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Beauty and Cosmetics News

The Best Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo For Deep Cleaning Stran

It’s long been known that apple cider vinegar can be magic for your hair, balancing out its natural PH, and closing up the cuticles resulting in ser...
03-04-2020 21:58

Gorgeous Head Wraps to Practice Twisting and Turning at Home

I’ve missed many trains and Uber pools because I just couldn’t give up trying a head wrap style outside of my go-to front knot. Even if I reached ...
03-04-2020 21:58

Just 50 Photos of Tantalizing Bubble Baths to Inspire Self-C

Even if the majority of your days are spent working from home, any attempts at relaxation can feel like a side hustle. First, you have to rearrange th...
03-04-2020 21:58

DIY Highlighting Kits for When Seeing Your Colorist Isn?t an

Now that it’s been a few weeks social distancing with hair salons closed, you might be itching to update your color. Sure, it’s not the most impor...
03-04-2020 21:58

5 Expert-Approved Supplements to Boost Your Immune System (a

The clich “health is wealth” mantra is timeless and now, more important than ever. Immune system supplements are flying off shelves and everyone ...
02-04-2020 22:03

Emma Roberts Looks a Lot Cuter Than Me Masking at Home

I don’t know about you but when I do a face mask at home, I’m usually wearing a hoodie, leggings and slippers. Or maybe a robe. But when Emma Robe...
02-04-2020 22:03

5 Actually Affordable Dupes for Augustinus Bader The Cream

You’ve probably heard celebrities, beauty editors like us or your favorite influencers praise Augustinus Bader. He’s a world-leading expert in reg...
02-04-2020 22:03

Stunning Blonde Hair and Dark Roots Inspo, Because Salon Wit

Now that it’s been weeks since you’ve been able to hit the salon, you might be feeling a little withdraw. (And don’t even get me star...
02-04-2020 22:03

Under $30 Dupes for Diptyque?s Iconic Feu de Bois Candle

There isn’t a night in my apartment where at least one candle isn’t burning. And I’m serious about my candles. For each room, I’ve carefully c...
02-04-2020 22:03

Affordable Stability Balls to Strengthen Your Core

Stability balls (also referred to as exercise balls, physio balls, yoga balls, and Swiss balls) are an excellent way to spice up your at-home workout ...
01-04-2020 22:07

Miley Cyrus Thinks Her New Bangs are Giving ‘Tiger Kin

There are a few (very few) good things that have come out of us all being at home. One of them is Miley Cyrus’ stellar Instagram Live show she’s c...
01-04-2020 22:07

Right on Time?Custom Press-On Gel Nails You Can Apply at Hom

It’s been about two weeks of self-isolation, meaning our hair, skin and nails are starting to feel it. While staying healthy is the most important t...
01-04-2020 22:07

New Sephora Launches to Get Excited About, Because Summer Is

Right now, it’s hard for me to imagine doing all of the fun things that incapsulate an iconic summer without shedding a thug tear. Cabin fever has m...
01-04-2020 22:07

Chrissy Teigen Really, Really Wants Her Breast Implants Out

If there’s one thing we love about Chrissy Teigen (and there’s a lot to love), it’s her honesty. It’s refreshing when a seemingly perfect cele...
01-04-2020 22:07

Press-On Nails For a Salon-Quality Manicure at Home

Press-on nails have come a long, long way. They’re no longer the flimsy faux manicures you played with during your pre-teen years that would fall of...
01-04-2020 22:07

10 Zoom Beauty Backgrounds So You Can Pretend You’re a

In this difficult and stressful time, we’ll basically take any moment or humor we can get. We also need to connect with others even if we’re apart...
01-04-2020 22:07

For Curlfriends Only?The Best Box Dyes for Natural Hair

Though popular option routinely describes natural hair as resilient, strong and able to withstand almost any style or treatment process, that isn’t ...
01-04-2020 22:07

7 Box Dye Products for Your Inevitable Color Job at Home

We’ve been at home for 2-3 weeks now and it’s about the time you’re probably starting to see a bit of hair regrowth. Of course, it’s not the m...
01-04-2020 22:07

The Best Color Depositing Hair Products for Some Non-Permane

When you have no choice but to stay inside, the list of things you’re willing to do in the name of banishing boredom grows pretty fast. For instance...
01-04-2020 22:07

9 Tips for Grooming Your Brows at Home and Not Regretting It

There is no turning back once you’ve over-plucked your eyebrow hairs. All you can do is wait for them to grow back and hope it happens fast. Or you...
31-03-2020 22:02

