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What’s Fermented Skincare" Here’s What You

By now the evidence is abundantly clear: fermented foods, which contain probiotics – a.k.a. the good bacteria found in foods like yogurt, miso, kefi...
29-09-2022 22:21

New Men’s Fragrances Women Will Love, Too

Unisex scents have been around forever, but over the last few years the trend has been exploding, and it’s only growing stronger. In fact, the trend...
27-09-2022 22:38

This Valentino Liner Sold Out In 3 Hours… Why"

Well, here’s to the power of TikTok. Three hours after TikToker Mikayla Nogueira claimed that the her new favorite eyeliner, it sold out. Naturally ...
21-09-2022 22:21

Save Your Lashes! Long-Wearing Mascara That Is Not Waterproo

There are many things that you stop taking for granted once you hit a certain age. One of those things is the ability to wear long-wearing mascara wit...
16-09-2022 22:16

What To Know About The Linda Evangelista Fat Freezing Saga

Earlier this year Linda Evangelista was once again in the news after she shared photos of herself since her fat freezing nightmare. For those who have...
14-09-2022 22:22

Repair Summer Skin Damage With Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a hero ingredient, and that’s especially true as we transition out of summer and all the harsh aggressors that come with it. We’re ta...
13-09-2022 22:16

Gel-To-Ice Hydrator" It’s A Thing

Here’s something most of us will have wished we had during the August heat wave: Skin Proud’s Frozen Over. This unique (and cheap!) lightweight fa...
07-09-2022 22:49

Tummy Sheet Masks, “Crying” Under Eye Cooling Pa

Most beauty buffs know Nails.INC, but even though it launched five years ago sister brand INC.redible, is still somewhat under the radar. But we’re ...
06-09-2022 22:50

TikTok’s Viral Revlon Volcanic Roller – For Less

If you haven’t read about there are literally endless videos in which women rave about the ...
02-09-2022 22:48

Here’s How To Fight Acne From Every Angle

Remember when you thought acne was just something you’d have to deal with as a teenager" And we all know it was bad enough then. Now many us find ou...
25-08-2022 22:46

Stressing Out About Hair Loss" We Have A Secret…

Hair loss can have a long list of causes: genetics, pregnancy, Covid, stress… Unfortunately, I feel like I was hit with them all at once. I found my...
05-08-2022 22:23

Eucalyptus Beauty Products to Help You Relax This Summer

Despite all the time (safely) enjoying the sun, sand and surf, summer can be just as stressful as winter. Especially with the ongoing health crisis. ...
28-07-2022 22:13

Side Bangs Are the Must-Try Silhouette of Summer

There?s a huge debate when it comes to bangs. First, there?s the question of whether or not you should get them in the first place. Then you have to c...
27-07-2022 22:25

Some of Summer’s Best Beauty Products Come in the Cool

Every summer we take stock of our beauty routines. The strategy we employ during winter just won?t cut it now. Which is why we switch things up when i...
21-07-2022 22:26

17 Easy Hairstyles When You Just Can’t Even

There are days when we just can’t even. It’s a feeling that’s extremely common on Mondays or after a late night out. And it’s a mood some expe...
20-07-2022 22:31

8 Hair Products That’ll Make You Want to Go Gray

Gray, silver or white locks aren?t exactly #hairgoals. During last year?s Cannes International Film Festival, Andie MacDowell made a big statement by ...
18-07-2022 22:17

Hibiscus Beauty Products That’ll Save Your Skin and Yo

Flower power is a big trend in the beauty sphere. Everything from roses to tulips can be found on many ingredient lists. Hibiscus is another floral fa...
14-07-2022 22:52

Solid Perfumes You Can Take Anywhere

If you’ve ever had the misfortune to break a bottle of perfume, you know how dire it can be. Not only have you ruined a relatively expensive beauty ...
13-07-2022 22:22

14 Best Aloe Vera Skin Care Products for a Super Cool Summer

Summer is great for lots of reasons. But the super hot weather can be super harsh on your skin. That’s why it’s key to stock up on skin care produ...
28-06-2022 22:33

10 Clarifying Shampoos to Save Your Strands After Swimming

We’re big fans of those beachy waves that come from taking a dip in the ocean. But the effect pools have on our hair is another story. Pools can cau...
27-06-2022 22:22

