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Beauty and Cosmetics News

How to Say No and Stop Being a Pushover

  Saying no to some people can be hard. Yet, many of us do it all the time because we don?t know how to refuse… The post How to Say No an...
23-08-2019 21:28

Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wands Flowers & Portraits Review

  Luxury European beauty brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge, recently replaced their old blush wands and reformulated all four shades. Not only is the des...
22-08-2019 21:25

Sericin Plus Eye Serum Review + ($295) Giveaway?Ends 09/10/2

  The eye area is one of the most vulnerable spots on the face besides the bottom lip. The thin skin makes it prone to… The post Sericin ...
21-08-2019 21:26

How to Invest in Stocks for Beginners Without Risk!

  If you never traded a share of stock before, it can seem complicated until being introduced to how the stock market works. Getting over&hellip...
20-08-2019 21:26

ZeroWater Filter Pitcher Review

Every time that you turn on your tap, you could be filling that glass with impurities instead of pure water. Of course, you can buy… The post ...
19-08-2019 21:26

Best Raisin Bread Recipe Ever

  Who doesn?t love the smell of homemade bread baking as it permeates that enticing aroma throughout the house" If you want to taste someth...
16-08-2019 21:26

The 12 Worst Foods for Healthy Teeth

    Without even realizing it, what you put into your mouth could be hurting your teeth. Brushing, flossing and regular dental visits can m...
15-08-2019 21:26

Eco-Friendly Habits at Home Worth Adopting

The planet is in a crisis that some people refuse to accept. However, experts agree that global warming is not a myth. It is our… The post Eco...
14-08-2019 21:27

Fuego Box August 2019 Review

  Fuego Box August 2019 brought three exciting new hot pepper sauces to my table. I?m sure that you?re probably wondering what I can do… ...
13-08-2019 21:26

Diamond Infused Age-Defying Cream Forever Flawless Review +

An advantage of a diamond infused age-defying cream is that its extra fine diamond powder has a running start to pave the way for the… The pos...
12-08-2019 21:25

Homemade Herb-Infused Basil Vinegar Recipe

  A gourmet flavored vinegar is a wonderful way to enhance your recipes. The only problem with buying some speciality brands is how high their&h...
09-08-2019 21:27

Homemade Brightening Eye Cream You?ll Love

  Kitchen beauty recipes can often have miraculous results like my homemade brightening eye cream for dark circle relief. The problem is that ma...
08-08-2019 21:26

Nice New Watch Bargain for Three Cents!

  A family member wanted a watch and didn?t want something expensive. Well they have plenty of those at Target and Wal-Mart. But a funny…...
07-08-2019 21:25

Fine Hair Rescue Tips That You?ll Want to Try

  During college my hair was thin instead of thick as it is now. I know that sounds hard to believe but it changed in… The post Fine Hair...
06-08-2019 21:32

Glossybox Birthday Edition August 2019 Review

  In honor of their birthday, the lux beauty subscription brought extra sparkle and glam as the theme for their Glossybox Birthday Edition Augus...
05-08-2019 21:29

Home Remedies for Eye Problems That Work

  Eyes can be sensitive and react easily to bacteria and viruses to cause eye problems. Correspondingly, the environment can also contribute to ...
02-08-2019 21:29

The Shocking Way My Sparrows Left the Nest

  The other day a sad thing happened that I wasn?t prepared for so soon. To my utter dismay, my feathered charges abruptly left the… The ...
01-08-2019 21:27

10 Solutions for Cooking Mistakes You Need!

  No one is perfect. Regardless of how talented you are in the kitchen, kitchen mishaps do happen when you least expect it. However, you…...
31-07-2019 21:28

Vitabath Cucumber & White Tea Products Review + ($36) Giveaw

  One of the simplest indulges that you can grant yourself is bath time pampering. When trying to escape the heat, my bath ritual includes&helli...
30-07-2019 21:32

Oatmeal Brown Bread Recipe Is Extra Nutritious

  Besides being a nice change from white bread, multigrain bread like my oatmeal brown bread recipe is wonderful for adding extra nutrition. Tho...
29-07-2019 21:28

Canned Ham Tomato-Mushroom Casserole Recipe

  If you want a quick and easy dinner solution, I have just what you have been searching for with my canned ham tomato-mushroom casserole&hellip...
26-07-2019 21:32

Pursuit of Happiness?8 Tricks to Improve Your Day

  Regardless of how well adjusted you are, there are days when you just don?t feel like smiling and find yourself in a glum mood… The pos...
25-07-2019 21:26

Six Good-Skin Vitamins You Want More Of!

