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Beauty and Cosmetics News

Chanel Temple, Global Makeup Artist for Hourglass Cosmetics

"Take the trip." plus more words of wisdom from Hourglass Global Makeup Artist Chanel Temple....
11-02-2019 22:00

Motivate Monday, Because This Diet Could Save The World

Read all about the diet that purports to be able to help save the world. Quality nutrition advice can be hard to come by. Here are 17 registered die...
21-01-2019 22:00

10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For A Good Laugh

My Instagram feed is 3% posts from friends, 20% eyeshadow inspiration, and 77% memes. The memes and funny content on my feed take several forms: beaut...
20-01-2019 22:00

Motivate Monday, Because Pillows Are A Scam

Not all gym equipment is created equal. See if some of your faves are a member of the 7 most overrated strength machines at the gym. If the last artic...
14-01-2019 22:00

Snap Out Of Sunday Sadness 6 Fix

1. From The Lion King to Us to Avengers, get your popcorn ready because here are the best new movies premiering in 2019. 2. We have more than movies t...
13-01-2019 21:57

Motivate Monday, Because Sometimes It?s Okay To Hold The Han

GMOs, and more specifically avoiding GMOs, is super buzzy. But are they really bad for you" Take a deep dive on GMOs. As many of you embark on New Ye...
07-01-2019 21:59

The Secret To Elisabeth Moss’ Side-Parted Pony

Everything you need to know about Elisabeth Moss\' stunning hair look at the Golden Globes last night....
07-01-2019 21:59

Your 2019 Hair Strategy: Haven’s Hair Envy Smoothing T

Smoothing treatments are life changing and this one, Hair Envy, from Haven Spa will allow you to set your morning alarms for one hour later. Giving yo...
03-01-2019 21:55

Motivate Monday, Because Raw Cookie Dough Is Off Limits

As you?re baking this holiday season keep the CDC’s warning against eating raw cookie dough in mind. Speaking of the holidays, here are 4 holiday...
01-01-2019 21:58

Obianuju’s Picks For Best of 2018

Makeup Eye: Juvia?s Place The Sarahan II Eyeshadow Palette ($20) Juvia?s Place eyeshadows have been touted as some of the most pigmented eyeshadows o...
01-01-2019 21:58

Obianuju?s 10 Beauty Predictions for 2019

As a beauty junkie, a new year means new product launches and new trends. Here are my predictions for the beauty trends that will seize 2019. 1. Glitt...
29-12-2018 21:58

The World Is A Stage: Performances That Stunned Us In Decemb

As 2018 comes to a close, it is important to reflect on the art that spoke to us throughout the month. There were several contenders for each of our c...
29-12-2018 21:58

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Issa Of “Insecure” Edit

I Sparkle, Neely, sparkle: This is the 2018 R18 Holiday Gift Guide. For more gift ideas, click here. The Issa in your life is boy crazy (sometimes), s...
14-12-2018 21:57

Carol’s Column: Five Rules For Beauty And Life

By Carol (my mother) By Carol (my mother) As that venerable DJ, Cousin Brucie once commented in regard to the lyrics of a Beatles song: ?Rules to live...
14-11-2018 22:05

3 Movies to Watch Before They Leave Netflix in November

1. Cruel Intentions (1999) A true late ?90s teen classic, watching Cruel Intentions is a rite of passage. [leaving November 1st] 2. The Reader (2008) ...
29-10-2018 21:57

Breaking Beauty News: Eyeshadow Edition!

This week?s beauty preview is eyeshadow palette themed. Juvia?s Place, Bobbi Brown, Kylie Cosmetics are all releasing new eyeshadow! Keeping up with a...
24-10-2018 21:59

Motivate Monday, Because Kim Kardashian?s Trainer Is Giving

Meal prep can make your life so much simpler and healthier. Here are 7 under-400-calorie dinners for easy meal prep. Byrdie has blessed us all with a ...
22-10-2018 21:55

10 Ways Obianuju Is Overhauling Her Skincare Routine

You may remember the super-involved skincare routine post I wrote a while ago. While my current routine is different, it certainly isn?t less involved...
16-10-2018 21:58

Motivate Monday, Because You No Longer Have To Choose Betwee

There?s a new type of workout in town! From workout geniuses at Beachbody, ?PiYo? combines the best of Pilates and yoga then takes it up a notch. Gym ...
15-10-2018 21:56

Why You Need Marc Anthony Bye.Bye Frizz Line

Humidity, friction, genetics?they can all be the culprits when it comes to frizzy hair. Marc Anthony True Professional?s new ?Bye.Bye Frizz? collectio...
11-10-2018 21:58