8 Lightweight Moisturizers Made for Summer

By now we?re all well aware that we need to switch up our skin care routines in summer. Those heavy, thick, winter-friendly products aren’t suitable...
23-06-2022 22:19

From Over-Plucked to Unruly, These Brow Gels Will Solve All

Brows have been big ? both literally and figuratively ? for the last few years. And it isn’t surprising that bold brows on the runways and red carpe...
22-06-2022 22:17

10 Sunscreens for Darker Complexions That Protect and Preven

Sunscreens offer protection, but can leave white films behind. A ghastly residue is noticeable on any skin tone. Although, it’s especially obvious o...
21-06-2022 22:16

These Liquid Blushes Deliver the Perfect Pop of Color

TikTok is full of beauty hacks. Some work, some definitely don?t. Heck, some are even dangerous. But there?s a blush trick we?re all for. It involves ...
16-06-2022 22:11

10 Summer Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to beauty lessons, we sometimes have to learn the hard way and make the mistake before realizing we did something wrong. There are many...
09-06-2022 22:23

20 Cool Summer Hairstyles for When It’s Too Damn Hot

Temps are finally starting to surge. So you?re probably looking for easy ways to stay cool. (We know we are.) Sure, you can break out the cutoffs and ...
03-06-2022 22:21

17 Products to Help You Show Your Pride

It?s officially June. Which also means it?s officially Pride Month. This year there are many great ways to show your pride and your support. Many bran...
02-06-2022 22:23

These Nail Polish Colors Are the Epitome of Summer

Summer means warmer temps, cutoffs, miniskirts and switching up your nail polish colors. Hey, we can all use a little colorful distraction from time t...
01-06-2022 22:14

Ask the Experts: How to Ban Puffy Eyes for Good

Image: Imaxtree Late nights and early mornings are associated with the daily grind. Then there is the unsexy aftereffect of tired, puffy eyes. Think l...
25-05-2022 22:16

How to Prevent and Treat Ingrown Hair, Heat Rash, Sunburn an

Image: Imaxtree There are a lot of brilliant things about summer, like sunny days, boozy slushies, rooftop parties and trips to the beach. There isn?t...
24-05-2022 22:22

Sip Your Way to Healthier Skin, Hair and Nails With These Be

Beauty supplements are currently all the rage. Choking down a handful of capsules can be a challenge, however. But what if there was a tastier way to ...
23-05-2022 22:38

Runway-Inspired Ways to Tie a Scarf in Your Hair

There are a million and one ways to tie a scarf around your neck. But why stop there" A scarf can take any look to the next level when wrapped around ...
18-05-2022 22:14

Gradual Tan Products That Won’t Turn You Orange

A golden tan is always in for summer. Especially when it’s paired with a playful swimsuit. But roasting ourselves and leaving skin exposed to the su...
17-05-2022 22:19

12 Fresh Scents That Are Basically Summer in a Bottle

By now we all know we should switch up our skin care strategy once the weather warms up. But you should also hit the refresh button on your go-to scen...
13-05-2022 22:23

Body Washes That Smell So Amazing You Can Skip Perfume

Switching up your signature scent in spring is a no-brainer. (We also highly recommend swapping your perfume in summer, too.) After all, who wants to ...
28-04-2022 22:15

Top 10 Hair Serums That’ll Get Your Locks in Tip-Top C

When it comes to our hair care routines, we keep things relatively streamlined. You know, shampoo, conditioner and maybe a biweekly mask. But there?s ...
25-04-2022 22:20

Before You Wax: 7 Products That Make At-Home Hair Removal a

With everything going on right now, we’re still having to learn how to do things at home. While you may have retired the razor during the colder mon...
19-04-2022 22:15

Earth Day Awards: The Best All-Natural and Organic Beauty Pr

Fact: There?s never been a better time to go green when it comes to your beauty routine. Why" Well, there?s more demand than ever before for beauty pr...
15-04-2022 22:18

28 Center-Part Hairstyles to Freshen Up Your Strands for Spr

We?ve all heard that helpful hairstyle tip that changing our side parts instantly elevates our locks. But for a few seasons, center-part hairstyles ha...
12-04-2022 22:14

Vegan Skin Care Products That Really Work

Being vegan no longer means you have to settle for subpar beauty products. Thankfully, there are plenty of options if you’re looking for ethical ski...
11-04-2022 22:10