    What you eat has a definite relationship to the body?s health and appearance. When you don?t get enough of the right essentials vitamin...
24-07-2019 21:25

True Citrus Products Review +($103) Giveaway?Ends 08/12/2019

  Staying adequately hydrated is important, especially in the summer months because of how quickly water can exit through our pores as we sweat....
23-07-2019 21:26

Crown Area Hair Breakage Fixes You Need Now

  If you have been noticing more crown area hair breakage and can?t understand why when the rest of your hair is thriving, then let… The ...
22-07-2019 21:26

The Ingenuity of a Sparrow

I have to admire the ingenuity of a sparrow when it comes to finding a home.   Every year I plant less of a garden… The post The Ingenuit...
19-07-2019 21:26

Homemade Lemon Hair Spray Has Staying Power

  Trying to keep your hairstyle intact and yet escape from toxic chemicals like aerosol propellants or artificial fragrances can be challenging ...
18-07-2019 21:26

JoahBox Review June 2019

  Korean beauty has a lot of exciting innovation when it comes to skin care and makeup. Once you try the beautiful difference their products&hel...
17-07-2019 21:25

Stressless Back to School Shopping Plan

  Shopping for your children?s back to school supplies and clothes is not only time-consuming, but can be a hassle trying to get them ready&hell...
16-07-2019 21:26

2019 Screaming MiMi Fuego Box Review

  If you happen to appreciate what extraordinary hot and spicy flavor can do for food and want to experience what the industry considers the&hel...
15-07-2019 21:28

Beat Self-Consciousness During Social Interactions

  How many times have you worried about what people will think about you without really understanding why" This unjustified inner fear is b...
12-07-2019 21:27

Sericin Plus Ageless Serum Review + $699 Giveaway?Ends 07/30

  Are you on the hunt for new skin care" If so, I have been using a new Sericin Plus product that can almost make… The post Sericin ...
11-07-2019 21:26

How to Find More Free Time in Your Day

  Time is so precious because we always seem never to have enough of it. For some reason, we just can?t seem to manage doing… The post Ho...
10-07-2019 21:27

Finding Joy in Life When Overwhelmed

  Ask someone what joy means to them and you will receive lots of different answers. For some, joy is a windfall of money, finding… The p...
09-07-2019 21:26

Lemon Pepper Tuna Salad Makes a Cool Meal

  I don?t know about you, but when it?s too hot outside I get lazy when it comes to making an elaborate meal. Instead, I… The post Lemon ...
08-07-2019 21:26

Glossybox Summer Oasis July 2019 Review

  Summer is prime time for relaxing and more carefree beauty. With that thought in mind, the newest Glossybox Summer Oasis that just arrived for...
05-07-2019 21:26

Innovative Skin Care Advances Your Beauty Deserves

  It seems every time that you turn around there are more new trendsetting skin care advances that promise to make your complexion younger, smoo...
03-07-2019 21:27

Air-Drying Hair for Sizzling Summer Style

  Summer is the time of year when you want easy maintenance hair. The thought of taking out the blow-dryer when the hot weather is… The p...
02-07-2019 21:26

Why Solar Power Could Make Sense for Your Budget

  The cost of electricity keeps going up it seems with the arrival of each new bill. If you have been thinking about solar power… The pos...
01-07-2019 21:26

Why Zinc Pyrithione for Thinning Hair

  Finding more hairs in your brush, sink or floor is a reason for concern. Though thinning hair can be caused by various medical conditions&hell...
28-06-2019 21:27

Decoding the Beauty Difference of Clays and Muds

  Clay and mud are earth-based ingredients that can offer a lot to a complexion. However, there is a difference in how these natural ingredients...
27-06-2019 21:26

How to Stay Motivated While Working Out at Home

  Committing yourself to any exercise program is not always the easiest thing to do?at least for me. Driving to a gym to workout can… The...
26-06-2019 21:26

Cinnamon Pancakes for a Delicious Healthy Breakfast

  If you?re trying to increase your cinnamon intake for lowering cholesterol and improving your blood glucose levels, my cinnamon pancakes are a...
25-06-2019 21:35

Why Pillow Choice Matters for Getting Proper Sleep

  When we think of getting a good comfortable night?s sleep, our first thought is the condition of our mattress. Yet, we hardly give that&hellip...
24-06-2019 21:28

How to Tell What Your Pet Is Thinking

  Our pets may not have mastered speech, but they communicate through body language as well as barking or meowing. If you are an animal… ...
21-06-2019 21:26