Blue Light, Ground Ozone, And Car Exhaust Are Harming Your S

We all know about the damaging effects the sun?s UV rays can wreak on our skin, but there are other environmental pollutants that are almost as bad. A...
10-10-2018 21:57

Your Fall Bootie Upgrade

Since wearing these Alias Mae Ahara Booties ($250) for only 2 hours, I’ve received 6 compliments on them ? mainly from strangers. They’re also com...
10-10-2018 21:57

Motivate Monday, Because All You Need For A Good Workout Is

You don?t need expensive equipment to get a good workout. In fact, all you need for these workouts is a wall. If you?re looking to up your running gam...
09-10-2018 21:55

4 Movies & TV Shows To Watch Before They Leave Netflix

Freaks and Geeks: Season 1 (1990-2000) This Judd Apatow brain child was the project that brought us Seth Rogan, Michelle Williams, James Franco, Jason...
01-10-2018 21:58

Motivate Monday, Because You Can Meal Prep In Under An Hour

It may seem like a food delivery service is the best way to eat healthier with minimum effort. Before you sign up for a meal service, consider these p...
01-10-2018 21:58

Breaking Beauty News: Your Weekly Beauty Preview

Keeping up with all the new beauty products dropping each week could be a full-time job! Luckily, we?ve assembled a list of all the new beauty product...
21-09-2018 21:55

Your Fall Crunchy But Cool Beauty Report

The second installment of our Crunchy But Cool series: highlighting the natural products that are crunchy granola but cool. ...
19-09-2018 21:56

Lash Lovers Everywhere, You Need This $10 Tool

A few months ago, I didn?t even know that a lash comb was a thing that existed. But now, it?s a key part of my lash toolkit. If you want the perfect s...
13-09-2018 21:54

$5 Movie Tickets + Other Movie Buff Hacks

Movies are kinda my thing. I typically aim to watch 101 movies a year (we?ll see how that goes now that I?m starting law school though). A lifetime of...
11-09-2018 21:55

It?s Not Magic, It?s Medicine: Avène Thermal Spring Water

Avène?s Dermatological Hydrotherapy Center takes the power of Thermal Spring Water to the next level by treating over 2,800 patients a year. Obianuju...
11-09-2018 21:55

7 New TV Shows Premiering This Fall You Don?t Want To Miss

It will soon be that time of year! Fall is the season of new TV shows, and this year there are a host of new titles soon to grace our screens all comp...
10-09-2018 21:56

The World Is A Stage: September 2018

This installment of Rouge18?s ?The World Is A Stage? series brings you a varied selection of art. There were several contenders for each of our catego...
04-09-2018 21:58

How To Use Brown Liner Or Gloss To Make Lipstick Work For Yo

About 2 years ago, I finally realized the true power of brown lip liner, and my life hasn?t been the same since. If you have a skin tone ranging from ...
23-08-2018 22:00

4 Things I Learned At FashionistaCon

In June, I went to ?How To Make It In Fashion? convention. As a beauty fanatic, stepping into this fashion-focused convention was ce...
07-08-2018 22:03

By Women, For Women: VENeffect Harnesses The Power Of Estrog

VENeffect was created by two sisters?Rebecca Booth, a gynecologist and hormonal wellness expert, and Cecil Booth, a skincare expert?to use estrogen as...
02-08-2018 21:56

The World Is A Stage: July 2018

This installment of Rouge18?s ?The World Is A Stage? series brings you a varied selection of art. There were several contenders for each of our catego...
01-08-2018 21:56

Motivate Monday, Because You Can Ask Your Doctor Not To Weig

Reasons you should go to your doctor when you\'re healthy, what you should and shouldn\'t do beforehand, plus more....
30-07-2018 21:59

In Memoriam: Titles Leaving Netflix in August 2018

Phew! Another pretty good month for Netflix subscribers. There seem to be fewer titles leaving this coming August, and most of them won?t be missed to...
27-07-2018 21:56

Breaking Beauty News: Your Weekly Beauty Preview

eeping up with all the new beauty products dropping each week could be a full time job! That?s why we?re sharing all the exciting beauty news from the...
26-07-2018 21:57

Motivate Monday, Because The Verdict Is In On Halo Top Ice C

What\'s really in your favorite low-cal ice cream, how to practice self-care on a budget, plus more....
23-07-2018 21:58