7 Products That Combine Skin Care With Aromatherapy

What?s in a scent" Well, a lot, actually. It’s been proven that aromatherapy has many psychological and physical benefits. From helping to energize,...
07-04-2022 22:37

The Best Beauty Elixirs That Hydrate While Helping Battle th

Now that winter is over, we can pack away all those extra layers. Not to mention all of those overly thick skin care products the season calls for. Wi...
06-04-2022 22:13

These Products Will Make You Fall in Love With Your Waves Al

Sea salt sprays are a booming sector of the beauty industry. Why" Because (almost) everyone wants laid-back, effortless waves. You know, the kind you ...
30-03-2022 22:22

Pretty Pastel Makeup Looks for Spring

Pastels are obviously synonymous with spring. The soft shades show up in gardens, on Easter eggs and, thankfully, in our wardrobes. Which is great sin...
24-03-2022 22:15

The Best Cream Cleansers That Won’t Strip Your Skin

A post shared by La Roche-Posay USA (@larocheposayusa) Choosing the right cleanser is surprisingly tricky. Even more so than picking the right eye ...
17-03-2022 22:32

24 Chic Ways to Wear Green Makeup for Saint Patrick’s

No matter how much Irish DNA you have, Saint Patrick’s Day is the holiday of luck, gold and late night celebrations. (Even if you’re just celebrat...
16-03-2022 22:07
14-03-2022 22:17

The Bold and Beautiful Beauty Looks From Fashion Month Fall

Fashion month has come to a close. What a wild ride it was. From stellar street style to outstanding outfits sent down runways in all four fashion cap...
11-03-2022 22:14

Best Curl-Defining Creams for Unbelievable Bounce

Curly-haired gals know that their coils need extra care. Especially in spring and summer with all that humidity lingering in the air. Which means curl...
10-03-2022 22:10

10 Hair Products to Refresh Dirty Hair (When You Have No Tim

Let?s face it: being a woman means being a master juggler. We balance everything from a career to friends to family to workouts to happy hours and eve...
07-03-2022 22:47

Dry Brushing: The Skin Care Step Your Routine Is Missing

Image: Getty If you’ve been to a spa, you’ve likely seen a section with soft-but-firm bristle brushes ? they’re not for your hair! These usually...
02-03-2022 22:14

Skin Detox: Amazing Charcoal Beauty Products (That Aren̵

Activated charcoal used to be one of those beauty ingredients ? like goat’s milk and snail slime ? that intimidated a lot of people. Some of us may ...
23-02-2022 22:05

Adult Acne: Why You’re Still Breaking Out in Your 20s

image: Imaxtree Everyone told you things were going to be so much better in your 20s, especially for your skin. No longer would you wake up with a fre...
22-02-2022 22:11

Our Favorite New York Fashion Week Fall 2022 Beauty Looks

It may be almost spring, but we?re in a fall state of mind. Why" Because we?re ready to incorporate many of the New York Fashion Week Fall 2022 beauty...
17-02-2022 22:45
15-02-2022 22:11

Best Neck Creams to Kick-Start Your Neck Care Regimen

We?re betting your skin care routine has certain products in its lineup. It probably involves some sort of cleanser, moisturizer, serum and facial oil...
09-02-2022 22:09

The One Makeup Step You Should Never Miss (Plus How to Do It

Whether you have a five-step makeup routine or a 37-step regimen (hello, Kylie Jenner), it all falls apart if you’re overlooking the importance of o...
31-01-2022 22:14

Keep Your Skin in Check With These Convenient Toner Pads

We?re all pretty familiar with toner. From natural versions to formulas for scalps, it?s a necessary step in many of our regimens. But getting the exa...
27-01-2022 22:11

The New Year Calls for New Bangs

If it seems like everyone is favoring fringe lately, you?re not crazy. Practically everyone is. Plenty of stars have recently made the switch. Lady Ga...
26-01-2022 22:15

8 Gentle Retinol Products That Won’t Irritate Your Ski

Often heralded as the be-all end-all for everything from acne to fine lines to sun damage, retinol is something of a hero skin care ingredient. Even s...
24-01-2022 22:40

Here’s Why You Should Buy an Eye Balm Versus an Eye Cr

We all know that the skin around our eyes is more delicate than the rest of our faces. Hence why it?s recommended that you only use your ring finger t...
20-01-2022 22:13