Forever Flawless Exfoliating & Foaming Cleanser Review + ($1

  A sure bet to an improvement in your complexion is exfoliating to help with skin renewal and as a means of better product delivery… The...
20-06-2019 21:27

Healing Pain and Stress Through Touch

  You may think that healing pain and stress only can be helped through medication or therapy. Yet, there is another option that we don?t&hellip...
19-06-2019 21:26

Eating to Maximize Nutrient Absorption

  Eating healthy and making better food choices doesn?t always mean that you?re totally benefitting from the nutrients in your foods. However, h...
18-06-2019 21:28

How to Gain More Confidence Without Being Pushy

  Have you ever wondered why some people naturally take the lead whereas others meekly observe in silence" Is it because they have all the&...
17-06-2019 21:28

Sericin Plus Lifting & Stretching Serum Review + ($495) Give

  If your goal is to give your complexion a new future, you might want to try Sericin Plus Lifting & Stretching Serum that I… The pos...
14-06-2019 21:26

How to Throw a Great Backyard Party

  Entertaining is a lot of fun when friends and relatives gather for a backyard party. To get the most enjoyment out of the occasion… The...
13-06-2019 21:27

The Secret of Delivering Constructive Criticism

Whether the relationship is professional such as at the workplace or on a personal level, there comes a time when you will be judged for… The ...
12-06-2019 21:26

Fuego Box Review June 2019

  A hot thrill for any mouth is heating it up with plenty of spicy pepper heat to get maximum flavor from food. My favorite… The post Fue...
11-06-2019 21:29

Mediterranean Tuna Pizza Recipe

  When I was invited to participate in the Tonnino Tuna Challenge and create an original recipe, I wasn?t sure the type of dish I… The po...
10-06-2019 21:29

Stay Cool Summer Beauty Tips to Keep Fresher

  Hot summer weather is no time for smothering the skin with excess layers of products. After all, this is the time we like to… The post ...
07-06-2019 21:26

How Empathy Positively Impacts Lives Even Yours

  In a perfect world, there would be peace and abundance for all people. Disease and climate problems from what we caused through technology and...
06-06-2019 21:27

Timeless 24K Anti-Aging Serum ORO24Karat Review + ($130) Giv

  Aging isn?t a kind process to when it comes to our face. The skin thins, dulls, under eye darkness appears more regularly, and how… The...
05-06-2019 21:31

DIY Throat Moisturizing Cream You Need to Try

  Unlike our face, the throat has thinner and drier skin. This translates to less collagen to keep it moisturized and protected from aging since...
04-06-2019 21:26

Inflammation Relief That Can Help Ease Pain Fast

  Being in pain is like torture since it takes over our lives. After all, it affects everything from how we feel physically as well… The ...
03-06-2019 21:27

Forever Flawless Body Butter Review + Giveaway?Ends 06/18/20

  What can be a more pampering experience than treating your body to the same loving care as you do your complexion through a luxurious… ...
31-05-2019 21:26

How to Handle Toxic Coworkers

  Working at home is a completely different situation than dealing with toxic coworkers at the workplace. Though you avoid a commute, you also c...
30-05-2019 21:27

Pet Adoption Obstacles You May Find Hard to Believe

  Adopting a cat was never an issue for me because they always seemed to adopt me. They would just show up at my door… The post Pet Adopt...
29-05-2019 21:29

Free Books Online Through Open Library

  Reading is something that I am passionate about. If you share this love for the printed word as much as I do, then you… The post Free B...
28-05-2019 21:27

Grilling Tips for Pet Safety Owners Should Heed

  Memorial Day is when a lot of us will be firing up the grills and enjoying some leisurely time with friends and family at… The post Gri...
24-05-2019 21:26

Determining Money Personality Can Help You Save

  Why is it that some people are more free with their money without worrying as much about the consequences of spending until the bills… ...
23-05-2019 21:26

Glossybox Amorepacific Limited Edition 2019 Review

  If your skin struggles to look good, then the Glossybox Amorepacific Limited Edition 2019 should be on your agenda. The reason that I say&hell...
22-05-2019 21:27

SericinPlus Reviving Eye Cream Review + ($395) Giveaway?Ends

  Our eyes speak silently for us. The only way to keep them from revealing more than you hope about your age is through a… The post Seric...
21-05-2019 21:28

Glossybox May 2019 Embraces Natural Beauty

  Glossybox always seems to be ahead when it comes to addressing what our beauty will need to suit each season. You just might say… The p...
20-05-2019 21:27

The Germiest Things You Touch

  My grandmother you used to say that you can?t worry about germs and live in a completely germ-free world. Children in particular need to&helli...
17-05-2019 21:27

