we intend to be responsible and do our part to keep the earth green and… The post Eco Frie...
03-09-2020 22:13

DIY Face Mask That Can Make a Complexion Bloom

You are probably noticing that your complexion could use some extra help around this time of year from the effects of summer. Though I have… T...
02-09-2020 22:53

The Right Face Cleansing Cloth Can Maximize Beauty

Though you can use your fingers and don?t have to use a face cleansing cloth, there are benefits to including one to maximize beauty. Here… Th...
01-09-2020 23:00

How to Improve Self-Esteem and Love Yourself

Some people constantly keep comparing themselves to their ideals of what they think is an image of perfection. Consequently, this artificial goal can...
31-08-2020 22:49

How to Handle Adversity When Life Gets Rough

There are those lucky among us that were born into wealth that never had to worry about money. Therefore, they can?t possibly understand the unique&h...
28-08-2020 22:50

3 Steps to Keep Summer Hair Glowing Into Autumn

Summer is when spend more time outdoors doing all those fun things we love from swimming to working on our tans. Regardless if we use… The pos...
27-08-2020 22:49

Hella Hella Clothing Review

A universal truth about fashion is the ability to make a statement. After all, you want to express yourself as the unique individual that you…...
26-08-2020 22:54

Best Ever Potato Salad Recipe

A summer staple that is popular at our house is my favorite recipe for potato salad. I usually serve my best ever potato salad for… The post B...
25-08-2020 22:13

Pandemic Stressed Skin and Solutions That Help

Living through a pandemic alters our behavior and emotions. Even though you may think that you manage your stress well enough, the real evidence may&...
24-08-2020 22:16

Celery Juice Benefits for Beauty and Health

The beverage of the hour right now happens to be celery juice. In fact, celery juice has become extremely popular between celebrities and spas as&hel...
21-08-2020 22:15

Interesting Other Uses for Dental Floss

Dental floss is something that we all depend on to keep our teeth and gums healthy and at their best. However, this nylon strand of… The post ...
20-08-2020 22:22

5 Best Supplements to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

You?ve been told to watch your diet due to prediabetes. Therefore, you may be altering your food choices and getting that recommended exercise, but w...
19-08-2020 22:14

Kids Tablet Review?Xgody t702 Tablet

I was recently sent a tablet made by Xgody with their t702 model that is a reasonably priced small tablet and a great option for… The post Kid...
18-08-2020 22:16

Lexli Skincare Products for Defying Age Review + ($281) Give

Natural skincare products such as Lexli aloe skincare has become my addiction with the beautiful difference it has meant for my complexion. After all...
17-08-2020 22:07

Homemade Hair Dye for Brunettes

Those of us that are natural brunettes know how much worse we have it for dealing with gray hair than blondes and redheads. Though we… The pos...
14-08-2020 22:10

Healthy Snack Box?Elevate Snack Box Review

Trying to improve your snacking habits for healthier options can take time and research into finding just the right choices. Sometimes, it can be a&h...
13-08-2020 22:17

Natalie Dylana Fragrance Review?Summer in a Bottle

A new perfume you may not have heard of is Natalie Dylana created by fashion influencers Natalie and Dylana Lim Suarez in conjunction with Scent&hell...
12-08-2020 22:12

Vegan Protein Bars and Cookies?Bhu Fit Review

Vegan protein bars and protein cookies are wonderful for when you are craving something healthier as well as sweet or when you don?t always have&hell...
11-08-2020 22:11

Fuego August 2020 Review?the Hot Sauce Box to Try!

I always look forward to the beginning of each month when my new hot sauces arrive from Fuego Box. What I know for sure is… The post Fuego Aug...
10-08-2020 22:13

Soothing Relief for Aching Feet You Need to Try

Aching feet happen to all of us at one time or another. However, some people are at greater risk to experience sore feet more than… The post S...
07-08-2020 22:07

Healthy Summer Skin Care Tips You Need Now

Despite how busy you are, taking a few precautions now with some healthy summer skin tips can help keep your skin from betraying you later.… T...
06-08-2020 22:09

Cher Eau de Couture Atomizer Fragrance Review

If you want to make a strong impression, you need a fragrance that can help you stand out. Cher Eau de Couture is one that… The post Cher Eau ...
05-08-2020 22:13

Splendid Spoon Review for Plant-Based Meal Delivery

Trying to make the healthiest food choices can be challenging, but Splendid Spoon is a convenient way to introduce yourself to plant-based smoothies,...
04-08-2020 22:13

Until Midnight Book Box?Merman July 2020 Review

Like most writers, I am an avid reader. Though I enjoy a variety of different genres, one of my favorites is romance. Give me time-travel… The...
03-08-2020 22:12

How to Instantly Relax When Stressed Out

Stress can pounce on us like a ferocious animal. If we don?t manage our stress quickly enough, it can claw through our thoughts and rip… The p...
31-07-2020 22:22

Lemon Teriyaki Chicken Makes a Quick Dinner

Chicken breasts are so versatile with all the different ways that you can prepare them. I especially love to cut skinless breasts into strips and&hel...
30-07-2020 22:08

Coconut Custard Pie That Makes Its Own Crust

If you want a delicious pie that takes minutes to make and happen to be a fan of coconut flavor, then my easy coconut custard… The post Coconu...
29-07-2020 22:16

9 Household Hacks That Save Time and Frustration

Keeping a house is never-ending with all the tasks and projects we need to do. However, what helps is trying to simplify things such as… The p...
28-07-2020 22:12

Nature?s Wellness Box July 2020 Review + Giveaway?Ends 08/14

Today I want to tell you about a unique wellness box that started as a personal journey to healing after the owner was diagnosed with… The pos...
27-07-2020 22:18