13 Standout Products From Top Designer Beauty Brands

It seems like every day comes news that another big fashion house is expanding into beauty. Valentino and Carolina Herrera are relative newcomers. Whi...
18-01-2022 22:14

The Superhero Ingredient That Can Transform Your Skin and Yo

As you already know, we adore a good multitasker. So when we discovered that rice water is not only great for our stressed-out strands, but a must-hav...
17-01-2022 22:13

8 Hassle-Free Self-Tanners for an Instant Goddess Glow

There’s really nothing quite like the anxiety you get every time you try out a new self-tanner. A million questions come to mind. Will it come out s...
11-01-2022 22:13

Hair Sheet Masks Are the Coolest Way to Deep Condition

We have a confession. We love sheet masks. It’s a downright obsession. What started off as a category solely devoted to the face has expanded to alm...
06-01-2022 22:06

Are At-Home Microcurrent Devices Really Worth Your Money&quo

You already know that a solid exercise routine can help tighten and tone your body. Well, the same may just hold true for your face. We?re talking abo...
04-01-2022 22:16

These Top-Rated Hairbrushes Tackle Everything From Tangles t

More often than not, we?re focused on hair care products. Like shampoo, conditioner and hair masks. What about the tools of the trade, though" Sure, y...
03-01-2022 22:18

20 Runway-Approved Hairstyles to Ring in the New Year

Our motto" When in doubt, look to the runways. Pretty simple, but boy does it pay off big time. So, not surprisingly, that?s exactly our game plan whe...
22-12-2021 22:07

10 Bath Oils That’ll Make You Never Want to Leave the

Forget about Netflix and chill. When we need a respite from the cold, harsh elements outside, the bathtub is definitely the place to be. The warm wate...
20-12-2021 22:13

New Year’s Eve Makeup Ideas We’re Stealing From

You’re all set on the New Year’s Eve wardrobe front, from the perfect party dress to the ideal glitzy footwear. Now it’s time to shift the focus...
17-12-2021 22:07

21 Easy Ways to Switch Up Your Part

Before you go pick up that straightener or curling iron, there’s an even easier way to switch up your hair look. Instead of changing the texture, si...
16-12-2021 22:48

10 Beauty Products That Smell Like the Holidays

Fragrances are obviously extremely evocative and can bring on all the nostalgic feels. Just consider how the smell of turkey wafting from the kitchen ...
16-12-2021 22:48

15 Ways to Shake Up Your Red Lipstick This Holiday Season

Red is as common during the holidays as supermarket Santas. Not to mention stressed-out shoppers and “ugly” sweaters. A touch of red brings festiv...
16-12-2021 22:48

Chanel Just Brought Hair Bows Back Just in Time for the Holi

Chanel?s tweed suits are legendary. The high-end fashion house has made them its signature. But now the French label may be single-handedly responsibl...
16-12-2021 22:48

Yes, You Should Be Using Mousse

Back in the day, like the 80s, hair mousse was a mainstay. But it fell out of favor by the time the 2000s rolled around. Since beauty trends, much lik...
16-12-2021 22:48

The RIGHT Way to Use a Facial Steamer

Over the last few years, there?s been a real rise in at-home skin care tools. Now you can get your hands on everything from microdermabrasion wands to...
16-12-2021 22:48

The Best Nongreasy Body Oils for Glowing Summer Skin

Summer is right around the corner. So there?s only a little time left to make sure you?re prepared for shorter hemlines, exposed midriffs and bikini s...
19-05-2021 22:21

5 Moisturizing Lipsticks With SPF That Promise to Protect Yo

When you?re not in the mood to go through your whole makeup routine, the only thing you need to put on to look put-together is lipstick. But with the ...
05-05-2021 22:22

Add a Tropical Punch to Your Beauty Routine With These Pinea

We?re no strangers to fruit when it comes to our beauty routines. From watermelons to oranges to avocados, our skin is frequently treated to produce. ...
03-05-2021 22:26

35 Skin-Loving Smoothies and Masks You Can Make With a Blend

Your trusty blender can do a heck of a lot more than just whip up a morning green elixir. In fact, the kitchen staple may very well be a viable alter...
28-04-2021 22:28

The Best Beauty Looks the 2021 Oscars Had to Offer

The fashion at this year?s Oscars was superb. But the beauty" Well, it was pretty stellar, too. In fact, from the hairstyles to the makeup, the 2021 O...
26-04-2021 22:25