Rihanna Revealed the Mastermind Behind Fenty Beauty?s Hilari

Some positive news in the midst of rather bleak times?Rihanna is still the carefree goddess we know and love. The multi-hyphenate G.O.A.T is British V...
31-03-2020 22:02

Clutch Cover-Up Products for Gray Roots Killing Your WFH Vib

While your roots aren’t the most important thing to worry about during self-distancing and working from home, it’s possible a little gray hair com...
31-03-2020 22:02

Celebs Embracing Their Natural Roots is the Inspo We Need Ri

If the past couple of weeks have taught us anything, it’s that we’re lucky to have so many things at our fingertips. Things like takeout when we...
31-03-2020 22:02

Retinol-Infused Face Masks to Brighten & Smooth Without

When it comes to active ingredients that actually deliver visible results, retinoids (including retinol) are the gold standard, approved by most derma...
31-03-2020 22:02

The Best Clay Masks to Try for a Serious Skin Detox

There is nothing novel about clay in skin care. It’s a powerhouse ingredient with ancient history and straightforward benefits, but we can’t help ...
31-03-2020 22:02

All-Natural Maxi Pads That Won’t Disturb Your pH Balan

When it comes to menstrual care products, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. While organic and all-natural tampons (as well menstrual cu...
31-03-2020 22:02

Ariana Grande Reveals Her Naturally Curly Hair In an Interne

Ariana Grande is known for having one of the best voices in the industry. For better or for worse, she’s also known for her hair. That’s why Grand...
31-03-2020 22:02

Watch in Awe as these TikTokers Boost Their Curls With a Dif

It used to be that we looked to Instagram for the next big thing in beauty but TikTok is slowly taking its place. Take the Tiktok curl diffusing tutor...
31-03-2020 22:02

Stay Home and Shop Pixi’s Friends & Family Spring

I don’t know about you but my skin isn’t as magical as I thought it would be by now. Despite not wearing makeup and keeping up with my routine whi...
31-03-2020 22:02

The Anxiety-Free Expert Guide to Cutting Your Hair at Home

Changing times call for the kind of advice you’d normally shy away from. More often than not, I totally recommend leaving a haircut to the professio...
30-03-2020 22:06

12 Beauty Bosses on How to Thrive in Male-Dominated Spaces

You and I have always known that women kick ass in leadership positions (and give the best career advice, too). And for a long time, we didn?t need mo...
30-03-2020 22:06

Kill Time (and Hair Damage) By Whipping Up These Easy DIY Ma

Understandably so, daily routines change when world events put normal life on pause. For example, I can’t remember the last day I used retinol and i...
29-03-2020 22:01

Tia Mowry?s ?Mind-Blowing? Secret to Making a Power Nap Feel

Tia Mowry may have the kind of money most of us only read about on Forbes lists, thanks to royalties from her iconic show Sister, Sister; income from ...
29-03-2020 22:01

Tarte’s Friends & Family Sale Is Here to Brighten

This weekend is probably going to about the same as the last one. Since we’re still social-distancing, it’s all about finding ways to occupy ourse...
28-03-2020 22:01

Lush Just Launched 17 (!) Bubble Bars Because It’s All

Times are stressful?to say the least. For some, a bath provides a much-needed moment of relaxation. Lush’s bubble bars came at a clutch time. The br...
28-03-2020 22:01

You Got This?3 Ways Remove a Gel Manicure at Home

Gel manicures are gorgeous and long-lasting, but notoriously tricky to remove without the help of a pro manicurist. If you’re not patient and carefu...
28-03-2020 22:01

Elle Fanning Dyed Her Hair Pastel Pink at Home and It?s So D

Another day, another gorgeous hair change but this one is actually do-able at home, especially if you have the right products. Allow me to explain. El...
28-03-2020 22:01

10 Natural Hair Tutorials to Master Instead of Watching Pain

All of a sudden, you’ve got lots of time on your hands. There are no parties to attend, non-essential errands to run or Hinge dates to decide betwee...
28-03-2020 22:01

These Non-Toxic Tampons Won’t Completely Mess up Your

There are plenty of options when it comes to dealing with your period ? from menstrual cups to padded underwear and everything in between. Tampons may...
28-03-2020 22:01

Upgrade Your Toilet With These Bidet Spray Attachments

Bidets may seem like a novel, exotic toilet add-on, but they’re gaining a lot of popularity as of late, thanks to their sustainable and eco-friendly...
28-03-2020 22:01