Easy Boston Cream Pie Recipe

  I was hungry for something delicious and needed to break my own rule of waiting until the weekend to bake. What I was craving… The post...
16-05-2019 21:29

Daytime Sleepiness and Surprising Reasons for It

  Waking up mornings can leave many of us struggling to leave that bed at times. However, if you habitually feel drained of energy when… ...
15-05-2019 21:29

Having Insurance Doesn?t Mean Lowest Drug Price

    Being a consumer today might be compared to a gazelle in the sight of lions hiding in the tall grass because we don?t… The post ...
14-05-2019 21:29

Instant Ways to Give All Hair More Volume

  All of us long for the beauty secret that can guarantee us a gorgeous head of hair. After all, a little lift always seems… The post Ins...
13-05-2019 21:29

Fuego Box May 2019 Fires Up Flavor

  How many times have you made the same recipes that you or the family has become bored with them" If so, I have a… The post Fuego B...
10-05-2019 21:29

Cleaning House Tips That Save Time and Energy

  Personally, I can think of a million things that I would rather do than cleaning house. Scrubbing, dusting, vacuuming, washing, moping, etc. i...
09-05-2019 21:31

Vitabath Fragrance Mists Review + Giveaway (US, CA)?Ends 05/

  Unlike a heavier perfume, cologne or eau de toilette, a fragrance mist is an ideal way to veil your skin in a scent without… The post V...
08-05-2019 21:29

5 Environmental Stress Triggers You Can Eliminate

  Have you ever noticed that when under stress how easily other simple things can set you off without much provocation" Reacting this way t...
07-05-2019 21:29

Growing Bean Sprouts for Health and Your Budget

  Growing bean sprouts may seem foreign to you, but it is an easy DIY project that can save you money on your food bill… The post Growing...
06-05-2019 21:30

Rouge Bunny Rouge Miniatures Collection Essentially Yours Se

  The ultimate way to test out beauty before committing to a full-size product is through sample or miniature sizes to see how well the… ...
03-05-2019 21:29

Self-Induced Skin Sensitivity Help

  We all want to stay young and beautiful. In the process, we are always slathering on a hoard of different creams, serums, lotions to… T...
03-05-2019 21:29

Limited Edition Glossybox Mother?s Day 2019 Review

  Mother?s Day is just around the corner and you want to treat your mom. Of course, your mother deserves something special and Glossybox always&...
01-05-2019 21:30

Rouge Bunny Rouge Tinted Luxe Lip Balms Review + Swatches

  Those looking for lavishing their lips with beautiful sheer color that is universally flattering while locking in moisture for a pampering tre...
30-04-2019 21:29

Glossybox April 2019 Review

  This time of year nature is renewing itself with fresh growth and beauty. Glossybox April 2019 is all about celebrating clean green beauty wit...
29-04-2019 21:28

Library Extension App Can Save You Money

  I found a great extension to the Goggle Chrome browser called Library Extension that will help you save money. I heard about this on… T...
26-04-2019 21:28

Sweet Raised Dough Recipe You?ll Love

  Using a simple sweet raised dough recipe is wonderful to take advantage of with all the different variations that you can make. It?s so&hellip...
25-04-2019 21:30

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Vitamin C Booster Review +

  Our complexions can be finicky due to diet, products, stress, and general health to diminish the look of our skin. A quick way around… ...
24-04-2019 21:30

An Electric Lawn Mower You?ll Want to Own

  We needed a new electric lawn mower and the RYOBI 13-inch 11 Amp Corded Electric Walk Behind Push Mower did the trick. We were… The pos...
23-04-2019 21:29

Shades Club April 2019 Sunglasses Box Review

  Are you looking for some fun summer fashion inspiration" Well, I have an easy solution that can help get you covered with a Shades&hellip...
22-04-2019 21:29

How to Dust Less for a Healthier Home

  We all have that never ending battle with dust. Why is it that as soon as we think we have it conquered, it returns… The post How to Du...
19-04-2019 21:29

24K Eye Cream Review + Giveaway?Ends 05/07/2019

  If you are attempting to hang onto your youth, there are many different anti-aging products at your fingertips. A line that I have been&hellip...
18-04-2019 21:34

Natural Remedies to End Smelly House Odors

  Despite your best cleaning efforts, it can be tough to remove all traces of odor from your home from cooking, cleaning, pets, etc. If… ...
17-04-2019 21:31

Affordable BUYCHEY Fashion Shirts Review

  Looking chic doesn?t mean that you have to spend a whole pay check just to update your wardrobe. Believe it or not, I found… The post A...
16-04-2019 21:29