8 Foot Peels to Get You Ready for Sandal Season

With toes warmly cocooned in socks and boots over the winter, pedicures and foot treatments were the last things on our minds. Now that the mercury is...
21-04-2021 22:23

Incorporate Some Sun Care Into Your Hair Care Routine With T

We all know we need to apply sunscreen several times a day while we?re out in the sun. But there may be a few spots you?re skipping. Either by mistake...
19-04-2021 22:24

9 Products That Give You an Instant Sun-Kissed Glow ? Withou

There?s something irresistible about bronzed and glowing skin in spring and summer. But getting that tan isn?t exactly healthy for our skin. While sel...
15-04-2021 22:21

Found: 7 Flirty, Colorful Lip Balms

Let’s face it: Lip balms are one of those (kind of) boring but essential beauty products. Especially during the dry months of winter. But when you a...
14-04-2021 22:28

Earth Day Awards: The Best All-Natural and Organic Beauty Pr

Every year the clean beauty game gets stronger and stronger. There?s no better time than Earth Day (April 22) to celebrate the best green beauty. With...
14-04-2021 22:28

Go Green: 53 Eco-Friendly Fashion and Beauty Products to Sho

It?s certainly no secret that the fashion and beauty industries can be wasteful and unethical. Clothing manufacturers get (rightly) dragged for subpar...
12-04-2021 22:21

Tinted Moisturizers Are the Perfect Warm-Weather Foundation

We love foundation and moisturizer as much as the next girl. What we don?t love" When our foundation gets cakey and our moisturizer makes us greasy. T...
08-04-2021 22:22

10 Ways to Slather Yourself in Murumuru Butter From Head to

You’re already familiar with the benefits of shea butter and cocoa butter. You may even know about coconut butter. Murumuru butter is another matter...
08-04-2021 22:22

Our Favorite Beauty Looks From the 2021 SAG Awards

This year?s SAG Awards was strictly virtual. Not to mention only an hour long. Which made it difficult to zoom in on all the dynamic beauty details. L...
05-04-2021 22:28

The Best Root Touch-Up and Home Gloss Products, According to

Prior to 2020, many of us would never attempt to cover up our own grays or tint our own lashes. How things have changed! Now we know that we don?t nee...
01-04-2021 22:14

20 Runway-Approved Ways to Pull Off Neon Makeup

The dark, somber colors of winter give way to the pretty pastels of spring. But this season we’re favoring more shocking shades. We’re talking abo...
31-03-2021 22:21

These Candles Will Fill Your Home With the Smells of Spring

There aren?t many things about spring and summer we don?t absolutely love. Sure, 100-degree temperatures can be unpleasant. As can three straight days...
23-03-2021 22:58

8 Delicious Hair Products We Buy Just for the Smell

A good hair product takes your strands from flat and damaged to voluminous and near-blindingly shiny. But a great hair product does all of that while ...
22-03-2021 22:30

The Best Natural Hair Ideas From Fashion Month Fall 2021

Fashion Month Fall 2021 is officially over. And we are already dreaming about all the breathtaking beauty looks. If you?re after some fresh natural ha...
18-03-2021 22:57

The Most Mesmerizing Beauty Looks at the 2021 Grammy Awards

The fashion is clearly something to behold at this year?s Grammy Awards. The beauty looks are pretty remarkable, too. From dazzling cat eyes to glossy...
15-03-2021 22:26

Our Favorite Beauty Looks From Fashion Month Fall 2021

Fashion Month Fall 2021 has run its course. Like the Spring 2021 season, the Fall 2021 lineup offered a mix of runway shows, lookbooks and videos. But...
12-03-2021 22:35

If You’re Thinking of Going Red Like Gigi Hadid You

Fashion month is always full of surprises. One of this season?s highlights" Gigi Hadid?s return to the runway. The new mom hit the catwalk for Versace...
09-03-2021 22:22

Definitive Runway Proof That Side Parts Aren’t Going A

TikTokers may know a thing or two about innovative ways to separate an egg and how to prepare pasta. But when it comes to their views on side parts, t...
08-03-2021 22:16

10 Hair Care Products That Tackle Way More Than Tangles

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, many of us are rocking longer locks than usual. While there are some benefits that come with longer manes, there?s one...
03-03-2021 22:11

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