Biodegradable Wet Wipes For Eco-Friendly Cleansing

Whether you’re planning a road trip, camping getaway or simply need to have a cleansing option that doesn’t require water and soap, wet wipes can ...
28-03-2020 22:01

These DIY Masks Deliver Actual Face Time?No Phone Required

I’m especially thankful for the best DIY face mask recipes when attempting a frugal skincare budget (or when I overspend on takeout and shoes). Firs...
28-03-2020 22:01

Just 11 Gray-Haired Celebs Looking Like Gorgeous Silver Sire

Whether natural gray hair growing out of your head or a trendy dyed hue, gray hair is always a good idea. We’re loving that celebs are embracing the...
28-03-2020 22:01

9 Curly Hair Masks to Slather Your Strands in While You Work

At this point, anything that will keep my hands busy is a literal dream come true. Working from home and having little to no time outside has tested e...
26-03-2020 22:02

10 Multivitamins to Keep Using Once Earth Starts Spinning Ag

As it turns out, everyone’s current beauty obsession isn’t Botox or the newest celebrity brand collab. Instead, it’s the best multivitamin for w...
26-03-2020 22:02

Non-Crunchy Clear Brow Gels to Shape, Define and Set

From tinted fiber pomades to ultra-fine pencils, there’s no shortage of beauty products to help you fake a fluffy, super-model brow with the right t...
26-03-2020 22:02

If I Close My Eyes, These Products Almost Feel like a Chemic

Right now, touching one’s face is the equivalent of placing your hand on a hot stove: do it and you could potentially get hurt. Thankfully, as long ...
26-03-2020 22:02

These Shaving Creams Will Leave Your Skin Feeling Smooth �

If you shave your legs (or any other body part, for that matter), aside from choosing a quality razor, finding the right shaving cream or gel is the n...
26-03-2020 22:02

The Ordinary?s Best Products for Nixing Oily Skin on a Budge

Those with oily skin know the struggles. It often comes with breakouts, visible pores and too much shine. Plus, makeup never fully stays on. That’s ...
26-03-2020 22:02

Celebrities Are Showing Their True Roots and Ah, So Refreshi

After weeks of staying home and social distancing, we’re all starting to notice our usual beauty routines are taking a backseat. Of course, being he...
26-03-2020 22:02

Essie’s Spring Collection Is the Ultimate Pastel Pick-

It’s looking like now we’re going to be in self-isolation, washing our hands and staying six feet away from others, for…a while. While there are...
26-03-2020 22:02

It?s Prime Time for Retinol Newbies to Finally Take the Plun

While you’re stuck at home during quarantine, washing your hands and eating all your snacks, you might as well also add something to your beauty rou...
25-03-2020 22:07

10 Chic-Looking Hair Towels to Complete Your WFH Wardrobe

At first glance, working from home is kind of amazing. You get to stay in pajamas all day, cook lunch from the comfort of your own home and blast musi...
25-03-2020 22:07

Ashley Graham Is Back With the Boldest Revlon Collection Yet

Out of all the celebrity makeup collaborations, supermodel Ashley Graham and Revlon’s continues to impress. It’s affordable, available on Amazon P...
25-03-2020 22:07

Skip the Makeup?Zoom’s Beauty Filter Is Here

There’s nothing like working from home under quarantine and your boss decides it’s time for a virtual meeting and you haven’t even brushed your ...
25-03-2020 22:07

These Natural Deodorants Really Do Work?Even if You Actually

If you’re like me and have found making the switch to natural and aluminum-free deodorants a major fail, let me tell you fellow excessive-sweater, t...
25-03-2020 22:07

Easy-to-Use Halo Hair Extensions For Adding Length & Vo

Halo extensions are a new method of hair extensions, which allows you to add volume and length to your current locks without having to attach the piec...
25-03-2020 22:07

Lavender-Hued Shampoos to Combat Brass & Keep Blondes B

Maintaining blonde hair (at least, color-treated blonde hair) is not the shade of choice for the low maintenance. Not only is lightening naturally-dar...
25-03-2020 22:07

Flamingo Is Launching an At-Home Wax Kit Just for Your Pubic

There’s a good chance you’re stuck in the house right now, social distancing from others and playing it safe. After a few weeks inside, you might ...
24-03-2020 21:59

Watch Miley Cyrus and Hailey Bieber Share Their Totally Diff

“Playing with makeup I think is a good way to stay entertained,” says Miley Cyrus in her Instagram Live makeup tutorial with Hailey Bieber. She te...
24-03-2020 21:59