Queue You In: A Movie Musical Playlist In Honor of Mamma Mia

The most recent installment in the Mamma Mia! franchise premieres today. In celebration of the catchy tunes in Mamma Mia!, let?s take a look back at s...
21-07-2018 21:57

Tangle Teezer?s Famous Detangling Brush Now Has A Much-Reque

It takes a village to detangle Obianju\'s mane. Find out how she fared with the latest from Tangle Teezer....
12-07-2018 21:56

Motivate Monday, Because Trader Joe?s Has You Covered

Healthy snacks to eat at Trader Joe\'s, a 9-minute high-intensity workout from Anna Kaiser, plus more....
09-07-2018 21:58

The World Is A Stage: June 2018

The June edition of your must-watch pieces in the realms of beauty, dance, music video, movie trailer, comedy, interview, and long-form content....
29-06-2018 21:58

Obianuju’s June Favorites

From makeup brush cleansers to a super-pigmented lip palette, here are Obianuju\'s top picks for the month of June....
27-06-2018 21:57

Bid Brassy Hair Goodbye With Redken?s Color Extend Blondage

If you dye your hair blonde, you might be familiar with brassiness, an undesirable yellow or orangey quality that seizes the hair over time. To keep y...
26-06-2018 21:59

The World Is A Stage: May 2018

American author, Chuck Klosterman, wrote: ?Art and love are the same thing: It?s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.? This firs...
06-06-2018 21:55

5 Rules For Life: Fairy Tales Hair Care CEO Risa Barash

"3. Laugh at your own jokes. If you don?t find yourself funny, no one else will." + more Rules For Life from Risa....
29-05-2018 21:59

Queue You In: Snow Patrol Greatest Hits Playlist

In honor of the May 25th release of Wildness, Snow Patrol?s first album in 7 years, let?s take a trip down memory lane with some of the band?s greates...
25-05-2018 22:01

Mini Facials At Sephora Are Free, I Repeat, FREE

It has recently come to Obianuju\'s attention that many people don?t know about all of the wonderful services you can get a Sephora for free, and that...
23-05-2018 21:54

Alba Botanica?s Grant Program Celebrates Women-Owned Non-Pro

Honoring its mission of Do Good, Do Beautiful, natural beauty brand Alba Botanica is empowering women through a new grant program....
15-05-2018 21:59

Motivate Monday, Because Forest Bathing Is A Thing

Forest bathing is a great way to relieve stress and improve your overall wellbeing. Find out what it is and how to do it. It?s pretty evident that can...
07-05-2018 22:00

LXMI Is A Natural Beauty Brand That Takes Giving Back Seriou

Obianuju reports on the latest from LXMI. Check otu the new Pure Nilotica Melt, a balm-to-oil that contains only one ingredient: unprocessed, cold-pre...
04-05-2018 21:54

Beauty By PopSugar Co-Founders Cathy O’Brien & Pa

"Always do the thing you are dreading the most, first." + more words of wisdom from industry veterans Cathy and Pamela....
17-04-2018 21:54

Motivate Monday, Because There?s Still One More Weekend of C

More things you can do on a treadmill (beyond just running), a guide on how to work out from the New York Times, plus more....
16-04-2018 21:54

The $12 Solution For Your Brows

This pen easily addresses all of your facial hair removal needs so you can DIY to your heart\'s content....
09-04-2018 21:59

13 Tangible Self-Care Ideas

"A crucial way to practice self-care is to not be afraid to rid your life of friends who don?t encourage healthy behavior." + more words of wisdom fro...
04-04-2018 22:01

The Inglot Cosmetics Freedom Palette

Obianuju created a custom palette and Inglot. Here\'s how the process works (and what she loves about it)....
22-03-2018 22:02

Hands Off Skincare

A roundup of the best of the best skincare items ? no touching required. The post Hands Off Skincare appeared first on Rouge 18....
14-03-2018 22:01

Space NK Sample Sale

Stock up on Kevyn Aucoin, GHD, Eve Lom, and more. The post Space NK Sample Sale appeared first on Rouge 18....
14-03-2018 22:01

5 Rules For Life: R18 Intern Obianuju Enworom

"Make long emails as readable as possible with bullet points, numbered lists, and section headers." + more words of wisdom from R18 intern, Obianuju E...
13-03-2018 22:00

Motivate Monday, Because Daylight Saving Means We Lost One H

Clean recipes, the final word on whether you CAN drink too much water, plus more in this week\'s installment of Motivate Monday....
12-03-2018 22:00