Skin Rejuvenation Derma Roller System Review

  When Derma Roller System reached out about working with them on this project to test their microneedle roller, I was a bit reluctant to&hellip...
15-04-2019 21:32

Fuego Box April 2019 Review

  A no-fail way to get more spice and taste from your favorite foods is taking advantage of what artisan hot sauce can do to… The post Fu...
12-04-2019 21:27

Renaissance Bath Subscription Box Review + Giveaway?Ends 04/

  I was treated to the delights of the new monthly Renaissance Bath Subscription Box from the talented fingers of a skilled artisan soap maker,&...
11-04-2019 21:29

The Power of Awe for Living Your Best Life

  Have you ever noticed something that spectacular and beyond belief in how it stood out in your mind that your jaw dropped staring at… T...
10-04-2019 21:29

Meditation for Mind and Body You Got to Try

  Trying to reduce stress or just learn how to better train the mind through meditation takes practice. Though there are so many different ways&...
09-04-2019 21:30

Savory Cheddar Cheese Biscuits

  Biscuits are always nice additions to replace bread or a roll at your dinner table. However, when you add Cheddar cheese to the equation&helli...
08-04-2019 21:27

Japan Okashi Snack Box Review +($117) Giveaway?Ends 04/23/20

  How many of us are ever going to have a chance to visit Japan" However, the tastes and beauty of that culture can come… The post J...
05-04-2019 21:28

Making Life Easier Time-Saving Tips for Busy People

  Most of us run a tight ship when it comes to our daily schedules trying to juggle work, home, family, and friends. Often, we… The post ...
04-04-2019 21:27

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Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushion Soft Spots Review

Forever 21 Love and Beauty Gel Shoe Cushion S...

Hello, ladies! Today, I am talking about a very useful product that I have tried for the first time ever. I have tried gel cushions but, I have never tried spot cushion for specific areas. Recently, I found these Forever21 Soft Spots gel cushion.... -
C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Cream Review

C.O. Bigelow Lemon Lip Cream Review

Hi all! I received this lip cream as a Christmas gift and the first time I used it I was a bit iffy about it because the ingredient list looked a little shady and on first swatch it effused a very strong chemical smell, but after a usage or two I... -
An Introduction to the Parfumerie On Etsy

An Introduction to the Parfumerie On Etsy

Since Summer is here I thought now was a good a time as any to discuss the Parfumerie which can be found on Etsy or if you’re in Connecticut or close to it they have a store at 246 Main St in Danbury, Connecticut. It’s no great secret I love... -
11 Top-Rated Bath Bombs That Will Actually Force You to Relax This Weekend

11 Top-Rated Bath Bombs That Will Actually Fo...

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m not a bath person. Albeit when I’m dealing with killer cramps or especially sore muscles after a long run, I’m more of an in-and-out of the shower kind of woman. The only thing that will keep me in the tub long... -
Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lip Review

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lip R...

You know I love a matte lip, so I was super excited to see a new matte lip pencil from Soap […] The post Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lip Review appeared first on Really Ree. -
75% Off at Too Faced

75% Off at Too Faced

Too Faced is having a pretty great sale at the moment with prices slashed up to 75% on a variety of palettes, lipglosses, blushes, and more with prices as low as $6.50! Here’s some highlights from the sale: Born This Way Concealer $12 Dream... -
Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Eyeshadow Palette Arrives With Plenty of Purple for Your Fall Looks!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Eyeshadow...

Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina Eyeshadow Palette ($45) is a new limited edition palette created in collaboration with youTuber Jackie Aina. News broke early of this palette when it was released on the UK retailer on Friday however, it was... -
Fan Di FENDI Extreme by FENDI

Fan Di FENDI Extreme by FENDI

Fan Di Extreme by FENDIWomen EdpFan di FENDI Extreme is a more sensual and intense version of its predecessor, designed for vamp women, characterized by a strong character and a provocative appearance, with a touch of extreme and wildness. It was... -
NARS Makeup Your Mind Face Palette for Fall 2019

NARS Makeup Your Mind Face Palette for Fall 2...

The new NARS Makeup Your Mind Face Palette ($49) arrives today for Fall 2019 that’s available only at Ulta. This palette contains eight eyeshadow shades two blushes and two bronzers in a selection of warm nudes and sultry purples. Shades... -
How to Say No and Stop Being a Pushover

How to Say No and Stop Being a Pushover

  Saying no to some people can be hard. Yet, many of us do it all the time because we don?t know how to refuse… The post How to Say No and Stop Being a Pushover appeared first on Beauty Cooks Kisses. -

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