The Best Multifunctional Palettes That Contain Literally Eve

It’s easy to feel tempted to invest in every new and alluring palette launch, thanks to new color schemes and luxe—often themed—packaging. Howev...
24-03-2020 21:59

Olive & June’s Mani Bootcamp Has Arrived to Help

Just when you were about to give up on achieving a DIY salon-level manicure while you’re stuck at home, Olive & June’s Mani Bootcamp has come to s...
24-03-2020 21:59

10 Under $10 Beauty Essentials It Wouldn?t Hurt to Stock Up

Sometimes, retail therapy and panic shopping are one and the same, especially when a global emergency is imploding in the background. Personally, I ca...
24-03-2020 21:59

13 of Jennifer Lopez’s Most Iconic Hairstyles

From Jenny from the Block to A-list movie star, Jennifer Lopez has come a long way since the ’90s. We stan both J.Lo’s, of course. So much so, tha...
24-03-2020 21:59

How to Properly Sanitize Your Makeup Tools at Home?Beautyble

By now, our very clean hands have experienced the side effects of repeated hand-washing. They’re dry, flaky and in need of a manicure (and a high-fi...
24-03-2020 21:59

‘Charmed’ Fans Will Go Crazy for this Magical Ey

It’s been a full 22 years since a group of supernatural sisters stole our hearts and kept us glued to the TV. With Sola Look’s Charmed palette, we...
23-03-2020 22:01

The Best At-Home Color Treatments to Revive Rooty Tresses in

Whether you’re looking to conceal a few pesky grey hairs popping through, lighten up darker roots thanks to outgrown highlights, or simply revive du...
23-03-2020 22:01

Hurry?Best-Selling Beauty Products Are Half Off at Target

Even though you might not be fully getting ready right now while home and social distancing, you will get back to your regular beauty routine. And for...
21-03-2020 22:01

Zendaya’s Best Hairstyles Because She Can Do Wrong

There’s no one who continually surprises us with their hair like Zendaya. The girl slays every carpet she walks, whether its a movie premiere, the M...
21-03-2020 22:01

The Best Beauty Organizers to Give Your Vanity The Ultimate

We all love the Instagrammable shelfie and vanity posts on social media, proudly showcasing the impressive (and impressively organized) beauty collect...
21-03-2020 22:01

Nail Your At-Home Mani With These Pro Tips

Nail salons are shut down for the foreseeable future and you’re not going anywhere non-essential. While a manicure isn’t the most important thing,...
20-03-2020 21:59

The Best Drugstore Stick Foundations For Flawless Coverage o

Liquid and cream formulas tend to be the go-to choice when it comes to foundation (especially for those of us looking for a little bit of extra covera...
20-03-2020 21:59

Don’t Cut Your Bangs Under Quarantine?Unless You’

While you’re home, washing your hands and trying not to touch your face, it can be tempting to do something a little crazy to your hair. You might h...
20-03-2020 21:59

Jennifer Love Hewitt Got “Love Lights” Highlight

Just yesterday it felt like everyone was chopping their hair into a blunt bob. Now, it’s all about changing up your hair color, it seems. The newest...
20-03-2020 21:59

Create Your Own Private Gym With This At-Home Workout Equipm

Creating a healthy environment while working from home can be difficult?especially if you’re used to working in an office, having drinks out with fr...
20-03-2020 21:59

Makeup-Removing Cleansing Wipes with Real Beauty Benefits

We know that there’s nothing better than a full cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine, but something is better than nothing, which is why we a...
19-03-2020 21:59

Essie “Remixed” Some of Its Cult-Classic Shades

While being stuck at home is pretty uncomfortable even if you’re feeling healthy, it becomes more and more important to social-distance from others ...
19-03-2020 21:59

The Best Biodegradable Wet Wipes

Whether you’re planning a road trip, camping getaway or simply need to have a cleansing option that doesn’t require water and soap, wet wipes can ...
19-03-2020 21:59

ColourPop’s “Mulan” Collection Will Bring

Let’s get down to business. We’ve been waiting for the ColourPop Mulan collection for what feels like forever. (The song is stuck in your head now...
19-03-2020 21:59

The Nordstrom Beauty Sale Includes Major Deals on Dyson, La

While you’re sitting at home, washing your hands and scrolling through Instagram, it might be a good time to stock up on beauty essentials. That or ...
19-03-2020 21:59