Motivate Monday, Because Working Out Isn’t Just For Th

Insights you may not know about your metabolism, how better to understand your nutrition labels, plus more....
26-02-2018 22:00

5 Rules For Life: Pestle & Mortar Founder Sonia Deasy

"Eat a bowl of mashed potatoes with real butter if you feel like it." + more words of wisdom from Pestle & Mortar\'s Sonia Deasy....
21-02-2018 21:56

Motivate Monday, Because The Winter Olympics Should Inspire

A handy guide to which produce is in season, beautiful yoga mats for a fun upgrade, plus a new enterprise from Gatorade. Read on for more....
19-02-2018 21:57

Motivate Monday, Because The Flu Shouldn?t Get In The Way Of

Ways to kickstart your metabolism in the a.m., what to eat and drink when you\'re taken out by the flu, plus more....
12-02-2018 22:01

Better Homes & Gardens Beauty Box: L’Oreal EverPu

This no-sulfate combo cleanses without stripping hair of color or moisture. Here\'s why it\'s my hair care go-to....
26-01-2018 21:59

So LA: Why You Should Take A Sound Bath

Upon moving from NYC to LA, Kelly tries some hippy dippy activities ? and finds them utterly delightful....
24-01-2018 22:01

One Small Health Hack: The 4-Hour Body Diet

The diet that\'s easy to stick to, even when traveling, that\'s gotten me back into jeans I haven\'t worn since COLLEGE....
23-01-2018 21:57

The Trick To Margot Robbie’s Ethereal Eye Look

Slight metallic sheen paired with a perfectly pink lip and brushed brows completed this look on the stunning Margot Robbie....
22-01-2018 22:02

The Mask I’m Using 3 Times A Week For Skin That Looks

In fact, Carol wouldn\'t let me leave with the sample of the mask and I had to DECANT IT INTO A CONTACT LENS CASE to use until I purchased my own....
18-01-2018 21:58

5 Rules For Life: Cuvee Founder Rachel Katzman & P.volv

"Travel as much as you can, as far as you can for as long as you can." + more rules for life from power couple Rachel and P....
20-12-2017 21:56

Introducing The Perfect V: Your Travel Must-Have

This new range of products is designed to cleanse, moisturize and maintain your V. Read on to find out more....
15-12-2017 21:55

Five Rules For Life: Aphrodite Eleven

"Make decisions that align with your destiny." + more rules for life from Aphrodite Eleven....
27-10-2017 21:39

Five Rules For Life: Jaime Maser

"Never leave home without a mini toothbrush, reading material, a bottle of water and snacks in your bag." + more words of wisdom from PR star Jaime Ma...
08-10-2017 21:41

12 Revelations From Meeting MADONNA (PS MDNA Skincare Is Ste

"This isn?t a vanity project, even though it?s connected to vanity. That?s one of life?s paradoxes," says Madonna....
27-09-2017 21:45

It’s Bath Season: 3 Product Recs To Make The Most Of I

You don\'t need to be very, very dirty like Mena\'s "American Beauty" character to appreciate a good soak in the tub....
26-09-2017 21:43

Dr. Lipman Be Well Cleanse Review: Got Almond Milk"

Frankly, dairy was doing for me exactly what the milky, cloggy, thick substance looks like it\'d be doing to one\'s system....
15-09-2017 21:43

Five Rules For Life: Bryce Gruber Of The Luxury Spot

You know who should write a book" Bryce. She once told me her life story years and years ago while we were at the Miss America pageant in Vegas and I ...
13-09-2017 21:47

Your New Go-To Salon: Broome & Beauty

In the era of ultimate efficiency, with Tim Ferris tips, and Task Rabbit apps, there\'s something to be said for going to an old school salon, especia...
13-09-2017 21:47

Colorescience Summer Skin Protection

We still have another month of summer, so make sure your skin is protected! One of the Colorescience’s most popular products is the Sunforgettable B...
24-08-2017 21:44

New York Dermatology Group Triad Facial Review

Just hoping your skin will improve is not enough. After all, as Red said in "The Shawshank Redemption," hope is a dangerous thing....
14-08-2017 21:40

Fictionary: Power Of Attorney

Fictionary is a column showcasing dating- and beauty-related words that don’t exist, but should. I remember my first Power Of Attorney experience. I...
09-08-2017 21:43

Five Rules For Life: Dineh Mohajer, Co-Founder and Creative

"The sun is not your friend." + more words of wisdom from Smith & Cult co-founder Dineh Mohajer....
08-08-2017 21:54