11 Painless Ways to Save Money at Home

This pandemic has placed many of us in a more difficult position economically trying to stay afloat. Therefore, I wanted to share a few painless&hell...
24-07-2020 22:11

Teeth Whitening Dangers You Want to Avoid

Tooth-whiteners are wonderful for brightening the shades of our teeth for a more brilliant smile. In fact, attempting to bleach the teeth whiter can ...
23-07-2020 22:18

The Puzzling Mystery of My Anonymous Gifter

If you regularly read my blog, then you might recall the strange surprise I found on Christmas Eve. It was a small red shopping bag… The post ...
22-07-2020 22:15

How to Counteract the Ill Effects of Sitting Too Much

Sitting too much whether out of necessity due to our jobs or just to relax is not the best thing for our health. In fact,… The post How to Cou...
21-07-2020 22:18

5 Best Body Washes for Summer: Vitabath Review + Giveaway?En

A perfect way to freshen up is showering or bathing with bright, sparkling scents that stimulate the senses and pamper the skin with nourishing ingre...
20-07-2020 22:17

Scent Organix Perfume Review: I Am Radiant

Tantalizing white notes of fresh floral is what you can expect from Scent Organix, I Am Radiant Eau de Toilette that I want to share… The post...
17-07-2020 22:15

Crunchy Mama Box Review July 2020 Box

Crunchy Mama Box is another new subscription box of natural and eco-friendly products that you may want to explore sent for this review. It is&hellip...
16-07-2020 22:09

Cher Perfume Review: Eau de Couture

Eau de Couture is as big and bold in its appeal as Cher, the legendary performer and music icon that inspired this perfume for this… The post ...
15-07-2020 22:17

Aroma Reveal Box Review: Deluxe July 2020 Box

Those seeking a bit of needed serenity and pampering of the body and mind would be drawn to the Aroma Reveal subscription such as the… The pos...
14-07-2020 22:12

Fuego Hot Sauce Review July 2020 Box

Listen up, hot sauce lovers, the Fuego hot sauce box for this July 2020 review is sizzling with spicy deliciousness. Therefore, if you haven?t yet&he...
13-07-2020 22:10

Why You Should Take Neck Skin Care Seriously

We may spend a small fortune on all sorts of moisturizers and anti-aging serums to keep our faces young. Though as we slather and tap… The pos...
10-07-2020 22:11

Top Foods for Pain Relief That Can Help Suffering

Pain may be what signals us that something is wrong or we simply overworked our bodies, but it is hard to live with. However, certain… The pos...
09-07-2020 22:07

Merkaela Deluxe Box Review Summer 2020?Alignment

Integrating holistic self-care using handmade botanicals to renew not only the body, but the mind and senses best describes what you can expect from ...
08-07-2020 22:10

Intuitive Eating: Less Restrictive for Losing Weight

How many times have you followed the latest diet plan only to eventually fall victim to failure" If so, then you may be more successful… ...
07-07-2020 22:21

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Deciem Black Friday 2020 – 23% Off The ...

Deciem Black Friday 2020 is following its campaign for 2019. Once again, instead of having one day of discounts, which can spur panic buying and impulse purchases, the company is encouraging it’s customers to shop slowly. This doesn’t mean there... -
Get The Cover Look: Jasmine Tookes

Get The Cover Look: Jasmine Tookes

Dialling in via FaceTime to see the magic happen, the Gritty Pretty Spring 2020 cover shoot was a day to remember… Joja, covers the Spring 2020 issue of Gritty Pretty Magazine. International... -
Bobbi Brown Modern Symphony Eyeshadow Palette and High Barre Eyeshadow Palette Holiday 2020

Bobbi Brown Modern Symphony Eyeshadow Palette...

I know we sort of swore ourselves off Bobbi Brown but the Modern Symphony Eyeshadow Palette and High Barre Eyeshadow Palette for Holiday 2020 are giving me good vibrations! I dunno how long I’ll be able to hold out on these. It’s been a while... -
Sleek MakeUP Brow Intensity

Sleek MakeUP Brow Intensity

So, this isn’t a pretty story. I tested out the new Sleek MakeUP Brow Intensity double enders yesterday and – disaster. Before I even start on the highlighter section breaking straight… The post Sleek MakeUP Brow Intensity... -
THE Cutest Beauty Gifts Under $20

THE Cutest Beauty Gifts Under $20

Try not to panic, but guys it?s less than 40 days until Christmas ? how insane"! This means it?s time to get organized with your gifting, aka make a list and check it twice (sorry, we couldn?t resist). Although, this... The post THE Cutest Beauty... -
Lottie London Gloss?d Lipgloss-Oil

Lottie London Gloss?d Lipgloss-Oil

I find it quite interesting that Lottie London, who are very trend led, are bringing out a collection of gloss. Gloss hasn’t seen as much favour recently as other products… The post Lottie London Gloss’d Lipgloss-Oil appeared... -
Nivea Intimo Mild Fresh Review

Nivea Intimo Mild Fresh Review

Hali Halo Everyone! Today?s review is about Nivea Intimo Mild Fresh. There was once a time when I needed intimate wash gels every day and felt uncomfortable when not used. But somewhere somehow I stopped using it and never realized. Recently when... -
Bimat ? A Way To Enhance Eyelashes Growth

Bimat ? A Way To Enhance Eyelashes Growth

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The Best New K-Beauty Products To Try in 2018

The Best New K-Beauty Products To Try in 2018

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How to Find the Right Blush Shade for Your Skin Tone

How to Find the Right Blush Shade for Your Sk...

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing great. Today I have written an article on tips to find the right blush shade for your skin tone. A blush plays a very important part in our makeup: it adds some color to our cheeks and it makes us look... -

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