The Best Portable Bidet Bottles to Help You Stay Fresh On Th

Bidets are no longer a novel toilet accessory found in Europe and Asia—in fact, they’ve become wildly popular worldwide. From toilet seats with bu...
18-03-2020 22:00

5 Genius Ways to Conceal Roots With Items You Already Have A

Right now, the centimeters of new growth that reveal your natural hair color may be the very last thing on your mind. If that’s you, I’m enviable ...
18-03-2020 22:00

These Sustainable Menstrual Cups Are Actually Much Easier to

While pads and tampons have long been the gold standard when it comes to managing our periods, menstrual cups are growing in popularity as of late —...
18-03-2020 22:00

Whoa?Bath & Body Works’ Easter Collection Is Almo

While most of us are sitting at home, working and cleaning and washing our hands, brands are still out here rolling out new products that we can buy r...
18-03-2020 22:00

Billie’s First-Ever Dry Shampoo Will Make Days-Old Hai

Even though we might have a little more time on our hands than usual, for some reason that doesn’t mean we’re washing our hair any more often. The...
18-03-2020 22:00

Drew Barrymore?s Handling Self-Care and Spring Cleaning With

Stars are apparently, actually, just like us. Many of us are at home self-distancing now thanks to Coronavirus concerns (stay home if you’re able!),...
18-03-2020 22:00

Thanks to The Advent of Magnetic Falsies, You Can Finally Ap

If you’ve always coveted lush, voluminous lashes that rival lash extensions, but aren’t exactly naturally endowed in that arena, you’ve probably...
18-03-2020 22:00

Hearty Hair: 3 Ways to Thicken Thinning Hair

Whether you like it or not, you?re probably going to experience some form of hair loss in your life. The good news" There are ways to help slow hair l...
17-03-2020 22:02

The Best Press-On Nails For a Perfect Manicure From Home

Press-on nails have come a long, long way. They’re no longer the flimsy faux manicures you played with during your pre-teen years that would fall of...
17-03-2020 22:02

3 Stunning Spring Nail Trends That Will Keep You Busy at Hom

Something tells me the at-home manicure is going to have a resurgence in the coming months. A lot of us (me included) rely on nail techs to keep our t...
17-03-2020 22:02

6 Pretty Lip Tints for Just a Splash of Color

While there’s nothing new about lip stains and tints per se, lately formulas have gotten a serious upgrade. The best lip tints of 2020?so far?are so...
17-03-2020 22:02

The Best Bidets to Give Your Toilet a Luxe Makeover

Bidets are no longer a novel bathroom device you get to exclusively experience of European and Japanese vacations. Alas, it’s never been more conven...
17-03-2020 22:02

This Fitness App Makes Sweating It Out While Social Distanci

Social distancing isalready a difficult situation, but when you’re either advised to avoid the gym or gyms are closed all together, it’s hard to ...
17-03-2020 22:02

Lipslut Sets a Bold Example With Coronavirus Efforts?And You

The Coronavirus pandemic is challenging beauty brands to step their game up in raising awareness and supporting initiatives focused on the vulnerable....
17-03-2020 22:02

10 Times Janelle Monae’s Hair Was Too Perfect for Word

If we had to pick one celebrity who consistently surprises us when it comes to their beauty looks, it’s Janelle Monae. The girl continually slays ev...
17-03-2020 22:02

Bella Hadid’s Retro-Chic Bangs Are a Welcome Distracti

Straight off the fashion month runways?a marathon of shows in Europe?Bella Hadid is back in New York and debuting a fresh set of fringe. Hadid’s new...
16-03-2020 22:02

All Hands on Deck?A Luxury Perfume Maker is Now Producing Ha

Designer hand sanitizer doesn’t have the sexiest ring to it. I’m not sure such a thing even existed last week. But in the wake of the devastating ...
16-03-2020 22:02

The Most Ultra-Pigmented, Blendable, Need-It-Now Eyeshadow

We’re only a few months into 2020 and we already have our favorites when it comes to eye makeup. That’s why we rounded up the best eyeshadows of 2...
16-03-2020 22:02

14 Dark and Clean Nail Polish Colors for a Moody Spring Aest

By now, you’ve probably been inundated with an endless stream of articles, round-ups, and Instagram “experts” telling you that it’s mandatory ...
16-03-2020 22:02

Best-Selling Skincare at Violet Grey Is on Sale and I’

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with aging (in fact, getting a decade older is pretty badass), there’s also nothing wrong with wanting to l...
14-03-2020 22:00

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