Treat Yo’Self To This Pop Culture Lover’s Dream

Want skin like Khaleesi this weekend" Who doesn\'t" Check out this package at Haven before winter comes....
04-08-2017 21:40

I Tried It: The Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser

I tested out the Halo laser treatment in pursuit of smaller pores, lifted undereye "baggage," and more even skin tone. Check out the photos and recap ...
31-07-2017 21:40

ColorProof BioRepair-8 Review

Rachel tests out ColorProof\'s new system for thinning hair (but you can also use it to amp up non-thinning strands, as well)....
13-06-2017 21:38

Fictional Fragrance Fan: Eliva Hancock

The minute I opened my sample of the exquisite L’eau For Her by Narciso Rodriguez, it was JUST so obvious. It was a-bunny-eating-carrot obvious, in ...
08-06-2017 21:36

Your Summer Skincare Report

The weather’s heating up and your skincare situation needs to get lighter, but tighter. Here, eight of my favorite finds for sultry temps at a varie...
06-06-2017 21:37

The Body Shop Calls For An Animal Testing Ban

An estimated 500,000 animals are used for cosmetics testing every year. The Body Shop is determined to change that....
01-06-2017 21:40

Solange Knowles’ Stunning Skin At The Guggenheim

Solange kept it neutral, breezy and beautiful for her private concert at the Guggenheim. Get the look here....
25-05-2017 21:38

Five Rules For Life: Beth Shapouri

"Be the expert of your own life." + more words of wisdom from freelance writer Beth Shapouri....
23-05-2017 21:39

Five Rules For Life: Lindsey Unterberger

"Never make plans on Friday nights." + more genius rules for life from Daily Mail\'s Lindsey Unterberger....
16-05-2017 21:41

Five Rules For Life: New London Pharmacy’s Wesley Rowe

"You have a magic magnifying mind that has the power to change your life." + more words of wisdom from New London Pharmacy\'s Wesley Rowell....
12-05-2017 21:40

Motivate Monday, Because We Need Some Sunshine

From how to deal with unexpected stressors to the digital minimalism movement, here\'s how to get yourself on track for spring from a mind-body standp...
08-05-2017 21:45

The Hair Product That Deserves An Academy Award

Melissa\'s lucky if she has time to stab her impromptu French twist with a pen to keep it secured. Here, her new go-to hairspray. It works even in Flo...
21-04-2017 21:43

Five Rules For Life: BodyMantra’s Kimberly Jonas

"Remember that boundaries are good." + more words of wisdom from BodyMantra\'s Kimberly Jonas....
19-04-2017 21:36

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Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Freesia Moisture Rich Shower Cream Review

Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Freesi...

Hey Lovely Ladies, Ok, so I didn?t just get the hand creams from Marks & Spencer ? there were other damages from the bath & body section too!! Quite a few of them actually! They had quite an array of new shower gels and shower creams. This review... -
Clinique Cheek Pop On-The-Glow Trio Palette for Spring 2019

Clinique Cheek Pop On-The-Glow Trio Palette f...

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This Week’s Best Amazon Deals Include Two Mascaras for the Price of One

This Week’s Best Amazon Deals Include T...

It’s the middle of February and if you’re anything like me, the countdown to spring has already begun. And since Mr. Groundhog predicted an early start, I’m taking every available moment to update my beauty routine so I can step into the... -
Nivea MicellAIR Acne Clear Micellar Water Review

Nivea MicellAIR Acne Clear Micellar Water Rev...

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Etude House KitKat Palettes Now Available!

Etude House KitKat Palettes Now Available!

Just a heads up sellers are starting to stock the Etude House Kitkat Palettes! Just a warning they are grossly overpriced! Hopefully a good seller gets them cheaper soon! Where to buy -
BOSS The Scent For Her EDT by HUGO BOSS

BOSS The Scent For Her EDT by HUGO BOSS

BOSS The Scent For Her EDT by HUGO BOSSWomen EdtAfter Boss The Scent for Her from 2016 and Boss The Scent for Her Intense from 2017, Hugo Boss presents a new version in February 2018 - Boss The Scent for Her Eau de Toilette. The new edition is... -
Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick Fuchsia Fantasia Review

Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick Fuchsia F...

I am reviewing Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick Fuchsia Fantasia in this post. Read on for more on this liquid lipstick from Sugar cosmetics. -
Nivea MicellAIR Extra White Micellar Water Review

Nivea MicellAIR Extra White Micellar Water Re...

In this post, reviewing Nivea MicellAIR Extra White Micellar Water. Read on for more details on this micellar water. -

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